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  • 5.0
    Not bad, good service, high commissions
    The support and account managers are nice but the commissions are a bit high
  • 5.0
    Solid broker
    Solid broker with OK spreads. They also offer MT4 which is really important for me
  • 5.0
    Excellent trading platform
    Excellent trading platform, especially for beginners looking to start trading, much better than other online trading accounts that I have used in the past.
  • 5.0
    Excellent trading platform
    Excellent trading platform, especially for beginners looking to start trading, much better than other online trading accounts that I have used in the past. and i love this blog, very helpful for beginner traders:
  • 2.0
    No ethical responsiblity
    My experience with EuropeFX is bad. Not because they do not offer a bad platform and tools. But the account managers do not check whatever the person is trading with Stop losses. In other words the account managers do not teach the trader to reduce risks when traders are starting to trade, but instead insists of trading highly risky. A clear explanation to everyone could be made to make it more understandable like: no one can predict the market 100%, so reduce your risk by setting limits or otherwise you lose all your money with a risk of nearly 99%.
  • 5.0
    gute Firma
    Als ich mit EuropeFX anfing, wusste ich nicht, was mich erwartet, mir wurde ein direkter Vorgesetzter zugewiesen, wir hatten ein kurzes Interview, in dem wir Informationen austauschten und uns gegenseitig kennenlernten. Ich habe schnell Vertrauen in meinen Vorgesetzten gesetzt und Geld investiert. Dabei habe ich gutes Geld verdient, musste aber einen Tag lang ins Krankenhaus. Zu der Zeit änderte sich der Markt unheimlich schnell und ich habe eine Menge Geld verloren. Mein Vorgesetzter nahm dies zur Kenntnis, als ich um Hilfe bat, und es wurden viele Schulungsseminare von den Analysten des Unternehmens organisiert. Sie haben mir viel gezeigt und mir geholfen. Ich skype sogar mit ihnen, wenn ich Hilfe oder Ratschläge brauche. In kürzester Zeit beantworten sie meine Fragen. Es hat mich einige Zeit gekostet, die Graphen und Charts zu studieren, um zu lernen, wie das System funktioniert. Die Unterstützung ist für Sie da, Sie müssen einfach nur nach Hilfe fragen. Erwarten Sie am Ende des Tages keine Wunder, seien Sie geduldig, es ist Ihre Entscheidung und die von niemand anderem.
  • 5.0
    Großartiger Broker
    Großartiger Broker, gute Spreads und sehr effektive Unterstützung. Mein Account-Manager Tony Stone ist immer bereit, mir zu helfen, die beste Erfahrung im Devisenhandel zu haben. Ich empfehle Ihnen diesen Broker auch, wenn Sie Ihre erste Handelserfahrung sammeln.
  • 4.0
    good service, no deposit fee
    no deposit fee great trading platforms great service i like this broker
  • 5.0
    great broker, great stock
    one of few brokers that have a lot of different CFDs. i trade there mostly on cannabis and cryptos! recommanded
    thor l
  • 5.0
    Very good service, a bit high commissions
    The team is great and very helpful but the commissions are a bit high - still wouldn't leave them for anyone else
  • 5.0
    Großartiger Broker
    Ich habe vor gerade mal 4 Monaten mit EuropeFX gehandelt und in meinem ersten, zweiten und dritten Monat extreme Verluste erlitten. Ich fing an, profitabel zu werden. Ich habe meine Verluste bereits wieder ausgeglichen und sogar begonnen, meinen Gewinn zu sehen. Ich könnte sagen, dass EuropeFX für mich im Moment ein guter Broker ist. Bisher habe ich nicht versucht, einen Betrag von meinem Konto abzuheben. Aber ich werde mein Vertrauen in EuropeFX auch in Zukunft behalten. Hoffentlich wird dieses Vertrauen nicht verspielt sein.
  • 1.0
    The worst
    Once you lose all your money and can't afford to trade they will claim the market went against you because "it happens" and won't help anymore. Waste of money.
  • 1.0
    This is a total joke , you get bombarded with questions to open an account , you get more phone calls than talk talk .... i decided after i had deposited £200 that all the questions afterwards was a complete nightmare so got my money back ... but i still can't close my account and they still have my details .. PLEASE BE WARNED THIS IS NOT AS GOOD AS IT'S CRACKED OUT TO BE .
