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    • Swiss Industry Creates a Body to Set Standards for the Application of the Blockchain Technology in the Capital Markets

      Geneva, June 12, 2018 – Leading actors from Switzerland’s financial, technological, academic and legal sectors have formed a new associative body – the Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA) – to facilitate the use of blockchain in financial markets.“The blockchain technology has the potential to reduce the complexity of the

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    • Ke Xu CEO ONO

      Interview with Ke Xu, CEO & Founder of ONO

      How was the idea of ONO born?I think to a large degree, ONO is the culmination of my career, which began with Bitcoin, and was furthered by social networking. I started out with cryptocurrency during my university days, back in 2013, when I had purchased mining rigs with a friend

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    • WONO

      WONO Predicts Tourists, Entrepreneurs, and Students to Become the First Everyday Crypto Users

      For now, cryptocurrencies are used for short-term investments mainly, but in a couple of years, they are going to become a part of everyday people’s lives. Who will become pioneers of the new era? WONO P2P platform believes that tourists, entrepreneurs, and students will have the best chances to become

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    • genesis

      Genesis Vision Introduces Genesis Markets, a New Chapter in crypto trading

      Genesis Vision launched their newest project Genesis Markets on June 7th.Genesis Markets (GM) is a crypto brokerage that will provide crypto traders the many benefits that have long been enjoyed and expected by conventional traders. It is designed to provide traders access to all crypto instruments through a single brokerage

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    • Noah Project

      Noah Project Partners with the Large Payment Gateway PayRemit to Expand Its Payment Options

      Since the start of the Noah Project in 2016, the team has been focusing on creating a number of blockchain-based solutions aimed to bridge the gap between Japanese and Filipino citizens, connect families, travelers and businesses.Today the Noah Project is pleased to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with

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    • Triomarkets

      TrioMarkets Announces the Launch of TrioSocio Platform

      Through Copy Trading service, the TrioSocio platform will allow our clients to diversify their portfolio by providing contact with other traders, whether retail or professional, whose trade activity can be automatically copied, in a user-friendly environment while having control over their trades.TrioSocio Fund Management service offers direct access to various

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    • US Trade War

      How US Tariffs Will Affect Canada and Australia?

      Tariffs are front and center right now in the markets, and during the 2002 steel tariffs, the steel tariffs were not good for the U.S. markets. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and the NASDAQ were all down between 20-30% during the 2002 steel tariffs, before recovering, when tariffs

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    • Things are definitely looking positive for TRON

      Tron Transcends into the Global Forex Market with Shift Markets

      It has been yet another busy and successful week for Tron, one of the most captivating cryptocurrencies in recent months. Last week it was announced that the TRON team is preparing to bring TRX trading into traditional currency markets, by partnering with Shift Markets. This piece of welcome news further

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    • Cryptocurrency and the Real Estate Market

      Cryptocurrency and the Real Estate Market

      Cryptocurrencies are becoming more practical. There are sites that offer to exchange both goods and services for them. Employment services are popular and focus on encouraging its adoption. The sale of goods, while less common, is seen as a necessary step in the development of the cryptocurrency market. Recently, the

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    • 5 Upcoming ICOs to look at

      5 Upcoming ICOs to look at

      How did we pick the projects?Basically, we researched and ranked a very long upcoming ICO lists against key criteria. This research was done to select the best platforms with innovative ideas, and that added value to the blockchain ecosystem. But most importantly, we only selected projects that had a high

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    • PMI

      What is the PMI and Why It Matters in FX Trading

      The survey refers to private sector companies and takes place monthly. No less than four hundred purchasing managers are asked to rate the company’s situation, and evolution in specific areas, such as new orders, employment, inventories, supplier delivers and orders backlogs.Managers have three options to rate all those categories: better

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    • Euros Notes 2

      A Bullish Short-Term View on the Euro

      The breakaway gap in the Euro (in this article, we use “Euro” to refer to the currency pair EUR/USD) on the 24th of April 2017 on the back of positive first round French election results that weekend broke through a resistance trendline from 2014, a 5-month ascending triangle and the

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    • Bittrex has made a deal with New York’s Signature Bank

      New Liquidity is Coming

      When analyzing the prospects of the cryptocurrency market, traders often overlook fundamental events that can significantly affect the entire crypto industry. They believe that if a particular news event hasn’t instantly become a market catalyst, then it won’t have any influence on trading at all. And yet, such approach to

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    • Trading Ranges

      Essential FX Trading Strategies – A Quick Introduction to Trading Ranges

      Traders can get hung up on trends – the fact is that most of the time market is not in a strong up or down trend; it is moving sideways (although this is itself a trend of sorts). When markets are fluctuating up and down with no strong direction, trading

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    • Patron

      How Brands Go Local with a PATRON Global Platform?

      The rise the of social media influencers and opinion leaders market has experienced steady growth. Now it is estimated to be over $1 billion. By 2019, that figure will double.While some marketers still question the value of influencer marketing, it has become one of the most effective marketing tactics for

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    • US Congress

      U.S. Congress Endorsed Blockchain Technology as “Revolutionizing”

      In this flood of bad news, cryptocurrencies found its place with it most famous member, Bitcoin. In the sphere of “Global News” Bitcoin was a second most googled word in 2017. This surge of publicity was followed by the surge in prices and this had to be addressed by global powers.In

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    • Rules Of Choosing ICO

      How Not to Fall for Scams – Rules Of Choosing ICO

      ICO flow is growing as well. Are you interested in healthcare? There is Well platform that connects patients and doctors. Do you want to create your own cryptocurrency? Support Hero startup that makes it possible in only two clicks.  Do you respect eSports? Invest in Game Stars that helps to

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    • Ethereum

      ETH/Euro Trading Pair is Becoming A Darling Among Cryptocurrency Traders

      Cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming a key part of the global economic and financial landscapes. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency application of blockchain technology has opened the proverbial Pandora’s box on the incredible benefits of cryptocurrencies over traditional fiat currencies. Interestingly, cryptocurrencies can’t readily break down the trust and skepticism barrier prevalent

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    • US Dollar

      DXY: Bulls Take the Back Seat Yet Watch These USD Index Levels for a Breakout

      It’s no secret that the U.S. Dollar has been one of the top performers over the last few weeks, and from its March low of 89.23, the Dollar index (DXY) has risen by 6.52% without any major pause in the uptrend. This has significantly reduced the risk-reward ratio for fresh

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