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    • Open
      Day's Range
      $0.0502- $0.0530
    • Market Cap
      $51.97 M
      $717.14 K
    • Current Supply
      1.00 BCVC
      Max Supply
      1.00 BCVC


  • Proof TypeN/A
  • AlgorithmN/A
  • Market Cap$51.97 M
  • Volume$N/A
  • Current Supply1.00 BCVC
  • Max Supply1.00 BCVC
  • Open$0.0509
  • Day's Range$0.0502- $0.0530


Civic is a virtual cryptocurrency and blockchain developed to facilitate the better management of digital identities. Civic uses blockchain identity verification technology to secure and protect the transfer of personal information.

Products on offer include:

Secure Identity Platform (“SIP”): Via Civic’s decentralized blockchain and biometrics on mobile devices, the platform provides multi-factor authentication without a username, password, 3rd party authenticator, or physical hardware token.

Reusable KYC: The Civic mobile app allows users to scan and verify their identity documents so that company KYC requirements can be satisfied. Trusted 3rd parties in the Marketplace validate personal information with blockchain attestations and store information locally on user mobile devices.

ID Codes:

  • Verifications: Uses decentralized identity verification powered by Civic. Users can scan and verify their identity documents using the Civic Mobile App and validate those using trusted 3rd parties in the Civic Marketplace with blockchain attestations.
  • Relationships: Individuals verify their relationships by registering using an invite link from an organization for the 1st During account creation via the Civic App, they verify their identity on the blockchain.
  • Relationships: Organizations have a secure means to prove a given individual has a relationship with them.

Identity Theft Protection: The service supports the protection and authorized use of personal identities in real-time.

Personal information stored on the Civic network is encrypted, with private keys being issued by 3rd party wallets that remove the ability for Civic to access personal data without consent.

Within the blockchain itself, the personal data is not stored, just the attestations, ensuring further that personal data is not readily available to those across the network.

The storage of the attestations stemming from personal identity verifications is held and accessed on the blockchain itself.

Validators within the Civic network verify identities on Civic’s distributed blockchain, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Civic tokens (“CVC”) are used to pay for attestations of customer information on the Civic distributed ledger, with Civic’s blockchain built on the Ethereum blockchain enabling the use of smart contracts to manage personal data attestations and payment for the identity verification process.

Civic was founded by Vinny Lingham and Jonathan Smith, with a total supply of 1bn CVC tokens, 33 million of which were distributed at the time of the token sale that ended in June 2017. 33 million of the remaining are retained by Civic and 33 million allocated for distribution to incentivize participation in the Civic platform.

Some distinct differences and characteristics of the Civic Platform include:

  • Civic looks to remove the need for users to continually go through KYC procedures by storing attested personal identity information on the Civic Blockchain.
  • There are a finite number of Civic Tokens, the total supply being 1 billion.
  • The Ethereum blockchain is used to allow the use of smart contracts.
  • Validators can include government bodies or financial institutions.

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Moving Averages

MA (5)0.04920.04930.0491
MA (10)0.05020.04980.0497
MA (20)0.05040.05040.0501
MA (50)0.05160.05110.0511
MA (100)0.05160.05100.0515
MA (200)0.05020.05020.0508

Trend Indicators

MACD (12,26,9)-0.0007
ADX (14)17.8809
RSI (14)34.1342
Williams %R (14)-100.00
Stochastic RSI (14)6.3174
ROC (10)-4.0996
CCI (14)-97.4444
Ultimate oscillator (7,14,28)35.7315
Stochastic Fast (14)9.4156
ATR (14)0.0007
BBands (20)0.0035

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