Abeonacoin ICO & Token Sale

A rebellion action change in cryptocurrency ecosystem is processed by Abeona Coin!

Company’s idea:

Abeona is the platform which adheres to the Adiona platform built under the blockchain connectivity. This unit formation is claimed under the abeona service coin to integrate the communications between the dealer and buyer. Simultaneously, it brings out little functionality to attain the trade equipment such as the user can consume tokens on both products and services. The team has organized their own service to sell the products in the adiona platform. As per the instructions displayed on adiona platform, the users can interact and exchange their tokens and contract dealings. Abeona service offers the feature to store their tokens in the wallet and so, tokens will be organized by the ecosystem of adiona. The reason behind certain storage method is to increase the efficiency of coins strategy and also to maintain the functionalities of each coin at regular intervals.


  •    To create one familiar comprehensive currency method in abeona.
  •    To motivate business proprietor to earn money through adiona platform.
  •    To develop a platform to make payments comfortably at any point of time.

About the project:

Abeona believes that in the future decentralized application will rule the cryptocurrencies assets. Thus, it makes sense in welcoming the future technology with the series of upcoming exchanges. Direct communications are virtualized through mobile and desktop applications, trade platform, booking hotels, distributing payment card for your daily use etc. As per your requirement, you have an authority to exchange the coins into money and abeona facilitates a convenient way to collect money.

Abeonacoin Overview

Abeonacoin ICO
Ended 295 Days Ago
Vote For Abeonacoin
Token Type
Start Date
Jul 01, 2018
End Date
Sep 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
Start Price
1 ABN = 0.1 USD
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
May 15, 2018
Presale End Date
May 30, 2018

Abeonacoin Team

Artur Manukiani
Founder & CEO

With over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, operations, and decision analysis, Artur has the breadth and depth of expertise needed to quickly understand entrepreneurs’ businesses and craft the most suitable solutions.

Ingrid Hansen
Software Engineer

Ingrid Hansen is a software engineer who’s been writing code for over ten years. She is a twice-published author in the field of embedded systems and was recognized for her knack for communicating technical ideas in ways that anybody can understand.

Pierre Martin
Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain developer. An expert technology adviser for startups mainly in Blockchain and Security areas. He got one patent recently with US Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO) on encryption deployment discovery in an enterprise.

Cheryl Tan
Marketing Coordinator

Cheryl is a marketing professional with an MBA in customs laws and international trade. She also holds an MSc in strategic management with a focus on innovation. Before Abeona, she oversaw millions of dollars of international business with Chinese suppliers.

Alice Bassi
Communications and Content Creator Consultant

For the last five years cooperated with such global brands as Marvel, Uber, and worldwide e-commerce and trading platforms as a content-manager, editor, copywriter, and a creative producer. Collaborated with international marketing companies such as PropellerAds and Adex.com. She is passionate about creating elegant and clean designs for high-quality products.

Steffen Meier
Technical Advisor

Trusted Technology Advisor, Senior Enterprise IT Architect with more than 15 years of experience in the field of information technology, infrastructure analysis and design, implementing innovative and leading technologies for International companies around the globe in public and private sectors.

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Abeonacoin Milestones

May 2018
Abeona Coin Pre-Sale
July 2018
Abeona Coin Public Sale
November 2018
Listing on Exchanges
September 2019
Launch of P2P Service
October 2019
Public release of decentralized exchange
November 2019
Launch of Adiona payment card
December 2019
Launch of Adiona platform

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