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  • AMarkets-Company-News

    AMarkets: Meet A Game – Changer at the South African Trading Market

    AMarkets is considered to be one of the dependable online brokers, who continues increasing opportunities for traders worldwide. Today, it enters the South African market with an eye on changing the recent developments for the better.Historically, online traders in the RSA had to sustain losses in dealings with shady brokers

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  • Shivom

    Blockchain R&D Project Shivom Garners Support from Government Officials in Several Countries

    Shivom, an international blockchain-powered startup that aims to create the world’s biggest data hub on genomic information using decentralized technologies to secure the data and put it to a good use via various apps, has announced in its blog post that it has garnered support from government officials from three

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  • bitcoin amazon

    Bitcoin is Evolving Just Like Amazon

    Volatility, however, is an indicator that a potentially powerful force is coming into its own. In this regard, one might think of Bitcoin as a new Amazon: navigating some growing pains but developing innovative solutions to help solve them.At this point, it’s safe to say that Amazon has achieved retail

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  • Smart Trip

    Blockchain Project Smart Trip Will Make Planning Your Trip Easy as Pie

    Planning a thorough journey to a foreign land might be an ordeal for many, as it involves visiting numerous websites and services in order to find and book a flight, a hotel room, or some excursion. Tourist service providers often tend to charge enormous amounts of money for doing it

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  • olymptrade

    Breakthrough of the Year: Olymp Trade Comes Up with own Forex Trading Solution

    The new product features are tailored to trader demands and modern technology trends in the financial industry. The company developers have managed a seamless integration of Olymp Trade Forex into the existing online investment platform.Unlimited PossibilitiesThe greatest key feature of this in-house Forex solution by Olymp Trade is a risk

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  • content pirates

    Content Pirates: Unredeemable Criminals or Desperate Consumers

    Piracy: there is more to it than meets the eyeExperts are still arguing whether this scourge of digital seas is an economic disaster or simply a nuisance but as its presence becomes ever more widespread, new data on its cause have emerged.Two unrelated studies one by the University of Portsmouth

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  • gold mining

    Are the Top 16 Risks to Gold Stocks in 2018 Catalysts for Gold?

    Many of the top risks to gold stocks are related to geopolitical and financial concerns, which will only compound the already high operational risks. Many of these top risks to gold stocks can be applied to silver stocks and any commodity stocks as well. What was most interesting, many of

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  • The Next Financial Crisis is Around the Corner

    If History Repeats Itself – The Next Financial Crisis is Around the Corner

    From the great depression in the 30’s to the meltdown about a decade ago, certain trends are noticeable. With a new President and uncertainties about his economic policy, many are worried that the next financial crisis might be around the corner. It goes without saying that policy mistakes are most

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  • Ripple, not Bitcoin, will Convert Crypto Cynics

    Ripple, not Bitcoin, will Convert Crypto Cynics

    The prediction from Nigel Green comes as Ripple (XRP) experienced a spike last week, adding another $62bn to its market value. The cryptocurrency also broke some key resistance, such as $0.6500 and $0.6600, nudging it towards the important $0.7000 level against the U.S. dollar.Mr. Green, whose firm launched the pioneering

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  • blockchain fair game

    Blockchain Could Make a Fair Game

    Both online and the more traditional bricks and mortar gaming houses have always had a house edge when it comes to placing bets, from the roulette table to the one arm bandit and to the video games. The odds are just stacked in favor of the house, the margin by

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  • trading crude oil

    Trading Oil with Contract for Differences (CFD’s)

    Trading oilHow to Trade Crude Oil?What is a CFD?Why Trade Crude Oil CFDs?Why Now?What’s the Best Crude Oil Trading Strategy?Crude oil markets are experiencing a period of extreme volatility, making them some of the most alluring prospects for investors around the world.“Escalating tensions in the Middle East have stimulated concerns

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  • ForexTime(1)

    Global Broker FXTM Granted FCA Licence

    A decade on from the 2008 financial crisis and its effects are still being felt. While the credit crunch undoubtedly caused a lot of economic grief for both global corporations and private individuals, emphatic calls for greater regulatory oversight in the financial services industry have benefitted consumers and companies alike.

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  • Interview with Chance Du, Founding Partner at Coefficient Ventures

    Interview with Chance Du, Founding Partner at Coefficient Ventures

    How was the idea of Coefficient Ventures born?I came to the United States in 2016 to do Venture Capital. I was exploring the opportunities in different verticals by doing Angel investing in the Silicon Valley.  The first vertical I was investing in is Artificial Intelligence. But I realize it’s not

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  • Risk Ahead

    “A Fresh Fear is Lurking on Global Financial Markets”

    The message from Tom Elliott, deVere Group’s International Investment Strategist, comes as market volatility has increased in recent weeks.Mr. Elliott comments: “A fresh fear is lurking on global financial markets – and it is not about trade wars.“It is that global GDP growth may have peaked in the current growth

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  • fca crypto

    “The FCA Cryptocurrency Review will Fundamentally Shape this Market”

    This observation from Nigel Green, founder and chief executive of deVere Group, comes as the UK’s financial services and markets regulator have confirmed it will publish its review of cryptocurrencies in the third quarter this year.Mr. Green, whose firm launched deVere Crypto, a cryptocurrency exchange app earlier this year, comments:

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  • Image source: diglife.com

    New Solutions Emerge to Replace Ethereum’s Premature DAO Experiment

    Technology, Human Hierarchy, and the Things that Limit UsFor some, the word ‘cooperation’ represents an integral function of relationships. For others, cooperation is an elusive or unattainable state.Either way, cooperation (or the lack of it) is an essential determining factor when it comes to the survival of any entity. The

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  • Bitcoin Out! Why Google Finally Banned Bitcoin Advertisements

    Bitcoin Out! Why Google Finally Banned Bitcoin Advertisements

    The crackdown on cryptocurrencies has begun. From Facebook and Twitter to Google – advertising Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been banned! Just days ago, Google decided to also ban and remove all crypto mining extensions for their browser Chrome, writes Coindesk.com.The rumor mills are as always running at full speed in

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  • cryptocurrencies

    “Cryptocurrencies Values Went too High, too Fast But Investors are Still Being Attracted to the Crypto Sector”

    The bold observation from deVere Group’s founder and chief executive follows the cryptocurrency market recording a daily gain of $10 billion on Tuesday. All the major currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, have been resurrected over the last few days, with Bitcoin, the biggest and most influential crypto, surging 6

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  • investors

    “Don’t be Spooked by Stock Market Turbulence”

    This is the message from deVere Group, one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organizations, as U.S. stocks fell into correction territory on the first day of the new quarter, triggering a ripple effect to other financial markets around the world.The turbulence is largely due to investors becoming rattled

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  • cryptocurrencies march

    Cryptocurrencies in March – Month in Review

    Below you can find an overview of what happened in March in the world of cryptocurrencies – brought to you by SimpleFX CFDs trading platform. Whether you took some time off following the news and you’d like to catch up, or you just want to go over last month’s highlights,

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