Best Forex Brokers Accepting Neteller 2019

In this article we have conducted diligent research and come up with the best forex brokers that accept Neteller as a payment method. Our list looks at the key factors of each broker which include service, product and reliability.

Introduction: What is Neteller?

Neteller is an electronic digital wallet payment system, founded in 1999. It is a part of the PaySafe Group, the same company which owns the Skrill brand. Neteller provides users with a system of making electronic payments in three ways:

  1. With the Neteller digital wallet
  2. With the Net + prepaid card
  3. Via money transfer to a verified, listed bank account

The pathway to funding a forex account with Neteller usually starts with funding the Neteller wallet, then initiating the transaction on the broker’s website, before being redirected to the Neteller wallet where the transaction is concluded.

Why Use Neteller as Your Deposit/Withdrawal Method?

Neteller provides a three-pronged system of conducting transactions on a forex account. By using Neteller as a deposit/withdrawal method, you can deposit funds to your forex account using three methods listed above, or withdraw funds. All transactions take place within the Neteller system.

Transactions are secure, can be done with a 2-step authentication process. Transactions are processed instantly. So if you are a fast-paced trader who wants to take quick advantage of an opportunity, you can deposit money with Neteller and get the trade done within minutes.

Benefits of Choosing a Broker that Accepts Neteller

Today’s day traders want to be able to take advantage of quick market opportunities. A trader may spot an opportunity by 10.05 am and need to trade it with extra funds by 10.15am. Neteller presents such traders this opportunity because they can fund their accounts instantly.

Neteller digital wallet can be accessed by a multiple-step authentication process, which is optional. Furthermore, users can fund their Neteller wallets using various means of transaction, for onward funding of a forex account.

Neteller also provides a currency conversion platform for a small-fee. Since it serves as an international digital wallet, Neteller has the functionality of being able to withdraw your funds to your local bank account, in your own local currency.

How to Pick a Decent Broker That Offers Neteller

Many forex brokers are now offering Neteller as a means of transaction. There are several ways to choose a decent broker that offers Neteller as a means of conducting deposit and withdrawal transactions on a forex account.

  1. The FAQ questions on the forex broker’s page will provide insight as to the method of transactions offered by that forex broker. If Neteller is one of the listed methods, this will be reflected there.
  2. Many forex brokers also feature a banking page. The banking page displays the methods that can be used to deposit funds as well as to withdraw funds.
  3. The Neteller site also provides some information as to some offers provided on the platforms of supported forex brokers. This is seen on the “Exclusive offers” page.

Neteller Chargeback on Broker Account

Does Neteller provide chargebacks on a broker’s account? In exceptional cases, yes it does. However this is a rare occurrence and has to be justified by the trader before a chargeback can be initiated.


If you are use Neteller as a payment method then you need a good forex broker that also supports this method for deposits and withdrawals. We have come up with a definitive list to the very best forex brokers that accept Neteller.

Top Brokers
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List of Brokers

ASIC, CySEC, FCA, FSB, MASIsrael$100Open Account
  • CFD Service. 80.6% lose money
CySEC, FCA, FSB, IFSCCyprus$5Open Account
  • Your capital is at risk
ASIC, FCA, FSBUnited Kingdom$300Open Account
  • Your capital is at risk
ASIC, CySEC, FCACyprus$200Open Account
  • 65% of retail investor accounts lose money
FCAUnited Kingdom$100Open Account
  • Your Capital is at Risk