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  • 5.0
    Excellent return,rapid withdrawal, good customer services
    I have a VIP account with Bluetrading since July 2018.I nearly doubled my account since,benefiting from a reduced performance fee of 12 %. My deposit made by wire was credited on my account in 48 hours. Their performance table is accurate. Bluetrading managed to realise gains in very difficult market conditions. I did a 5 figures withdrawal.The sum converted in BTC was on my wallet in a bit more than one hour. Their customer support gave me full satisfaction.They are not regulated as they trade cryptocurrencies. Go for it!
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  • 5.0
    Blue Trading is the top
    This company is really exceptional, I have been with them for seven months with a VIP account, exceptional returns, I made several withdrawals, have always been fast and kind, excellent team BLUETRADING, FOR ME IS THE BEST BASIS OF TRADING MANAGED, it is impossible to complain of these guys.
  • 4.0
    I want them to be legitimate
    Just over a month and the results have been fine, had around 40k USD with them, however their new audit report doesn't add up. The accountant doesn't have a full LinkedIn profile and the audit letter is dated 2 traiding periods before the traiding results captured in the traiding summary of the letter. If this audit was legitimate this would not occur. I decided to draw down most of my investment and the funds were deposited via bitcoin within 1hr. I am still an investor but now very cautious. Will wait to see how they go over the next 6 months before making it an active part of my high risk portfolio. Staff have always been helpful, I really want them to be legit.
  • 5.0
    Professional Team
    My experience with them has been great so far as they have a professional team for managing trading and also for managing clients. Both of these things make them a great team.
  • 5.0
    Slow and Steady
    The market is not good in recent months but I am glad bluetrading is providing some decent profits. It is not that big but surely slow and steady.
  • 1.0
    STAY AWAY!! DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE I DID. I am a sophisticated investor with a number of other investments. When I joined Blue Trading I did some due diligence, though my mistake was not following my process and doing enough - because I was referred to this company by friends who were saying they were very happy.. I opened a VIP account with them. While trying to do so, I needed more information for the "international liquidity fund's" bank where I was sending the funds. As they had not included it in the wire transfer instructions, I tried googling the company and could not find it on Google. So I asked Blue Trading and got a response from "Hannah" who was very rude and basically told me no one else has ever needed the information I was asking for and so I had everything I need.. (the piece of info I asked for was required by my bank and I could not submit the transfer without it lol). This should have been a sign for me but I regret that I did not see this as a red flag at the time. I finally got the funds transferred by just putting something generic in the required field and my account was open. For the first 2 weeks things looked like they were going well, the account was profiting from trades and was up a few percent. Then a friend I referred told me of some red flags he found and so I dug deeper and found some of the negativity online. I tend to take reviews with a grain of salt because even the best companies have negative reviews by competitors or whiny people. But I decided to ask Blue about what I had found. When I queried about the expulsion from the FCA their response was: "Greetings, Thank you for writing! We would be glad to share with you the details surrounding the controversy with the Financial Commission. Our membership was terminated suddenly for no apparent reason in September 2018. This is not unusual at all for the Financial Commission. As you can see on their own website, they have as many ceased members (27) as active members(27): In over three years, we have never denied a withdrawal request or had major issues with any clients. This was very sudden and we are still extremely puzzled to why they would behave so bizarrely so suddenly. In reality however, we are actively lobbying global regulators to begin regulating Cryptocurrencies through the Crypto Valley Association in Switzerland. There is no substitute for real regulation and services like the Financial Commission only provide basic services. As for the FCA - they are a British regulatory agency. We are an Asian Cryptocurrency trading firm with no operations in the UK whatsoever. Furthermore, the UK does not even regulate Crypto trading activity. Therefore, it