StormGain Review 2021


StormGain is an on-line cryptocurrency trading platform designed for everyone. The platform offers an on-hand solution for those looking to profit from either gains or losses across the cryptocurrency market and from long-term investments in crypto assets.

The platform supports trading in the most popular and most capitalized coins with a multiplier of up to 150x. Investors can also simply invest with buy and hold strategies.

StormGain was founded in July 2019 and is headquartered in London, England. In spite of the Company’s youth, countries supported include China, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, the UK, and Vietnam.

The platform offers a range of order types and provides a range of trading tools to support novice to the more experienced trader.

While many cryptocurrency trading platforms have stringent and, at times, restrictive KYC requirements, StormGain provides an easy account opening process to let traders take advantage of the sizeable leverage multiples on offer.

Investors and traders trade across the cryptocurrency market by way of cryptocurrency futures contracts.

Key attributes of the StormGain platform, which can be described as an all-in-one trading solution, include:

  • Traditional and advanced trading features that include trading signals.
  • A user-friendly interface.
  • 24-7 customer support.
  • Interest on deposits.
  • 0% swap for day trading.
  • Loyalty program.
  • A 50,000 USDT funded Demo account.

StormGain not only stands out against its main competitors because of the sizeable multiples on offer but also because of interest paid and competitively low commissions and fees.


Deposit & Withdrawal Options

For investors and traders looking to deposit or withdraw funds from StormGain, withdrawals are restricted to cryptocurrencies.

For deposits, investors and traders can either transfer already held cryptocurrencies to your compatible StormGain wallets or purchase by credit card.


Investors and traders are able to, either purchase Bitcoin by credit card or transfer already owned cryptocurrencies to your StormGain wallet.

In the case of transferring already held cryptocurrencies, select the appropriate crypto wallet on the right-hand side of your screen and click deposit.

Here, you can either copy the address or use the QR code to transfer from your other crypto wallet.

In the case of purchasing Bitcoin with your credit card, please see the account funding section above.


For withdrawals, traders and investors are able to withdraw cryptocurrencies by transferring out from your StormGain wallet to another compatible wallet.

StormGain does not support the exchange of cryptocurrencies into fiat money.

In order to withdraw your cryptocurrency, select the appropriate wallet located on the right-hand side of the interface and click ‘Withdraw’.

Paste your destination wallet address or use the QR code and withdraw.

Do ensure that you have entered the correct information. Incorrect information could lead to the permanent loss of your crypto assets.

For investors and traders that are looking to withdraw Tether, you can exchange your cryptocurrency into USDT before making a withdrawal.

Select the ‘Exchange’ Option found within your USDT Wallet.

From the ‘From Wallet’ drop-down box, select the crypto wallet from which you would like to withdraw and exchange it into USDT. Enter the amount and then click ‘Exchange’.

Once the USDT appears within your USDT wallet, you may then withdraw, following the steps outlined above.

Brokerage Services, Supported Cryptocurrencies & Payment Methods

StormGain provides a trading platform to support the trading of cryptocurrency futures.

Investors and traders are able to purchase cryptocurrencies by credit card directly from the StormGain exchange.

Investors and Traders who already own cryptocurrencies supported by StormGain may also transfer these to the compatible cryptocurrency wallets provided by StormGain.

To open an account, go to StormGain and click on Get Started on the left-hand side of the site.

Complete the requested information, which includes email address and password, accept terms and click “Create Account.” Do note that you will also be asked to confirm that you are not a U.S citizen.

Upon creation of an account you will see the below pop-up on your screen:

While there is no verification required via email, you will also receive an email confirming that your account is now open.

At this stage, you will now need to make a deposit to begin trading and taking advantage of the StormGain platform offerings.

Click ‘Let’s Start’ at the bottom of the pop-up screen, which will take you to the ‘trading with multiplier interface’.

If you already own cryptocurrencies that are supported by StormGain, you can simply select the cryptocurrency that you would like to deposit. These can be located on the right-hand side of the platform.

Should you not already own cryptocurrencies, you have the option of purchasing with your credit card, though there are limits.

