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  • FBS2

    FBS Launches A Contest Every Football Was Waiting For

    It is well-known that lots of Forex traders are also football fans. The most widely-discussed and anticipated event of the football world is coming in 2018, and this new FBS contest is all about visiting it – after all, it only comes once in 4 years!“FBS Football Journey” contest was

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  • HERO_PR-photo1

    Hero Token Swoops in Over $30 Million In Just 12 Hours of Launch

    The total contributions Hero Token has received at the time of writing is 36,399 Ethereum, 38 Bitcoin, 1420 Ethereum Classic, 218,000 Ripple, and other amounts of Litecoin and Waves.When looking at the USD value, it is currently at $ 33,376,556 — visibly lower than what it was days ago but

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  • vaultbank interview

    Interview with John Nahas, Vaultbank Director of Investor Relations and Business Development

    How was the idea of Vaultbank born?Vaultbank was formed by Austin Trombley and Christopher Cummock in San Francisco, CA. Austin comes from a data engineering and finance background and Christopher has extensive experience in investment management and hedge funds. They both were avid followers of the cryptocurrency market and had

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  • man city Avatrade

    Manchester City Launches Partnership with AvaTrade

    Dublin, February 8, 2018: English Premier League football club Manchester City has announced a new multi-year regional partnership with AvaTrade to become the Club’s Official Online Trading Partner throughout China, Asia, and Latin America.AvaTrade is a leading online trading broker, whose portfolio of traders span across the globe. The company

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  • IQeon

    IQeon ICO Picks Up Steam, Not Much Time Left to Invest

    IQeon is a revolutionary decentralized PvP platform providing easy ways for gamers to monetize their in-game achievements. The startup is also stuffed with open SDK facilitating the development of the games hosted on the IQeon platform. Open API and smart contracts technology revolutionize the world of online betting. Bets placed

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    FAANG Stocks Keep Rising: Is It a HODL?

    What is “FAANG”?What are FAANG stocks?Is FAANG in a bubble?As FAANG stocks keep rising, is it advisable to HODL?FAANG stocks predictionsBottom line!What is “FAANG”?FAANG is the acronym given to the world’s five topmost tech stocks according to market performance and capitalization. These tech giants are Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and

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  • Ethereum Wallet

    How to Add a Token to Your Ethereum Wallet?

    Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) had an incredible 2017. Initial Coin Offerings raised more than $3.5 billion dollars during the last year. For 2018, the industry is expected to keep growing, with more ICOs and cryptocurrencies than never before. If you want to know which will be the next

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  • echat

    e-Chat can conduct Ethereum Hardfork after the ICO

    Hardforks in the Bitcoin system do not surprise anyone anymore, but the Ethereum fork, carried out simultaneously with the ICO conducted by the e-Chat team is really something revolutionary for the entire crypto-community.The thing is that the project has long outgrown the limits of the usual blockchain-based messenger and transformed

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  • alpari

    Alpari’s trading turnover in 2017 exceeded 1.3 trillion USD

    This was largely a result of growth in trader and investor activity, high volatility on currency markets, improvements to our product line, the development of investment and technological services, and improvements to the quality of services offered to our clients. As such, Alpari is confident in maintaining its leadership across

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  • cryptocurrencies

    3 Problems Exchanges Must Solve for Wall Street to Embrace Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency is here to stay and there’s not much that skeptics and pessimists can do about it. Bitcoin, the poster boy of cryptocurrencies delivered 1,420% gain in 2017 to obliterate gains traditional assets such as gold, stocks, and bonds on Wall Street. Bitcoin has since retracted its steps from its

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  • cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrency Market Might Be Forced to Adopt a New Trading Paradigm

    Cryptocurrencies are a success because they are decentralized, immutable and trustless. No intermediaries, no censorship or regulation, no danger of losing money other than a leak of the digital private key. But the very moment a user tries to trade outside the blockchain, there is no longer a fool-proof algorithm

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  • IOTA hack

    Facing the Music: What Did IOTA Think of the $4 Million Heist?

    Although the exact number of users affected and the amount of money is unknown, preliminary reports state that the missing funds amount to a whopping g $4 million.At the same time that IOTA tokens were being drained from the wallets of affected users, a DDoS attack was reportedly enacted on some of

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  • teletrade

    Teletrade Expands Its Range of Cryptos

    Teletrade is delighted to announce the expansion of its range of cryptos offered to the trading audience worldwide.We are proud of being among the few brokers that provide an impressively wide spectrum of cryptos.Currently, Teletrade is offering the following cryptos:BitcoinBitcoin CashLitecoinEthereum ClassicEthereumDashcoinMoneroRippleZCashStart Trading Cryptos Today in the Safe Field of

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  • Bankex

    BANKEX: “We will Become a safe haven for crypto-investors”

    We’ve heard a lot about BANKEX since you often speak at conferences. The company has successfully completed the token sale. What do you already have and what do you plan to build with the attracted funds?In general, business owners in a certain industry, such as metallurgy or car manufacturing often

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  • repux

    Interview with Tomasz Tybon, Repux Chief Growth Officer

    How was the idea of Repux born?Over the years, we’ve experienced that SMBs struggle with so many things that it’s impossible for them to benefit from the big data revolution. Data-driven decisions are the foundation for solid business development. It’s so much easier for businesses to grow with a data-driven

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  • bitcoins crypto

    Can Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies Really Make You Rich?

    Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins, are currently the words on everyone’s lips. The headlines continuously mention them, and the phenomenon has spread across the web, grasping the public’s attention. While many mention the risk of a financial bubble, others continue to buy cryptocurrencies, making investments with surprising earnings.Among these conflicting news, this

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  • How to Pick the Right ICO Investments: The Essential Guide

    How to Pick the Right ICO Investments: The Essential Guide

    How to Read a Whitepaper?The TeamWhat is the product?The Blockchain TechnologyHow does the Company plan to Raise Capital through ICO?What Tokens does the Company Launch?Read Reviews and other People Opinion towards the ICOBottom line!Initial coin offerings have become the norm when companies want to raise money to fund their projects. For investors, it’s

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  • Zeepin

    Interview with Zeepin Founder & CEO Zhu Fei

    How was the idea of Zeepin born?Currently, right confirmation and protection are difficult in the creative market, which reduces the passion for innovation. The supervision and distribution mechanism for copyright assets is not complete, and users lack a trust mechanism. The centralized transaction venue is unable to adaptto the “lightweight”

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  • markets

    Surging Values for Yen, Euro & Pound in Forex, Gold Rally Continues

    The Euro, Pound, and Yen have all been stronger against the U.S Dollar in forex.Wall Street Catapults to New Records, Dovish Federal Reserve AnticipatedLackluster inflation results via the Consumer Price Index in the U.S, catapulted Wall Street to new records as investors anticipate a more dovish Federal Reserve. The U.S

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  • joy token

    Interview with Andrew MacDonald, JoyToken CEO

    How was the idea of JoyToken born?It started whilst we were working on an online casino build, we were asking key questions about what makes an online casino product stand out and started to deconstruct some key issues with the industry. We noted that there had been some stagnation and

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