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Best SEBI Regulated Forex Brokers 2020

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The Securities and Exchange Board of India is a very competent and necessary regulatory agency in India. It is required by law that all investors are to trade with a regulated SEBI forex broker in India. They must abide by the guidelines and best practices laid out by the SEBI and the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

Forex trading used to be a private endeavor in India with only large financial institutions, and banks indulging in forex transactions. However, in time smaller financial companies and individuals started to indulge in forex transactions on a global basis. This led to the immense popularity of forex trading and the need for a strong regulatory authority, which is why the government appointed the SEBI to the task of regulating.

SEBI Responsibilities

Being the main regulator of financial entities in the securities market, the SEBI has many important responsibilities. First of all, they supervise and oversee financial brokerages, companies, and individual investors. By doing so, they ensure the markets in which they operate are stable, secure, and transparent. As well, the SEBI has the power and responsibility of providing licenses to forex brokers, or to revoke licenses in cases they do not comply with the guidelines laid out by them.

How SEBI Regulation Protect you

When trading with forex brokers in India, you want to be sure they are regulated by the SEBI to ensure safe and secure investing. The number of fraudulent brokers in the forex trading industry, especially in India, is quite high. The SEBI regulated brokers follow strict guidelines and rules to keep investors safe and acting within the law.

Guidelines for SEBI Regulated Brokers

The SEBI is considered one of the most influential regulatory authorities in the world and takes its regulation practices of the securities market very seriously. With that in mind, what are the guidelines this strict regulator imposes on brokers regulated under SEBI. Well, every company is thoroughly supervised and regulated through regular audits to check for financial discrepancies and malpractices. One of the most important guidelines they impose on forex trading is the requirement for currency pairs to involve the Indian Rupee (INR). In reality, the only currency pairs along with the INR to be traded under SEBI regulation are USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY. The rules and guidelines imposed by the SEBI are strict and somewhat harsh compared to other regulatory powers. Failure to comply with the guidelines set out by the SEBI can cause severe consequences such as legal issues, loss of license, or even imprisonment.

Trade With A Regulated Broker

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