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  • 5.0
    Good Experience
    According to my trading experience AAFX is my best broker, here I can withdraw any kind of amount without any issue! That’s the service I was badly missing on my previous brokers! Besides, I can scalping & news trading, so I feel freedom. Great job AAFX.
  • 1.0
    Price manipulation
    They will reject to pay any profit after price gaps either by changing the opening price to be favourable for them or by claiming that there are rule breaches. They have looted thousands of euros to many clients, other sites are full with complaints and it is weird how they managed to have 4 positive reviews here
  • 4.0
    Happy with this broker
    I just received my withdraw of $6200 after 7 days of investing $500.... trusted and reliable Broker , and I will continue trading with AAFX Trading
  • 5.0
    one of the best brokers
    AAFX is one of the best brokers in the forex market. This broker provides all the facilities and provides all the support to its clients, whatever their need in their trading, so they can trade well. Structures such as fund security, easy withdrawal, mega discount, lower spread and much more. This broker is also supportive and reliable. This broker always takes care of its customers. This broker is actually very good.
  • 5.0
    Good Broker
    The role of the broker remains important it is advisable for the forex trader to find the brokerage that best serves their specific needs. I find this broker very prolific for my trading since 2015. It has almost all kinds of facilities which a trader must need for his trouble free trading life. It has good execution system, easy transaction methods, good quality of trading tools and many more.
  • 5.0
    Best Broker
    This is my 5th month trading with them. Initially, I was a bit skeptical on everything concerning this broker. But I must say, they provide everything I need, everything I have found wanting for years in other brokers I ever traded with. They welcome and chat you up to provide help once log on to their site. I can't imagine A broker can provide me with a zero swap and commission deal. With that opportunity, I sometimes leave my trade on for days on a long term basis with no fear of any unnecessarily compiled swap and commission losses. I have never for once experienced any single requote, slippage or trade fraudulent act. I withdraw anytime I want and its instant from my trading account, though it sometimes takes about 3 days to get creditted to my visa acount - I believe this is not their own fault. They gave me option to choose different types of account, one of which allows me to select a fixed spread account, I did not think twice as I went for this because I fear brokers increasing spread unnecessarily to favour them. All my deposits have been a tick (instant) and many more things to mention. The only thing I would like them to add is a CAD account as I reside in Canada and want to avoid reexchanging my deposit from cad to usd and then my withdrawal fron usd to cad. I hope this serves as a message to them. Once that is done. AAFXtrading remains mine forever.
  • 5.0
    Highly Satisfied with this Broker services.
    When it comes to forex trader we start looking reviews for every company. I myself been trading with different companies like alpari, forex and many more over last many years. I always had a problem of slippage with every broker which made me believe that these kind of brokers are market maker and they are never happy with the style you trade which makes you win in the trade and some had withdraw problems.. Recently like 4months ago have joined AAFX trading and after reading mix reviews good and bad. I still decided to open account with aafx and deposited $100. Ofcourse there attractive offers like high leverage and bonus made me do it because we as trader don’t find such leverage with every broker. I start my trading and lose in the start with many multiple $100 deposits in total probably $700 and one thing i must say they have had this slippage problem neither the freezing problem. Finally i said lets give a shot and i decided to deposit $1000 and recover my losses and also made $850 more profit and then i wanted to check this broker with the withdraw so unlike other trader who request for little withdraw. I requested for all my account balance which was $2550. And i was so happy that after exactly 15hours the withdraw was in my skrill account. And now i refered some of my friends to this broker and happily continuning with them. Conclusion is sometimes broker with mix reviews doesn’t mean broker is bad. Sometimes uneducated traders and traders who come to broker to take advantage of their systems end up complaining about broker. I would say everyone try every broker with their little deposit because min deposit like $100 would not make you poor but with this $100 you might find the correct broker which you look for. AAFX you surprised and made me happy with your service. Thankyou for all the people who read this. Cheers

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