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February 26, 2015| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Forex Traders Prepare For The End Of A Volatile Month

After two days of testimony and headlines the following quote best sums up Janet Yellen’s outlook. If the economy continues to strengthen and officials become more confident that low inflation will rise toward their 2 percent goal, the US Federal Reserve “will at some point begin considering an increase in the target range for the federal funds rate,” Fed chair Janet Yellen has said. “The employment situation in the US has been improving on many dimensions,” The Wall Street Journal...
February 24, 2015| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Forex Market Focus – Janet Yellen & US Senate

The US dollar is trading in the green keeping pace with gains on Monday as traders prepare for Janet Yellen’s testimony before the US Senate Banking Committee. The US dollar is trading at 84.70 up by 0.15% in the Asian session.  US markets ended slightly lower as a decline in oil prices weighed on the energy stocks. European markets ended on a flat note after rising earlier in the day, dragged by disappointing results of HSBC and decline in shares...
February 19, 2015| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

The US Dollar Eases On Sentiment Shifts

The US dollar continued to ease in the Asian session as traders seem disappointed about their interpretation and expectations of the Federal Reserve Minutes released yesterday. The US dollar is currently exchanging at 94.05 just a week from its record highs around the 95.40 range. The FOMC minutes continued to indicate that the Fed was not in a hurry to raise interest rates, which is exactly what Janet Yellen has been saying all along.  The greenback was on the defensive...
February 11, 2015| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Equities & Currencies Unsettled Ahead Of Greece

Wall Street rallied, Tuesday on hopes of a possible debt agreement between Greece and its major creditors. Also, better than expected profit numbers for Coca-Cola and its strong performance in American markets boosted Dow Jones and S&P. Thomson Reuters data shows that 73 per cent of S&P 500 companies have topped earnings expectations, above the 69 percent beat rate in the past four quarters. At the close of trade, the Dow Jones was up by almost 140 points or 0.8...
February 06, 2015| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Forex Traders Fairly Optimistic This Friday

The US dollar gained a few points to trade at 93.74 in the Asian session as traders prepare for a busy day of data. Eurozone industrial production will hit the markets early in the session and is expected to print at 0.4% as the euro is trading at 1.1469 and is not expected to see any major volatility from the data. The key Eurozone mover will remain news from Greece as the conflict and tensions between the ECB and Germany...
January 27, 2015| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Currency Markets Rebalancing After Market Surprises

With the ECB and the BoC behind traders are now focusing on the Federal Reserve meeting on Wednesday. The US dollar remains near a record high above the 95 level, printing at 95.21 this morning in the Asian session after testing the 95.45 level after the ECB announcement last Thursday.  Markets are also expecting to hear from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. The tone of the Reserve Bank later in the week is going to be a little bit...
January 22, 2015| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Forex Markets On A Roller Coaster On Central Bank Decisions

The big day has arrived as European Central Bankers and EU representative began final behind the door negotiations on the stimulus package to be unveiled by the bank today. Meanwhile markets have been distracted by unexpected events around the globe. Just a week ago the Swiss National Bank shocked the markets by removing their floor on the EURCHF to allow the currency to free float after a 3 year peg. At the same time the bank moved to negative interest...
January 16, 2015| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

The Euro Tumbles After A Surprise From The SNB

The euro plummeted as low as 1.1568 before recovering to trade at 1.1622 after taking a severe hit on the surprise announcement from the Swiss National Bank. The Swiss franc tumbled to trade at 0.8831 down over 13% in a single day against the stronger US dollar. The EURCHF tumbled equally to trade at 1.04 after the SNB said they would no longer support the currency at the 1.20 floor. The Swissy added 15% against the euro. The bank said...
January 15, 2015| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Equity and Currency Markets On A Roller Coaster Ride

Late on Wednesday global financial markets went on a roller coaster ride. US retail sales missed expectations by a wide margin upsetting the “Apple Cart”.  Asian equity markets are trading on mixed to positive note with the Nikkei up by 1.46% while Hang Seng is nearly up by 0.2%. US markets started the day with another weak session however to recoup most of the losses during yesterday's session. Stock markets around the world have tumbled, with the Dow industrials near...
January 14, 2015| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Eurozone Problems About To Blow Across Borders

The US dollar kept its crown tapping another day of gains to trading at 92.47 at this writing after US data continued to show the economy was moving full steam ahead. Worries from the Eurozone might push off a June interest rate increase but did not seem to prevail.  The euro fell by 63 points to trade at 1.1773 after comments from ECB member that Mario Draghi would have the ability to buy government bonds, but that does not mean...
January 09, 2015| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Busy Data Day For Currency Traders

