Min. Deposit: $100
Regulated By:AFM, BaFin, CNMV in Spain, CONSOB, FCA, FI, NBS, AMF, MNB
Headquarters:United Kingdom
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Everest Markets Video Review:

Advances in internet technology over the last two decades has resulted in tremendous changes in the way in which we invest in the financial markets. The Forex market is one such market which has undergone massive changes in its trading environment. Brokers are quick to adapt to the new changes by offering unprecedented access to the Forex market for the small time retail investors. One such online Forex broker seeking to give retail traders better access to the financial markets is the regulated (FSP) broker Everest Markets.

Everest Markets Review
Everest Markets Review

Everest Markets is a newly established Forex broker that is based at #20-22 Munroe Street, Napier, 4110, New Zealand. The company is headed by two managing directors Max Fuller and Anthony Watters. The management team comprises of seasoned professionals working from London and Geneva. 

With Everest Markets, traders not only have the opportunity to trade Forex in a safe and secure trading environment but also a range of other financial instruments like Equities, Indices and Commodities. With their advance and innovative trading platforms, traders no longer need to worry about the complexities of the financial markets. 

The Trading Platforms

Traders at Everest Markets will be pleased to know that the broker provides several types of trading platforms for the benefit of their clients. These are:

  • The Sirix Webtrader Platfrom

Accessible by any computer with an internet connection and catering to both novices and experienced traders

  • The SirixMobile Trader

For those who wishes to trade on their smartphones of mobile devices.

  • The MetaTrader 4 Platform

For those experienced traders who want to use more complicated trading tools like automation with Expert Advisors (EA). 

  • Everest Markets SIRIX Social Trading Platform

This platform incorporates Social media into the world of financial trading. With this platform, traders can now emulate the more experienced traders by watching how they trade. 

Types of Trading Accounts

Recognizing that different people have different levels of skills when it comes to trading, Everest Markets offers their clients 4 different types of trading accounts to suit their needs.

The Classic Account

–          Suitable for new traders
–          100:1 leverage
–          Low minimum deposit of $200
–          Full access to education materials
–          Offers fixed or variable spreads option
–          Ability to trade different lot sizes

The Standard Account

–          Suitable for both novices and experienced traders
–          Minimum deposit of $2500
–          Fixed & Variable Spread option
–          Can trade different lot sizes
–          Continuous Educational support
–          Signal support
–          Personal Account Manager
–          Access to monthly competition

The Premium Account

–          For experienced traders with large trading volumes
–          Lower Spreads
–          Guaranteed withdrawals with 5 days
–          All the benefits of Classic and Standard Account
–          Higher prizes for monthly competition
–          $10,000 minimum deposit

The Platinum ECN Account

–          Minimum deposit of $25,000
–          Best rates for trading
–          Live rates as the account is an Electronic Communications Network (ECN) account
–          All the benefits of the other types of trading accounts mentioned above

Commissions and Spreads

Like most Forex brokers, Everest markets doesn’t charge any commissions for trades made with them. Instead they charge a spread on top of the trades made by their clients. They offer two types of spreads, Fixed Spread or Variable spreads. The rates vary with the type of trading account used by the trader. Spreads starts from as low as 0.6pip for the EUR/USD currency pair. 


Everest Markets’ clients have the added benefit of having regular promotional offers from their broker. The broker offers:

  • Monthly trading competitions where traders get to win a variety of prizes
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Low start-up trading capital requirement
  • $20 Free money for new traders to start off with


Customer Service

Wanting their clients to have enriching experiences, Everest Markets makes no compromises with their customer service. Normally, the Dedicated Account Managers will handle all the general queries but they also offer several channels which clients can use to keep in touch with their broker. 

  • Skype Support:

SkypeID: everestmarkets

  • Email Support:

  • Telephone Support:

Normal Support: +44 20 36 034 054
Emergency Support: +44 20 36 034 054 (ext. 4)

Educational Support

To help their clients improve their trading skills, Everest Markets also provide extensive educational support. There are various support materials which their clients can rely on for assistance.

  • Access to Economic Calendar
  • Ebooks
  • Live Market News
  • Seminars & Events in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Videos
  • Webinars



In terms of reliability, Everest Markets is very particular with their clients’ personal information and as such uses SSL encryption technology to safeguard their confidentially.  They also segregate their operational funds from their clients’ money by having segregated accounts for that purpose. Furthermore, they are a registered and regulated Financial Services Provider (FSP) by New Zealand financial authorities in order to ensure performance and security to clients.

Reputable Liquidity Providers

Everest Markets only deal with reputable liquidity providers like: 

  • Barclays
  • BNP Paribas
  • Credit Suisse
  • HSBC
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Morgan Stanley
  • UBS



To summarise, Everest Markets offers some distinct advantages over other Forex brokers as they provide: 

  • Attractive Promotional bonuses and activities
  • Different types of trading accounts for different trading skill levels
  • Extensive educational support
  • Guaranteed withdrawal within 5 days (With Premium Accounts)
  • Low Spreads with the option of Fixed or Variable Spreads
  • Social Media trading
  • Support for different trading platforms



Very little in the way of disadvantages. A relatively new broker could be seen by some as a negative, although this won’t affect your trading or service with Everest Markets.


Beside from providing innovative features like social media trading to help traders with their trades, Everest Markets also provide a trading insurance program for their clients. With their Break-even Trading Insurance Program, traders can now cap their trading losses. For new traders, Everest Markets is even willing to shoulder the trading risk for them with this program. Frankly, it doesn’t get any better than this in the Forex market. Perhaps, given time, this will be the new benchmark which Forex traders have to follow if they want to survive in the competitive Forex brokerage market.