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  • 1.0
    Scam demons
    Trade Ltd is a scam. They tricked me into putting in money & same as the rest in here, they would not give it back. They insisted that they have sent the money back into my account but it’s been a month & there’s nothing. The customer service is useless. The finance department is useless. The so called finance advisors are all scam suckers. Once they got your money, they will ignore all your calls, messages & emails while they splurge on your hard earned money. I have reported them to the police in 2 different countries for fraud. But they are so devilish they know how to cover their tracks. I tested them a few times by registering another account & within in seconds, someone is already on the phone with you trying to suck out all your hard earned money. They are so convincing that they will make you feel stupid once they got away with everything you have. I have been looking into online traud investigative agencies to keep on reporting them. I have been calling them a few times & bit by bit, I’m getting some information to trace where they are. One of the offices is in Estonia & this is already confirmed. I am posting this so hopefully no one else gets victimized.
    Trade ltd
  • 1.0
    Webservise of scammers
    They have stolen all my money. First they ask you to deposit as much money as possible and then when you want to windrow the money and put it back to your bank account the problems starts! Be aware and avoid the scam!
  • 1.0
    My money disappered
    By the end of August I have sent some money in my new account. I did one month of trading with with very little support from Eugenio Attanasio thus I diced to try to get my money back. Here started all the problems. My money disappeared after the withdraw and I did not managed to receive my money back. No help and no support from in the person of Monica Ferrari to find out where the money disappeared. I will have to sue the company losing time and money to get back my money. Be aware cannot be trusted with your money! Marco Marco
  • 1.0
    You people are just scammers you steal money from innocent peoples.
    I had open positions that too are in profits you fraudsters closed my open position without informing me..and your support team is also ridiculous they also know how to rob peoples.. This is to make aware everyone that you people are nothing just a huge scammers. Dont gamble in such a way..
    Abdul Aleem
  • 5.0
    Top Notch Customer Support

    Localized customer support in 30 different cities

    Romano Fanucci
  • 5.0
    Comprehensive Educational Materials

    They provide video tutorials, webinars and seminars as part of the training

    Pavel Král
  • 4.0
    Regulated under CySEC

    With the regulatory oversight provided by CySEC, traders can be assured that their legal interests are protected.

    Robert Holtzmann
  • 4.0
    Their main trading platform is the MetaTrader 4 platform

    Availability of industry proven platforms

    Salai Kornél
  • 5.0
    Different types of trading for different classification of traders

    You can choose from a beginner type of trading account to a professional trading account

    Nikodem Tomaszewski

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