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    • FBS Contest

      FBS “Dreams Come True” Contest June Winner

      June winner of the contest, Mr. Sarijo Ama from Sragen, Indonesia, is a man who thinks big and dreams big. He works as a school principal and takes his mission seriously – he believes that children are the nation’s successors, its future, and its hope. With this idea in mind,

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    • FBS Traders Party

      FBS Family Gathering in Cairo: Traders Party Highlights

      FBS Traders Party Cairo turned out to be a fabulous event with a family atmosphere. FBS traders and partners were joined by their spouses and children. As always, the event began with refreshments, greetings, fun activities like caricaturists and photo sessions to a fine tune of the grand piano.Inside the

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    • Ripple vs. Stellar: Will There Be Only One Winner?

      Ripple vs. Stellar: Will There Be Only One Winner?

      Cryptocurrency enthusiasts frequently compare Stellar and Ripple due to the similarities in their blockchains. To get a feel for which of these two cryptocurrencies will pull ahead in the grand scheme of things, you need to take a closer look at each and then examine some points of comparison.Understanding RippleUnderstanding

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    • Block chain network

      How AI and Blockchain are Powering the Next Generation of Healthcare

      The human body is undeniably the most complex database in Nature with tons of data inside it. In all probability, doctors and scientists know not more than 1% of the mysteries the body holds. The gap between the true extent of the human body’s complexity and our meagre knowledge about

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    • IoT Platform Wars Have Begun, Blockchain Might Foster a Win-Win for All Stakeholders

      IoT Platform Wars Have Begun, Blockchain Might Foster a Win-Win for All Stakeholders

      Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay because big data is the future of business and IoT provides a seamless way to gather this data. IoT simply refers to billions of devices connected to the Internet, assigned IP addresses to actively collect and share data. IoT can effectively transform

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    • Cloud Mining Investment

      The Relevance of Cloud Mining Investment

      Cloud mining permits users to purchase mining power of the equipment set in remote data centers, rather than utilize their own machines. All the mining is carried out in the cloud, with no offline issues like electricity, hosting problems, or installation and upkeep inconvenience.It can be defined as streamlined mining

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    • 4 Blockchain Projects to Consider

      Looking Beyond Hype into Substance; 4 Blockchain Projects to Consider

      Smart contracts, Decentralized organizations, and Decentralized applications are some of the biggest applications of blockchain technology. Ethereum, the second largest blockchain after Bitcoin arose into prominence because of its usefulness as a tool for powering smart contracts. In fact, many industry experts believe that Ethereum has better long-term prospects than

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    • FP Markets

      FP Markets Launches New Client Portal and MT5

      Sydney, Australia. 13th August 2018: FP Markets, an ASIC-regulated global CFD and Forex broker with over 13 years in the industry, enhances its clients’ user experience with the launch of its bespoke secure client portal.  In addition, it has added the multi-asset platform, Metatrader 5 (MT5), to its wide-ranging offering

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    • fxempire

      RSC Endorsed by Soccer Legend Ronaldinho Launches Crowdsale

      World Soccer Coin is launching its highly anticipated Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC) Crowdsale. It will begin on August 16. The Whitelist has been opened to the public on August 1st. https://tokensale.soccercoin.eu/RSC is a revolutionary blockchain business model that captures multiple unique business areas, and profitable revenue streams within its leading-edge

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    • activtrades

      ActivTrades Setting Highest Standards for Online Trading

      ActivTrades continuously strives to be at the forefront of innovation for trading services and it is now boosting its investment in this area to remain a leader, in a changing environment. Today, as we are going through major changes with the arrival of ESMA regulations and the reduction of maximum leverage, the brokerage

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      Зарегистрируйстя уже сегодня и начни торговать!Криптовалюты – одни из самых интересных торговых активов на рынке. Цены на них растут очень быстро, а значит, люди стремятся покупать или майнить их. Оба варианта – сложные и дорогие. Платформа Libertex предлагает вам возможность экономически эффективно торговать криптовалютами, при этом даже не приобретая их!

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      Klicken Sie hier,, um sich zu registrieren und den Handel heute zu starten!Hier sind einige Neuigkeiten, die Sie vielleicht betreffen!Die zyprische Finanzaufsichtsbehörde CySEC kündigte an, dass ab August 2018 die Hebelwirkung beim CFD- und Forex-Handel auf das 30-fache für wichtige Forex-Paare und noch weniger für andere Paare, Rohstoffe, Indizes, Aktien-CFDs

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      Click here to register and start trading today!Here are some news that might affect you!Cyprus financial regulator CySEC announced that starting from August 2018 there will be limited leverage on CFD and Forex trading to 30x for major Forex pairs and even less on other pairs, commodities, indices, share CFDs

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    • Cloud Mining

      Investing in Smart Cloud Mining: Benefits to Society and Private Capital Growth

      Crypto-gold rushAfter Bitcoin’s explosive growth in 2017, a fever similar to XIX century’s gold rushes embraced the world. Thousands of crypto enthusiasts turned to mine in pursuit of huge profits it promised. Many built their own home-based farms, facing and fighting such challenges as:The high price of the equipment,Specific mining

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    • Asian Markets Crypto

      Here’s How Investors Can Look to Asian Markets to Predict Future Movements in the Crypto Markets

      Countries like South Korea and Japan have long been early adopters in tech-forward industries like cryptocurrencies and the ongoing blockchain revolution. Because of their advanced interest in emerging tech markets, Asian markets are crucial for investors to study when determining what the next big move is going to be in

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    • Cryptocurrencies July

      Cryptocurrencies in July – Month in Review

      Below you can find an overview of what happened in July in the world of cryptocurrencies – brought to you by SimpleFX CFDs trading platform. Whether you took some time off following the news and you’d like to catch up, or you just want to go over last month’s highlights,

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    • autochartist

      OctaFX Makes It Easier to Get Autochartist Tools for Smarter Trading

      Getting an advanced Forex analysis tool for free has never been so easy! Just make sure you have $200 or more in your OctaFX trading accounts, and you can enjoy trading signals and Forex forecasts for all currency pairs without limitations or charges.We do our best to provide our clients

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    • lcg

      London Capital Group: Committed to the Security of Client Funds

      London Capital Group (LCG) has over 20 years of experience in providing clients with professional trading conditions. Over the years, LCG has grown to become an industry-leading provider of CFDs and Spread Betting, renowned for its quality of service.The company is also known for the wide variety of products and

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    • Trademy 1

      Trademy – Becoming a Professional Trader

      Trademy.com Trading AcademyTrading has become one of the most popular professions these days. Why is that so? Not only does trading provide people with financial freedom, but if done right, it can definitely change your life. When you decide to become a trader, you not only escape the usual 9-to-5

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    • Octa FX Phone Trading

      OctaFX Goes Mobile Launching a Trading App for Android

      OctaFX, the foreign exchange broker renowned for its industry-leading trading conditions, has launched a mobile app that allows clients to get access to their personal areas, and to manage trading accounts via their smartphones and tablets running Android. The OctaFX Trading App is now available on Google Play for free.As

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