SimpleFX User Reviews 2019

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  • 5.0
    Support for this platform is good and informative. Fast order execution, funding with Bitcoin, they got what I expect.
  • 1.0
    Really this broker should NOT operate, they have awful buggy platform, they delete trades if they are profitable and they will make everything in order to have only losers as clients.
  • 1.0
    They steal money
    Stay away from this broker. They stole money by deleting trades! They disappear everything they wish in their platform! Consultants are already after them for many cases but they are unregulated and it is difficult to stop them.
  • 1.0
    Common thieves
    I really cannot understand why this broker is operating! They are sending a msg telling that their liquid provider has canceled the trade when you are making some profit! They have the worst reputation
  • 1.0
    Unregulated, tis broker is deleting trades and is stealing everything from all clients who made any profit . Very tricky advertising mechanism with afilliation prizes in order to get more victims as clients. They should not operate, the authorities of Grenadines should do something immediately
  • 1.0
    Avoid this company
    Unregulated, with a tactic of looting every profitable trader's account with excuses that make no sense. No bank card options for deposits, no wire transfers and now NO Skrill for European clients as well. Only bitcoin allowed, something extremely problematic because BTC confirmations need many hours so you can lose a fortune if the market is moving against you and you desperately need funding.
  • 1.0
    Fraudulent activity
    Too slow platform, with many bugs and the worst : No regulation. The few profitable clients find their accounts looted after any small withdrawal attempt
  • 1.0
    Unregulated. They delete profitable trades
    They have a Terrible platform. They manipulate their rules , eating money from losing clients with risky trades and looting money even from the few who make a profit , with the excuse that their trades were very risky. Win--win situation! With their clients as victims
  • 1.0
    1000% Scam broker
    SIMPLEFX is without question, a fraudulent broker , with 1) a problematic mobile platform full of issues like disappearing buttons which need reloading of the whole app in order to work again , high slippages, no ways for withdrawing, with banks and even Skrill having stopped to cooperate with them. 2) totally UNREGULATED broker who is CANCELLING EVERY trade which has led to any serious profits above the clients deposits, so they create a win/win situation for them and only losses for their clients. 3) they are paying for BOT followers for all their social media accounts for thousands of ""followers"" but if you notice they have closed the reviews and commenting sections , so having a facebook page with 70k fake followers but NO reviews , NO comments and under 20 to 30 views for their most posts , only verifies that all those ""likes"" are bought and NOT by real clients who only hate this ghost company. Stay AWAY
  • 4.0
    Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals
    It's great to be able to fund my account with Bitcoin and also to quickly withdraw. Good for EURUSD trading. Nice leverage. Reasonable spreads.
  • 1.0
    All trades cancelled
    They cancelled all my trades and deleted my account. The reason was "exploiting inaccuracy of prices" (point 8.24 b) of their Terms of Bussiness). It means they cancel anybody trades when they decide to do so. Lost 80 000 USD.
  • 1.0
    Simplefx is scam
    Simplefx is scam. i withdraw 0.45 btc yesterday. Simplefx canceled.(we have discovered a malfunction of our Liquidity Provider’s bridge function. In result of the malfunction, our BitcoinCash Liquidity Provider has not been able to fill our Clients’ orders since 11th November 08:55 UTC. Acting in accordance with point 27.2 of SimpleFX Terms of Use and Customer Agreement, we are forced to cancel all BCH trades placed after the above-mentioned time.) This my last money, if not withdraw today i will kill myself! simplefx account number 114075
  • 5.0
    Support for Cryptocurrencies
    one of the best when it comes to support for cryptocurrency trading. they have a good selection of cryptocurrencies pairs to trade with, they have support payments by cryptocurrencies.
  • 4.0
    They support copy trading
    All I have to do is to pick the traders that I want to follow and set my platform to copy their trades.
  • 4.0
    Sophisticated and Informative Trading Wall
    Nice interactive trading wall. I can view live news feeds and real time chats of other traders on the platform.

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