  • 5.0
    5 stars
    Servizio eccellente, il prelievo è stato facile, il trading è stato ottimo, nessun errore con il server, 5 *
  • 5.0
    love the team
    amazing staff works there, i really want to thank them for the support help and education
    Euro Mentor
  • 5.0
    Honestly speaking, idk what kind of traders are you guys. The educational system is amazing Before you step into the financial market, you should activate the account and after that start educating yourself about the market and after you make sure that you are ready, simply start trading with not more than you can afford to lose. Really good broker!
  • 5.0
    Great team of Guys
    I've been with europefx since October 2017. I can recommend europefx to anyone who wants to learn how to trade. I have received good follow-up from the first contact. Peter Portman has given me training and advice regarding purchase and marketing follow-up. He is always available and rings after job to explain what is happening to the market. David P. has given me good training in the systems and risk assessment. Recommend them, greetings Patryk from Netherlands.
  • 5.0
    Awesome broker
    Hi , i would like to tell my story about trading with EuropeFX, actually it was my first experience in trading i had zero experience in this field at that time but honestly Europefx helped me a lot by sessions and trading , within a short time 2 weeks i had made a good a mount of money around 2000 US dollars profits with least efforts, then i decided myself to withdraw all the money they did the withdrawal fast and they were friendly and very patient and nice with me, may thanks to my portfolio manager, she is really the best and honest and all trades she advised me was profitable, and for Michael the trainer who explained me all basic about trades and the maths of trading from scratch with patience, and thanks a lot for Mr. Scott he was a really gentleman and amazing just i want to mention i left them for no reasons, they were all the time lovely polite honest and kind people, wish them the best always
  • 5.0
    Great commissions
    Hey For stp Broker very good commissions and very nice staff. Good webinars
  • 4.0
    Good rates bad swaps
    Good broker, but swaps high. Need to negotiate better spreads Overall ok. Some details in review of Fxempire not correct
  • 1.0
    Please don’t trust their specialist advise!!!
    Burned my over 14k account in just 24 days. Their main goal to suck as much as they can. I understand that in trading you have to accept both loss and win. But if you do proper risk management than possibility of win increase and at least you will survive in the market. But their specialist just don’t care about that. Their main advise to add more and more money to your account to protect your account again and again. To me it is not a good advise or business policy. One more important thing, check their complaint section. I don’t think their email address is right. I sent an email with details of these about 3weeks ago and never got any reply. Thanks
    Md Moidul
  • 1.0
    Training poor if you are a beginner Pushed in to depositing more and more Accounts not managed adequately, I was not instructed to use stop losses and subsequently lost big amounts . If you are experienced trader , maybe use them But if you are a beginner and fall for there persuasiveness then don’t go near them.
  • 5.0
    the best
    i have been doing business with this broker for 4yrs and I can only say that this company knows how implement your strategy and come up with the best advices for the fact, my success rate with this guys is more than 85 percent, overall if you are just like me, and you do not have any exp in trading; EUROPE FX is the best choice for you!
  • 5.0
    1 Year With Europe Fx
    My name is Alex, come from London and have been a customer for Europe Fx for 1 year. I can say from my own experience that I am exceedingly very satisfied with Europe Fx. And for several good reasons. On the other hand, I get every imaginable help from competent traders who know what you are doing. On the other hand, everything is kept very transparent and clearly structured as far as the platform is concerned. For this purpose, the risk management is very well established, so that possible losses are kept small. I am very very satisfied with my profits and can only recommend it with good conscience at Europe Fx. I would do it again at any time, because what is good can only get better! Kind regards and thank you.
  • 5.0
    Qualified Staff And Excellent Service
    Their staff is not only qualified but very eager to resolve any issues as fast as possible. Very happy with the service and I love their informational newsletters. I have never missed a single important event on the economic calendar.
  • 1.0
  • 1.0
    never again
    I joined over 3 months ago and couldnt get access to the user portal until just recently as i don't like being messed around i pulled my money straight out and have been charged 250 gbp for the pleasure. To be clear i only got 1 days access to their portal for 250 pounds. very rude and aggressive on the phone. Have enjoyed working with other brokers but this lot are running a scam from my experience.
  • 5.0
    Good Customer Support
    Working with them for a while, they are ok, don't try to push to make big transactions.
  • 4.0
    200 different types of assets
    One thing for sure is the fact that you will never run out of assets to trade with at EuropeFX.
  • 4.0
    CySEC Regulated Broker
    It feels safe to deal with this broker, regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. Furthermore, they are a member of the Investor Compensation Scheme.

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