would be impossible for two reasons for us to be regulated by the FCA. The "Caution" listing as they call it is simply because we are not a British company and they have placed us on a list with 1000s of companies. It is extremely important to note we have zero complaints and the list is a simple bullying tactic used by regulators to discourage people from trading outside of their country or in any Cryptocurrency product. We are currently in contact with the FCA through our legal team however to remove this listing. I hope that clarifies the matter candidly for you - please let me know if we can assist you further. Best regards, Hannah Smith". Seems kind of fair enough... Til I thought that makes no sense, they wouldn't just kick you out for no reason without telling you. Especially when on the regulators website it says "expelled for repeated offences". So then I decided to ask about some other claims that Blue is just another version of Iiinvestments and that their accountant who apparently audited their results is in South Africa (?) And no one can find evidence of the accounting firm the address is just in the middle of the desert and the phone rings out and I again mentioned that I had trouble finding the company when making my bank transfer. Now let me be clear, I was very respectful in my email communication. I even said that I was very happy with them so far, that I wished to continue, that I understand every company gets negative reviews and that I was just doing my due diligence for myself and the people I referred... Well they didnt like that and here's the response I got from "Hannah": "Dear Mr. Farina, We honestly don't pay any attention to this web negativity that all companies receive. We have far too busy of a thriving business to give it any concern. If you aren't comfortable with our company we suggest trading elsewhere perhaps. Thank you. Best regards, Hannah Smith" Not really the service you'd expect for a VIP account holder who has just referred approximately 20 people to them in 2 weeks is it?.... Now the red flags started to stack up and it became clear that regardless of whether all the negativity online was true or not, something is not right with this company. So then I chose to withdraw my funds because of the stacking red flags. At first they seemed happy to process the request and got to it quickly. However that was on the 3rd November 2018 when I requested the withdrawal and at the time of writing this it is the 17th of November 2018 and I still have not received my funds and I'm not the only one. The guys who referred me decided to pull some funds and some have still not received their money either and they asked before I did. I've emailed a number of times over the last week asking for evidence of the transfer being made and where it was sent, yet no evidence has been sent, just emails back from them saying: "Hi Justin, Yes you are correct your funds left our account on 6.11.2018 to your Suncorp bank account. Just wait for a few more days you should get them soon. Kind regards, Brian" Now isn't that interesting.. Your money is supposed to be deposited to an international liquidity fund (the one in Hong Kong I couldn't find on Google) and Blue is only supposed to have control of it to trade via a connection and yet you contact Blue to get it out and they say "the funds have left OUR account"... Then I tried calling last night 3 times to speak with someone and the call centre lady said Brian would call me back to discuss. After 3 calls and an email direct to Brian and it being 1am here, I had still not heard from him so I decided to go to sleep with my phone on loud. Well I woke up this morning, no call just another email from Brian saying: "Hi Justin, I have just checked with Finance now they confirmed your funds have already reached your account. IF you still did not get it today, please try to call your bank or wait until Monday to see if they are just floating in their exchange. Let me know if you have any other questions. Regards, Brian" How do they know funds have hit my account? And so I check again... Nope no funds there! And still no call from Brian despite my 3 calls, the lady I spoke with apparently leaving urgent notes for him to call and me emailing requesting a CALL. I am just glad out of those I referred only 1 had deposited and he got his money back through a BTC transfer - this seems to be the only way people can easily get their money back - funny that, it was the same thing the online negative reviews said when I read them... STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS
  • 5.0
    No SL and TP anymore
    I was fed up from setting TP and SL on my trades because it was taught to me that these are very important. They give you headache all I can say. No more TP and SL after joining managed funds by blue trading.