To purchase with a credit card, select ‘Buy Crypto with Credit Card’, located on the top right of the interface.

Select the cryptocurrency that you would like to purchase from the drop-down box along with payment method and amount. Do note that purchases by credit card are capped at $20,000 or €20,000 for credit card purchases.

There is also a transaction fee of 5% or USD10, whichever is higher. Once you have entered the information, click ‘Deposit’.

You will then be asked to provide your credit card details, billing address, and contact details to complete the transaction. Enter your information and click ‘Pay Now’ at the bottom of the window. Don’t forget to read and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

For investors and traders already holding Tether, select Deposit under USDT to obtain your USDT wallet address. Here you can either copy the address or use the QR Code, the options are at the bottom of the screen.

For investors and traders holding other cryptocurrencies, select the relevant cryptocurrency deposit option on the right-hand side and follow the same steps as above.

With your StormGain wallet now funded, you are now ready to trade…

The Details

StormGain offers the trading of cryptocurrency futures contracts and currently supports the following cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Cardano’s ADA, DASH, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Litecoin, Monero’s XMR, NEM, NEO, OmiseGo, QTUM, Ripple’s XRP, Stellar’s Lumen, Tether, Tron’s TRX and Zcash.

On the StormGain platform, the appropriate risk management tools are provided to allow investors and traders to manage risk.

Risk management tools on offer include:

  • Stop loss
  • Take profit
  • Cryptocurrency forecasts delivered by StormGain specialists every few hours.
  • Indicators.

In order to begin trading a minimum deposit of 50 USDT is required and there is a minimum trade threshold of 10 USDT. With a 10 USDT deposit, an investor or trader is able to use a multiple of up to 150x, making the value of trade 1,500 USDT.

It is worth noting that, while the use of leverage enhances gains, it can also materially increase losses. Appropriate risk management steps are recommended to prevent significant loss.

StormGain Loyalty Program

StormGain also has a loyalty program for investors and traders. There are a total of 5 tiers, offering a range of benefits. An investor or traders’ status is dependent upon a combination of account balance size and trading volume.

The tiers are as follows:

  • Standard: Account balance of less than 499 USDT and no trading volume.
  • Gold: Account balance of greater than 499 USDT and a trading volume of greater than 150,000 USDT.
  • Platinum: Account balance of greater than 1,499 USDT and a trading volume of greater than 750,000 USDT.
  • Diamond: Account balance of greater than 4,999 USDT and a trading volume of greater than 2,250,000 USDT.
  • VIP: Account balance of greater than 49,999 USDT and a trading volume of greater than 7,500,000 USDT.

Benefits include varying exchange commissions and trading commission discounts depending upon status. The program also offers a bonus to deposit percentage, ranging from 5% to 15% for tiers Gold through to Diamond.

For VIP members, the benefits are individualized.

Earn Interest on Crypto Deposits

StormGain pays investors and traders holding cryptocurrencies interest on deposits held in the StormGain wallets.

By having deposits of between 100 and 50,000 USDT, StormGain pays interest of 10% per annum on deposits held for a minimum of 30 days.

Interest is calculated on a daily based on the account balance at 21:00 GMT. The amount of interest is added using the equity method at the moment of calculation. In other words, the total remaining balance of all accounts and any end-of-day bonus funds.

Crypto Trading Signals

StormGain offers trading signals for free. These are useful recommendations that are developed by StormGain specialists to support traders and investors. With the use of AI, StormGain specialists use various analytical techniques, including chart analysis, the use of various indicators, technical analysis and news to produce trading signals.

Investors and traders receive these trading signals every few hours. From a risk management perspective, the provision of precise stop loss and take profit levels are invaluable. StormGain specialists have a 70% accuracy level on forecasts.

Trading Platform

StormGain consists of a multi-interface web-based platform.

The platform interfaces are as follows:

Trading with multiplier

This supports the trading of cryptocurrencies with the use of the multipliers on offer.

The interface is broken down into sub-categories that include: Popular, favourites, all Instruments, top gainers, top losers.

