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  • CyberMiles(CMT*)
    02:23:21(GMT)|Real-Time Data, Currency in USD
    • Open
      Day's Range
      $0.0489- $0.0489
    • Market Cap
      $48.96 M
    • Current Supply
      1.00 BCMT*
      Max Supply
      1.00 BCMT*


  • Proof TypeN/A
  • AlgorithmN/A
  • Market Cap$48.96 M
  • Volume$N/A
  • Current Supply1.00 BCMT*
  • Max Supply1.00 BCMT*
  • Open$0.0489
  • Day's Range$0.0489- $0.0489


CyberMiles is a decentralized blockchain platform developed to support e-commerce with the use of smart contracts, fueled by CyberMiles Token (“CMT”).

The CyberMiles platform was developed with the following attributes:

  • To support a large library of commerce-related Smart Business Contracts that power decentralization of processes.
  • To manage user identity & transaction data privately and safely, while enabling new transactions and settlements amongst network participants.
  • To utilize proof-of-stake consensus to support tens of thousands of transactions per second, resolving latency issues on existing blockchains.
  • The CyberMiles blockchain is fully compatible with Ethereum, which means that both Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications can be transferred to CyberMiles without having to change the coding.
  • A Safe Mode and Unsafe Mode will allow even higher TPS by reducing the number of nodes.
  • To enhance safety, CyberMiles has protection features defined as “pre-defense” and “post-recovery”.

The CyberMiles protocol consists of a blockchain based “virtual machine”.

CMTs have the following uses:

  • To reward and incentivize the network to contribute computing power and to maintain the integrity of the network. This includes the executing of smart business contracts, running network nodes and validating transactions.
  • To incentivize the network to provide value-add-services, such as p2p customer support and conflict resolution services.
  • To facilitate transactions within the network, which include processes and interactions throughout the supply chain, as well as between buyers and sellers.

With the proof-of-stake consensus, individuals can put up CMTs as collateral in order to have the chance to validation transactions and add new blocks to the blockchain.

Validators are responsible for maintaining crucial network infrastructure, making rules changes and governance decisions on behalf of its delegators. There are only 19 validators in the CyberMiles system and must compete for delegators’ votes (staked CMTs) in order to be hired. Validators provide secure servers running up-to-date software, sufficient computing power, and network bandwidth to power the global blockchain network.

Delegators hire, or elect, other CMT holders (Validators) by staking their CMTs to specific validator candidates. Delegators don’t run the computer servers that power the blockchain.

Delegators pay validators with a portion of their block awards, with each share of a validators block award referred to as validator’s compensation, which is set by the validator, who is directly in competition with other aspiring validators.

Once a new candidate becomes a validator, the network immediately takes 10% of the declared maximum amount of stake from the candidate’s own account and keeps it as stake.

In addition to delegator involvement in selecting validators, CyberMiles Foundation will also give additional certification to candidates judged as trustworthy to become one of the 19 validators.

When a validator becomes unavailable or produces poor results, the system will slash and burn 0.1% of the total stake, leading to both the validator and its delegators losing CMTs, the slashing process taking place for every block, every 10 seconds. After 12 consecutive slashes, the system removes the validator and promotes the next validator candidate as a validator.

The CyberMiles blockchain is protected from a 51% attack by disincentivizing a validator from growing too big. If a validator’s stake grows above 12% of the total stake of the network, all its delegators will receive reduced block award for the stakes that go above 12%. This incentivizes delegators to stake CMTs across multiple validators to maximize block awards.

CyberMiles was developed in 2017 by 5Miles that was founded by Lucas Lu, with the ICO taking place in November 2017, with an eventual target of 10 billion CMTs.

Some distinct differences and characteristics of CyberMiles include:

  • CyberMiles is an e-commerce platform looking to compete against centralized, web-based platforms such as Amazon.
  • 5Miles is a well-established U.S based organization within the e-commerce space.
  • CMTs have an inflation rate of 8% per annum, while the total estimated cap on CMTs stands at 10 billion.

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CyberMilesTechnical Analysis


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Moving Averages

MA (5)0.04840.04800.0478
MA (10)0.04980.04910.0489
MA (20)0.05030.05000.0498
MA (50)0.05160.05130.0509
MA (100)0.05280.05190.0520
MA (200)0.05220.05220.0524

Trend Indicators

MACD (12,26,9)-0.001
ADX (14)30.3497
RSI (14)12.1289
Williams %R (14)-100.00
Stochastic RSI (14)1.1264
ROC (10)-12.4562
CCI (14)-231.8357
Ultimate oscillator (7,14,28)6.5361
Stochastic Fast (14)1.2766
ATR (14)0.0006
BBands (20)0.0058

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