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    Over all a very poor experience
    Where do I begin. I trade DEFI/USDT pair on the platform. Terrible mistake. I saw the price is about to pump so i get in , a message on the screen informs me the price might be 20% more than being offered , I take it. While the Buy price remain the same, within minutes the sell price is 36% lower. 0.054499/0.035 The customer service cannot explain why the price is not rising as fast as Binance or the market as a whole ! Liquidity. i wonder why. The price of the market as a whole rose 80 X and Binance 30X , and here on BITZ, platform did'nt move at all (Frozen) Then when 2 days later, i want to get out of the trade with a big loss (65%) , my assets are frozen. This time they cannot explain why. But will send me an email. which I am still waiting for. Soon this platform will not be available for UK. Lets hope!
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    Seriously, the worst experience I've had with an exchange. I DO NOT recommend this exchange. Support has been giving me the runaround, I cannot trade or withdraw coins that I purchased on this platform. Support claims this token is not available for withdrawal. Searches on their support site do not show any announcements regarding this. Attempts to trade this coin back to a currency I can withdraw do not go through. Zero stars. Stick to more reputable exchanges.

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