The US dollar index remained on the higher side buoyed by economic optimism and positive expectation from the non-farm payrolls data that is to be released today. The euro had a volatile session, continuing to slide breaking the 1.18 mark while pound has depreciated considerably after the Bank of England kept interest rates unchanged yesterday. The pound is trading this morning at 1.5095 in the green as the euro added 12 points to reach 1.1804.  The US dollar eased a...
January 02, 2015| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Bank of Japan, ECB and US Fed In Focus In Early 2015

The US dollar continued to rally on the first day of the New Year. 2015 kicked off with the greenback being powerful. The US dollar surged to 90.96 and could easily break above the 91 level.  The US Dollar Index traded higher by 0.4 percent on Wednesday owing to rise in risk aversion in the market sentiments that led to rise in demand for the low yielding currency. However, mixed economic data restricted sharp upside.  The currency touched an intra-day...
January 01, 2015| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Currency Traders Prepare For 2015

Welcome to 2015, it’s been a very strange year in the financial markets, with the Dow and the S&P setting record after record. The US dollar recovered to multiyear highs, while the US economy boomed and the labor market surpassed pre-crisis levels. China ended the year on a disappointing note reducing their growth in 2015 to a 6% level and most likely missing their reduced forecast of 7.4% in 2014. The Eurozone is likely headed towards a recession as Mario...
December 31, 2014| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Currency Traders Look Ahead To 2015

As traders prepare for a short day we begin to look forward to 2015. Leading economists David Levy is pro for the US, writing in the just-published December Forecast, said that the United States economy will enter 2015 with “fairly good momentum” but that global threats continue to loom large. “Various government policy actions or inaction, among other influences, have slowed the global deterioration somewhat and have so far prevented the global deceleration from reaching the point of no return...
December 24, 2014| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Ho..Ho..Ho – US GDP Sends Greenback To 5 Year High

The US dollar continues to rally giving Americans and investors a sweet holiday gift. The dollar hit a five year high as consumers sentiment surged as most think that the US economy is booming and have long forgotten the stress of the past few years.  The US dollar surged to a high of 90.43 and is currently trading at 90.28. With gasoline, natural gas and heating oil at long time lows consumers are spending, spending and spending more. Each day...
December 23, 2014| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Last Big Data Day Of The Year

Wall Street saw some further upside on Monday, after gaining for three consecutive sessions, reflecting optimism about the outlook for the U.S. economy ahead of release of GDP and new home sales data. European markets ended on a positive note, with expectations of further stimulus from the European Central Bank, with the yield on Spanish government debt sinking to a record low in quiet holiday-time trading. Today there is a wide array of data on the economics calendar as the...
December 11, 2014| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman | Comments (2)

Currencies Vacillate From Risk On To Risk Off

The US dollar dipped in the Asian session giving up a few points to trade at 88.23 after breaking above the 89 level last week as traders return to risk on trading. Earlier this week OPEC and Greek election news spooked traders, which combined with lackluster data from China and Japan, traders moved to the safety of gold and the Japanese yen. China's inflation hit a five-year low in November, stoking expectations that Beijing will move more aggressively to head...
December 09, 2014| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

The Greenback Eases A Bit As Traders Book Profits

The US dollar regained its footing after falling Monday in the North American session as traders sold off to book profits after the greenback touched 89.30. The euro fell to trade at 1.2304 against the stronger dollar. On Monday comments by the ECB weakened the euro.  The US dollar began to edge higher once again aided by a media report the Federal Reserve might take a rhetorical step toward tightening at its meeting next week. Analysts said the dollar got...
November 28, 2014| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

The Greenback Continues To Rally On Black Friday

Wall Street was closed yesterday on Thanksgiving holiday. European stocks ended on two month high, as Germany jobless rate reached a record low. Energy stocks fell the most as OPEC decided to keep it oil output target. Asian markets are trading on a mixed note this morning after the US markets have remained closed for thanksgiving on Thursday. The release of the statement from OPEC in which they have not announced any cut in production. OPEC has left production at...
November 27, 2014| FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

US Dollar Eases Into Thanksgiving

The US dollar eased as traders prepared for the Thanksgiving holiday. The US dollar fell after a slew of lackluster data hit the wires on Wednesday afternoon. The greenback entered the Christmas season at 87.68. Asian markets are trading higher this morning after the US markets have posted a new high even after the lack luster data that was released yesterday evening. Most of the data that was released yesterday from the US economy came in lower than expectations. Mortgage...
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