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  • Monthly Market Updates on Exotic Crosses (December 2012)

    “I certainly don’t expect anyone to make 10% a day in their account. What about per week? Still a bit unrealistic. Monthly? Possibly. Quarterly? Probably. Yearly? Definitely so!” – Rick WrightLast month, the currency markets were generally able to maintain their predominant biases, in spite of prevalent corrections and equilibrium

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  • Monthly Market Updates on Exotic Crosses (November 2012)

    “Though the initial starts were discouraging, I kept going on with the simple reason that if some traders are making money, then there has to be a way.” – Sunil MangwaniWhen the markets are really choppy, there can’t be an extended upward or downward bias. When a pair/cross makes an

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  • Monthly Trading Signals (October 2012)

    “Years ago, when I began trading (before the days of PCs, when all you had was a chart service that came once each week) the only way you could make any money was to trade the trend.” – Joe RossThere’s no end in sight to the current economic problems the

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  • Monthly Market Updates on Exotic Crosses (October 2012)

    “If the market conditions are not optimal, you have a choice: Stand aside and wait for conditions to change, or adapt to the reality of the current conditions… Over the years, I found that I can’t always trade my favorite markets. I have to trade in markets where I’m able

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  • What I’ve Decided to Do in the Markets

    TREND FOLLOWING IT IS!“The trending market is an ideal market to trade and make money. What trend following is not is prediction or forecasting about how the markets will go. Trend following is based on reacting to price, price and again, price. It is not based on trying to predict

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  • Monthly Trading Signals (August 2012)

    “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor RooseveltYou could have possibly seen my monthly analyses on some exotic crosses. The crosses analyzed aren’t the

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  • Monthly Market Updates on Exotic Crosses (August 2012)

    “If there is one vital lesson I’ve learned in my own trading career that has served me better than any others, it is to keep things as simple as possible in trading as this is really nothing more than a game of probabilities and mental fortitude… Now, while we are

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  • Monthly Market Updates on Exotic Crosses (July 2012)

    “A very conservative position sizing strategy can generate great results. For instance, you could risk ¼% equity per trade and generate something like a 60%return in a year through the effects of consistent results and compounding.” – Ken LongLast month, prices broke previous highs in an uptrend,whereas falling instruments broke

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