  • 1.0
    Do your due diligence
    Dear traders, Let us limit ourselves to the facts: - The UK FCA has issued an unauthorised firm warning against / Blue Group. - Address of the accountant in South Africa does not exist... - Why taking an accountant in a country 20.000 km away from Japan? Not very usual. - What is their legal status? - Ask for their balance sheets, Profit & Loss statement, Q2 and Q3? You will never get it... - Who is their CEO? - What is their VAT number? - Where are the offically registered and pay tax? Chamber of Commerce number? - It is easy to manupulate fx mybook statements... - Reviews are mostly copied from their website. - I phoned with the management of the building where they have their office... But they are unknown... Everybody can check this: +81 3-6406-6000 (Roppongi Hills) Think twice before you wire your hard earned money to a German bank account... But everyone has the right to make mistakes... Kind regards, Jan
  • 4.0
    All funds received
    Are they real or fake, I am not sure but here is my experience. I opened 3k euro account with blue trading in last week of August, the rate of return my account balance grew was identical to what it was reported on their site. I got a little paranoid after reading the UK financial commission and decided to close my account. I requested the funds via bitcoin and they were transferred less than 2 hours later into my wallet. My initial deposit was 3185 euros and I withdrew total around 3950 euros from my account. Do your diligence when it comes to forex brokers. So if you ask me if they were dishonest in anyway, and if I said yes, will be a lie. Again I am not here to write for or against them. Simply they returned my funds including profits when I requested.
  • 4.0
    I've been using the services for about 3 weeks now. From my experience they have integrity and provide profitable services.
    John Paul
  • 1.0
    Be aware
    10 - 20 % a month, consistenty? Wake up! Not registered anywhere? Address of the accountant in South Africa does not exist... An accountant in a hoody (see youtube)? Why taking an accountant in a country 20.000 km away from Japan? Not very usual. What is the legal status? Ask for their balance sheets, Profit & Loss statement, Q2 and Q3? You will never get it... Who is the CEO? What is their VAT number? Where are the offically registered and pay tax? It is easy to manupulate fx mybook statements... Think twice before you wire your hard earned money to a German bank account... But everyone has the right to make mistakes...
  • 1.0
    Be aware...
    Not regulated by a reliable party No financial statements No reliable accountant Fake reviews Fake myfxbook statements Fake comments Warnings by the UK Financial Conduct Autority) and Britisch Columbia (Canada) Nowhere registrated (Chamber of Commerce) 15 -20 % a month?? Ponzi scheme Do i have to warn more? Just think!
  • 5.0
    Super Fund Managers
    There are so many fund managers these days but Bluetrading is super one because they give you good profits at low fees.
  • 5.0
    Good Company
    The only company where I made profit literally. This is a good company if anyone is losing money in personal trading then try this company.
  • 5.0
    Profitable Year
    I am so glad that this year I made profit and major part of profits comes from blue trading.
  • 1.0
    Blue Trading could be a scam...
    - Not regulated by a reliable party - Not registrated by a Chamber of Commerce - No financial statements - No reliable accountant - No existing address of the accountant - No VAT number - 15 -20 % a month? Are you kidding? - a Ponzi scheme or worse - Make your own decision...
  • 5.0
    great investment
    they are soo good
  • 5.0
    Good for me
    For me blue trading is good one specially for those who are new to forex market. If anyone feels they're better then they should do their own trading. For me, it is all good.
  • 5.0
    There are a couple of things that I think great about this company. 1. They are providing good profits regularly 2. They are not charging big share from profits as fees. Both these things are making customers satisfied.
  • 5.0
    Better Company
    There are many fund managers in the market thesedays and I have seen some bad companies in past. What I can say about blue trading is that they are far better than many of the companies.
  • 5.0
    Profits with Blue
    When you get profits regularly in forex market the happiness is not match by any other business. I am lucky to have blue trading that is giving me regular profits.
  • 5.0
    I like Them
    I am not concerned about others. What I like about them is that I got profits from this company and that is the thing for me.