In order to open a trade, select the cryptocurrency pairing on the left-hand side of the age and then click ‘Open Trade’.

Two options are on offer:

  • Immediate trade based on market price, or.
  • ‘At the Price’ trade, where you are able to pre-specify the buy or sell price.

In both instances, you need to enter the trade amount and multiplier. You are also able to manage your risk by selecting your profit or loss.

For traders and investors that are undeterred by the volatility that persists across the cryptomarkets, there is also the option to ‘Auto Increase’. This is a top-up mechanism to keep a trade open should the loss reach 50%. StormGain automatically invests an additional 50% of the trade amount, deducting from your particular wallet.


Supports the trading and buying and holding of cryptocurrencies through the pairings on offer.

Again, the interface is broken down into sub-categories that include: Popular, favourites, all Instruments, top gainers, top losers.

Select your preferred cryptocurrency pairing and click ‘open order’.

Here you have the option to either place a market order or a limit / stop order.

For a market order, simply enter the amount you wish to exchange and select buy or sell. Remember that StormGain supports both buy and sell trades.

For a Limit / Stop order, enter the limit / stop price, the amount you wish to exchange and then buy or sell, depending upon whether you are going long or short.

The commission charged is also shown at the bottom of the order screen.

Instant Exchange

Facilitates instantaneous exchange between cryptocurrencies supported by StormGain.

Simply select which wallet you wish to transfer from and to and the amount to exchange and click ‘Exchange.’

If you are exchanging USDT to Bitcoin, your USDT wallet will be debited, with your Bitcoin wallet credited based on the rate provided.

Key features of the StormGain platform include:

Customizable Layouts: Traders and investors can customize charts and windows to suit their trading needs.

Indicators: The platform has an array of indicators available that support technical analysis. Indicators are categorized by trend, oscillators, and volatility. To view the indicators, select indicators / full screen and use the drop-down box to navigate.

Leverage Options: Traders have the option to trade using multipliers. Maximum multipliers do vary by cryptocurrency pairing. The maximum multiplier is 150x. Investors and traders can take advantage of the multipliers on offer via the ‘trading with multiplier’ interface.

Professional Charts: The StormGain platform has bar, candle and line charts for viewing. Traders are able to select and customize the charts based on preference, with 9-time frames on offer, ranging from by the minute to monthly.

Open Trade Summary: At the bottom of each interface, investors and traders are given an open trade summary. StormGain also provides a trader sentiment based on active trades. This gives the percentage of buy and sell trades for a particular pairing…

Risk Management: As previously outlined, StormGain offers the necessary risk management tools to mitigate cryptocurrency market risk. These include the option to include stop losses and take profit orders.

Mobile Trading: Mobile trading is also supported, with StormGain available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

Fees and Charges

Fees vary depending upon the cryptocurrency pairing that is traded. These range from between 0.15% to 0.5% for an individual position.

Instant exchange fees and minimum exchange sizes are as follows:

Crypto Trading Commissions, minimum and maximum multiples and Swap Buy and Swap Sell daily rates are as follows:

Do note the variables by asset class, these being commission averages, maximum multiples and swap sell daily rates.

To take advantage of the full 150x multiplier, BTC/USDT trading offers traders with access to the full multiple. It also has amongst the lowest commission averages per trade.

Fees for Deposits and Withdrawals are summarised as follows:

Do note that, while there are no deposit fees, there are minimum deposit requirements. The withdrawal fee is a flat 0.1%, irrespective of cryptocurrency, though there is a minimum withdrawal amount that does vary by crypto.

StormGain Wallets

The StormGain built-in wallets provide investors and traders a simple way to secure, manage and exchange funds.

A total of 6 crypto wallets are offered that are compatible with the large number of cryptocurrencies that are supported by StormGain. By offering multiple wallets, StormGain ensures that investors and traders are able to hold all of the crypto assets in one place.

In order to begin trading on the StormGain platform, investors and traders will need to pass the registration process and deposit assets.

Bolstering security, StormGain uses industry-leading security protocols and strong encryption to protect users from cyber fraud. This includes the use of 2-factor authentication and cold wallets.

