About FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Barry Norman, has over 30 years of financial and market knowledge and experience.

He holds an MBA in Finance and Economics from UCLA and an undergraduate degree in Economics from University of Maryland.

Barry taught commodities trading as a hobby, at the Learning Center in California for many years and established the first ‘Circle of Traders” group. All of this when charting was done by hand and you had to search manually to find weather and crop information through connections prior to computers.

Barry produces a private Daily Market Review newsletter that is distributed around the globe to over 25,000 subscribers and recently published a book on Options Trading that is available from amazon.com.

Barry, considers his trading style that of a traditionalist, using basic charts, and relies on Support and Resistance and Volume along with historical data to help determine economic cycles as his technical indicators and a vast collection of fundamental data. Barry believes that you use the information you gather through the internet, private sources, and the knowledge of time and experience to formulate a trade and then use technical analysis to help verify the validity of the trade and the time to enter and leave a market. Barry believes in the psychological philosophy of the “Herd Mentality” and believes that you should always be in the front of the herd.

You need to be ready to enter the market in the front and leave before everyone else. Set your trade rules, determine your entry points and your profit points and live by these rules. Never get greedy and never chase the market.

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