  • 1.0
    Definately a scam
    This is 100% Ponzi scheme or worse. Anyone here defending them either has money invested in them and doesn’t want to face facts or is working for/on behalf of them. Especially those eager to give out their skype/WhatsApp details. Seriously, which sane person publishes their details on public blogs. Reasons: 1 – 20% (approx) monthly returns consistently. If you can make 8-10% per month consistently you are the top 1% of the traders. The big boys would be snapping at your heels to snap you up. If you say its an EA, the big boys again spend a fortune on rooms full of computers to generate high frequency trades that still don’t give you this. No LEGITIMATE fund will offer you a track record anywhere as good as this one as its not realistic. By legitimate I mean a local jurisdiction registered and regulated fund. ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. THEY’RE PRAYING ON YOUR GREED. When you watch a YouTube vid of a 23 year who’s claiming he’s making millions a year from trading and showing off his cars and assets do you believe him? No, but there’s plenty of gullible people that do, hence why there’s so many of them. This is the same concept reeled into make it look more believable. Professional traders only risk 0.5-2% of their capital a trade. Most limit at 1% and some go below even 0.5%. So you really think on a handful of trades using 1% of your capital you’re going to achieve 20% return a month?? DON’T LET YOUR GREED BLIND YOU. 2 – Look at Number 1. 3 – Look at Number 1. 4 – Why all the cloak and daggers about hiding your identity? Tax reasons? Nope, the UK has 0% tax on spread-betting. Plenty of other jurisdictions have the same. Or you could go to an off-shore jurisdiction that is still regulated. Why not get registered in the UK or any other regulated jurisdiction and attract the REAL big money and you’ll have a portfolio of probably 3.6 billion, not the claimed 36 million if you are so consistent. The only logical answer is that they are going to disappear. The whole set-up of the structure doesn’t make sense. Offices in Japan, with links to Switzerland and the current account to transfer to in Germany (STRONIT GmbH, a company only incorporated a few months ago and having a nominal share value), customer support numbers from 10+ countries? What’s the odds that those are all just virtual numbers and its the same 1 or 2 people that answer the calls? 5 – Problems with wire transfers in this day and age, seriously??? With Moneycorp (or any other exchange) I can wire same day to pretty much every country in the world, to a personal or a business account. Through my bank I can do the same (although it may cost me £15). A company managing 36 million dollars has way more muscle than me and would be able to get the best of banking facilities. If I had 36 million dollars in a holding account my bank manager would probably walk if he had to to deliver money to a client. 6 – Those of you who say they paid out in Bitcoin no problems. Don’t you find it ironic that the same company also operates crypto-currency exchanges?? Or are you in fact working for the company too and trying to alleviate the fears of some of those concerned to delay the inevitable crash, hoping to get some last minute cash in before you go boom. If, as someone else above said it could be to do with the transfer not being traceable, again why??? Isn’t that a complete contradiction of all the alleged audit/certifications/awards etc. 7 – I could set up a body today called “The Independent Cheesy Smile Authority” and award myself the “Cheesiest Smiler of the Year” award. Sure I’d have a website showing lots of cheesy smiles from lots of people and all that jazz to make myself seem legit and have authority in the world of cheesy smiles, but it don’t mean jack. That’s the whole reason we have independent regulatory bodies where finances are concerned. (btw, if you would like your own IFMRRC certificate you can obtain on here – – a website so clueless it doesn’t even adhere to the simple industry-wide protocol of redirecting everything through https secure pages) 8 – Look at the sort of responses that “Hannah” and other support staff have given on here and the other websites, do they look “professional” to you as those from a reputable company? Would you put up with your bank shutting down your account no matter how much you pestered them or what awkward questions you asked? I wonder which one’s Hannah on their website btw, I hope it’s not the oldish looking fella as it’s quite a sexy name I’ve been having dreams about.. 9 – Why have Google remove links to pages that show warnings about you? ( What’s the chances they’re going to submit links to this page to be removed also now? 10 – If reading after all this you’re still trying to convince yourself they’re genuine, or have the attitude “who cares if they dissapear, I’ll get my money out before they do” then go for it and good luck to you. But from the looks of it (delayed transfers up to a month???) it looks like after 3 years (allegedly) the wheels are starting to fall off…. All those numbers no matter how much bigger they get in your account don’t mean anything until they’re sat in your personal bank account that you can go and withdraw and smell. And if you’re still not convinced: 11) was registered to the current owner on 2017-12-29T23:08:44 yet the website shows trading history from 2015?? (Nice touch with the odd historic loss months btw) 12) Even the SSL certificate of is encrypted and doesn’t provide owner information. 13) Why would you stick a Bloomberg TV channel on your dashboard if the whole idea is they are investing and doing the trades for you? Isn’t the whole idea of a management company the fact you don’t have time or understand or are interested in these things? Or does it make you look more “authentic”? 14) Heck just give me your money and I’ll make you 40% on your investment, honest…
  • 1.0
    It is a total scam. No real address, no real people everything online. Before investing with them simply ask to meet in person, their reply will be No. 36 million in their portfolio and they can't afford to have a proper office where you can meet them. I am sorry but you are an idiot to think they are legit in any way. Every thing about blue trading is a scam from their audit report to their actual mailing address. They claim to have been around since 2012 but there are yet any blogs available for more than 3 months. Just ask your self why not at least a few users with a few review from 2012 unless you are totally fake. They will run with your money pull out if you can
  • 1.0
    Ponzi scheme or a scam
    Completely hidden identities, unprofessional communication, no moey back with wire transfers.
