Nebulas (NAS) Price

  • Nebulas(NAS)
    02:23:21(GMT)|Real-Time Data, Currency in USD
    • Open
      Day's Range
      $0.9037- $0.9771
    • Market Cap
      $94.33 M
      $1.77 M
    • Current Supply
      100.00 MNAS
      Max Supply
      100.00 MNAS


  • Proof TypeN/A
  • AlgorithmN/A
  • Market Cap$94.33 M
  • Volume$N/A
  • Current Supply100.00 MNAS
  • Max Supply100.00 MNAS
  • Open$0.9225
  • Day's Range$0.9037- $0.9771


Nebulas is a cryptocurrency and open source public blockchain that was founded in 2017, with the aim of delivering a decentralized search engine and functionality to support smart contract upgrade capabilities.

With the rapid growth of decentralized applications (“DApps”) expected to continue, a search engine functionality to enable users to locate the desired DApp would certainly be needed.

Key Features of Nebulas include:

Nebulas Rank (NR): A core ranking open-source algorithm that is based on liquidity, propagation of users’ assets and the interactivity between users. NR is used to rank addresses, smart contracts, DApps and other entities on the blockchain.

Nebulas Force (NF): Supports Nebulas blockchain and DApps evolution, while removing the possibility of hard forks. Developers are able to make changes, incorporate new technologies and fix bugs without the need to hard fork.

Nebulas Incentive (NI): Includes Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP) and Proof-of-Devotion (PoD).

  • DIP: Provides a feedback loop for developers to create high-quality DApps.
  • PoD: Based on the NR functionality, users who rank well will be rewarded with NAS tokens.

Nebulas was founded by Hitters Xu, who is also the CEO of Nebulas, along with co-founders Robin Zhong and Aero Wang

The maximum supply of NAS tokens is 100 million. A total of 30 million tokens were sold during the pre-sale round and 5 million sold during the founding seed round.

Of the remaining 65 million tokens, 20 million NAS tokens have been reserved for developer teams and founders, with the remaining 45 million intended for operational use and platform development.

NAS tokens are used to pay for transaction fees and as a reward to high ranked DApps developers.

NAS Tokens can be earned by becoming a bookkeeper on the Nebulas network. A proof-of-devotion (“PoD”) consensus algorithm, based on Nebulas’s NR system is used that entices users of the Nebulas blockchain to become bookkeepers.

Bookkeepers receive Nebulas block rewards and transaction fees as revenue, encouraging to contribute to the stability and security of the Nebulas blockchain.

Nebulas users with NR values higher than a specified threshold may take part in the bookkeeper selection procedure by paying a deposit. Through virtual mining, each bookkeeper candidate competes to earn bookkeeping rights.

In the event of a user behaving inappropriately, the user’s security deposit is confiscated and reassigned to other bookkeeper candidates.

Some distinct differences and characteristics of the Nebulas Platform include:

  • A search engine platform to allow users to search for addresses, smart contracts, and DApps.
  • Proof-of-Devotion consensus algorithm used.
  • The total number of NAS Tokens is capped at 100 million.

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NebulasTechnical Analysis


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Moving Averages

MA (5)0.85930.86380.8583
MA (10)0.88500.87530.8713
MA (20)0.89000.88750.8846
MA (50)0.91360.90520.9001
MA (100)0.92640.91070.9176
MA (200)0.90140.90140.9105

Trend Indicators

MACD (12,26,9)-0.0141
ADX (14)20.9369
RSI (14)32.2864
Williams %R (14)-98.0337
Stochastic RSI (14)8.4831
ROC (10)-6.8789
CCI (14)-102.8887
Ultimate oscillator (7,14,28)27.819
Stochastic Fast (14)1.9663
ATR (14)0.0115
BBands (20)0.0858

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