YObit.net User Reviews 2021

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    Best BTC rate and fiat depositig options
    Yobit is ideal for depositing cryptocurrency into fiat and purchases of cryptocurrency. Here one can often catch a more profitable rate in comparison to other exchanges. For instance, during the time of posting this review, the difference between bitcoin rates on Yobit and Binance makes up $50. Not a huge difference right now, but still more profitable to buy here. Of course, this isn’t the case every time and sometimes it’s even the other way around. However, it is the case more often than not, the rates move very smoothly and this provides a plethora of opportunities to make money. Yobit is also great for investing, but you would really have to put in some work to find the right currency for your investment because there is a huge variety of options. Sadly, when it comes to trading, I am less impressed – it lacks many resources which traders are used to because the design was meant to be as simplified as possible, but is compensated by the smoothness of rate changes. Cryptocurrency purchases can be a lot more profitable here especially during rate jumps.

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