  • 5.0
    Top Value
    A good investment option. Great return with simplicity and transparency. Risk, as with all investment. Make it temporary as profits grow fast allowing to withdraw the principal invested in a couple of months.
  • 5.0
    So far so good
    Being 3 months now, no problem. Have anyone joined the blue trading over 3 years or even 2 years?
  • 1.0
    Be aware!!
    There was a thread on www.blockomini. It contained very critical posts on Blue Trading. Conclusion: Blue Trading is a scam! People not getting their money back. That threat is deleted, and there is no link to the Blue Trading website anymore... There a lot of things which are wrong with Blue Trading! 10-20% profit per month? Are you kidding? Be aware!! It is a Ponzi scheme. But people in it are enthousiastic because they get high return... But these overviews are fake... They are also posters on behave of Blue Trading working...
  • 1.0
    A scam
    Here is why it is a scam, 1. Fake audit report try to call Prince investment in South Africa and the auditor do not exist. 2. The address on audit report is fake address. Try to Google map it and you will see it's a desert address. 3.their Japan headquarter address is fake. I contacted the building as shown on their website, the customer support of the building informed they have never heard of this company. 4. Notified blue trading if I can meet in person to invest 100k in Japan and the answer No only online accounts. So guys if you still believe in this scam company I will be back in a few months to remind you what I said. They are iiinvestments. Check the Google images of iiinvestments same info.
  • 5.0
    Good Company
    Nowadays there are lots of companies who claim to be good but blue trading is solid in terms of delivering the results. They have some good awards given to them which adds more value to already good company.
  • 5.0
    Good Experience So far
    Now it is 4th month I started with this company. The results are satisfactory and money is increased. I have also withdraw some profits and things are going fine. So my experience with them is good so far.
  • 5.0
    The word profit comes to my mind whenever I see Blue trading management service. I am happy to be a part of their services and enjoying profits every now and then.
  • 5.0
    Finally A good Fund Manager
    I have been trying to make money in financial markets from last 3 years and tried some fund managers but they were not affective. Then a friend told me about blue trading fund management service. I am glad to join them in time and got some good profits.
  • 5.0
    Adapting markets
    As trading market is changing because of the addition of crypto market, I was wondering how to add to my portfolio but to my luck, Blue Trading has added crypto in their funds management and made sure to yield profits on regular basis. This is the sign of any good fund manager to adapt changing markets.
  • 3.0
    i have invested with BT. found them good till date. if u need further deatils pls contact my whatsapp 00965-99108262.
  • 5.0
    Profit on Crypto
    When I was introduced to crypto market by a friend of mine last year, I was so excited and traded on few exchanges but it did not go well. 4 months back I come across blue trading as they were managing crypto as well and I am glad that my money is increasing now.
  • 5.0
    Withdraw on Time
    Recently I have withdrawn some of my profits and there was no issue. Sometimes it gets delayed if weekend or non working days in between but overall I am satisfied with the withdraw experience.