It is also worth noting that the built-in wallets are free of charge.

Privacy and Security

StormGain delivers traders and investors a platform with a strong focus on privacy and security.

Wallet Security: StormGain provides cold wallets to protect investor and trader crypto assets from theft. Cold wallets are offline, making them inaccessible for hackers through the internet.

2-Factor Authentication (2FA): An essential additional security. StormGain traders and investors need to use Google’s Android or iPhone app to add a one-time password (“TOTP”) Two Factor Authentication confirmation each time you log in or request a withdrawal.

StormGain also recommends that:

  • You use a unique email address and password for your StormGain account.
  • Enable fingerprint or passcode lock on your phone, use a secure email provider, and use 2FA for your email account.
  • Secure your computer by using good antivirus software and keep it updated.
  • Always make sure to check the domain address you are visiting.

Customer Support

StormGain has a 24/7 customer helpline.

Help: There are video tutorials available to provide support. In event that the video tutorials don’t answer the question, there is a customer service number and email address, with 24/7 support provided.

You are also able to leave feedback, by clicking the ‘Leave Feedback’ icon at the bottom of the respective interfaces.

Email: Users are also able to send emails directly to the support team using the support@stormgain.com email address.

Telegram: Users can also join the StormGain community on Telegram, where 24/7 support is also provided.

Social Media: StormGain has a strong social media presence.

Social media channels include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and, YouTube. While users can find an array of tutorials, members are also able to contact StormGain via the various media platforms.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StormGain.official/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StormGain_com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/stormgain

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4yuGxdmFz8_xaDenLYSYBw

The Pros and Cons


  • High Leverage: Up to 150x is on offer.
  • Full transparency: Live trade data is readily available on the StormGain platform. The details include transaction time, country, the cryptocurrency traded, and transaction type.
  • Fast trade execution.
  • Competitively low fees.
  • Risk Management: Basic and advanced risk management tools are provided to support traders and investors. The StormGain team also delivers Trading Signals on a regular basis, throughout the day.
  • Demo account: A demo trading account is available for investors and traders to gain familiarity with the platform.
  • Crypto Wallets: A total of 6 crypto wallets are available on the StormGain platform, facilitating deposits in the most popular cryptos. Additionally, the platform stores cryptocurrencies in cold wallets, protecting investors and traders from hackers and theft.
  • Fast registration: Registration takes a matter of seconds and only requires an email address and password.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Other positives include

  • Mobile Compatible: The StormGain platform is compatible with mobile devices and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.
  • Loyalty Program.
  • Interest on deposits.
  • 0% Swap for Day Trading.


  • Accounts can only be funded with cryptocurrencies, including Tether.
  • StormGain is currently unregulated. However, StormGain’s legal team ensures that adequate controls are in place.
  • StormGain does not support the exchange of cryptocurrencies into fiat currency. Only cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn.


Some of the more frequently asked questions about StormGain include:

What is StormGain?

StormGain is a crypto trading platform for everyone, offering an on-hand solution for those wanting to profit from either growth or drop in the crypto market. Available on any device, StormGain offers traders with up to 150x multiple or to simply buy and hold.

Are there any video tutorials I could watch?

Yes, you can watch them on YouTube.

Can I trade with my phone or tablet?

The StormGain trading platform is available and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

What is the maximum leverage I can trade with on StormGain?

StormGain offers multiples of between 50x and 150x depending upon the instrument being traded.


StormGain is a user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform that caters to both the more novice and more experienced investor and trader.

Supporting a large number of pairings and also offering both buy and sell trading options, there’s certainly a good reason to choose StormGain.

Throw in the competitively low fees, the trading multiples on offer, the loyalty rewards scheme, interest on deposits and risk management tools and StormGain stands out from among its peers.

With mobile compatible platforms also on offer and a particularly simple registration process, StormGain’s client base is likely to expand at a rapid pace.

For the seasoned and more novice investor this also delivers liquidity, which is particularly important when trading such a volatile asset class.

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  • Bitcoin Gold
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  • Zcash
Accepted Countries
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