  • 5.0
    Good Results Consistently
    The thing I like about them is their consistency of giving profits. This is the thing everyone want and it would be unwise not to spread the profits in different packages.
  • 1.0
    Be aware!
    Be aware! 2018-09-26: The Financial Commission has permanently expelled BluVenture Group and its brands BlueBroker and BlueTrading from membership. The reason given is repeated violations and failures to adhere to membership Rules and Guidelines. CLICK HERE to verify. 2018-09-05: The UK FCA has issued an unauthorised firm warning against / Blue Group. CLICK HERE to verify.
  • 3.0
    Trouble with Withdrawal
    I had opened the account after a lot of research done about the portal. Customer service is prompt as response to email is done at the earliest. The glitch is email comes only from 3 individual irrespective of day & time. Definitely they miss out the beads and trouble has started. My withdrawal was not accepted due to some issue to wire money to the gulf country at the moment and was advised to withdraw the profit on BTC account number. So I do the transaction today for withdrawal and the same person who suggested to do so reminds me that I had already initiated the withdrawal this month and as per policy; withdrawal is once a month. Definitely the email has been floating around with various individuals with one identity. Something isn't right. They have to fix the issue at the earliest.
  • 4.0
    good paying
    they are ok to deal with
  • 5.0
    Excellent Company
    I have been searching for a reliable broker for more than 5 years and I lost money in the process. Then I discovered Blue Trading company by chance, and discovered that it is the most reliable and transparent one.
  • 1.0
    Scam qualities
    I am definitely feeling scamming vibes from these people. You ask them any questions about their company and they get very defensive. I asked them why the audit was done in South Africa and they would not give me an answer but told me I was stupid basically for asking it. You click on their "awards" and there are no actual awards that you can find. You ask them for any evidence that the customer relations person you are talking to "Brian Hart" is actually Brian Hart and you just get a mouthful telling you to trade elsewhere. Nothing adds up with these guys. I recon they will trade for a while until they have accumulated enough funds and then they will close down and take all your money. Unless you can see or meet them live, stay away!!
  • 1.0
    Suspect marketing and audit
    Claim about returns 'audited' by a small South African firm, who do not seem to be contactable. Website makes many misrepresentations about the company itself - i.e. they do not have an Australian operation or any staff there. Either they are extremely bad at running a business and dealing with customers, or this is a scam. It'd be good to see some concrete evidence either way, but just be wary - sometihng smells very fishy!
  • 5.0
    Excellent trading performance
    Only been with them just over a month but no complaints. Customer service is good, quick responses. A/c manager Brian Hart is very professional and courteous.
  • 4.0
    Good returns, good service
    Been with them 2 months now. So far so good. Good performance, timely response times. Recommending this to anyone who is interested in a managed account.
  • 1.0
    This company claims returns month over month. They will keep raising funds from people and pay them returns until their raised balance reach maximum as much as possible and suddenly they will email you the following: “NOTICE OF DISCONTINUATION OF TRADING SERVICES It is with extreme sorrow that we notify the closure of our fund due to a significant trading drawdown loss experienced. We are absolutely devastated. bla bla bla. " And they will take all your funds away, they did this before with similar website: . And they are doing it again here. Please be aware. you can check their previous scam website at : " " the website is inactive right now and I wish I had screen shots of it, it is very similar with all details as blue trading even similar phone numbers which are leased numbers by the way. All people on website uses fake numbers even they use different names in every email. Try to call them or email them and you will feel something fishy, and by the way all other reviews and awards websites they claim they won is fake and doesn't exist or they own it too. Please dont fall for it. Be aware please. TOTAL SCAM.
  • 5.0
    Up almost 100%!!!
    Almost doubled my account. Withdrawals Instant. Not much more needed to say.
  • 5.0
    Very clever trading team
    You can learn how to balance orders by seeing how the trading team placing the orders, BlueTrading is simply ''Money making machine'' . I 'd started with 3000 Euro account, after one month they make it 3900 Euro <3

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