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There is an absence of a trusted common ground in the way transactions are recorded right now. When two parties are involved in a transaction there should be a proper record for the same, but it is not the case. The process of recording the transaction is grossly inefficient, subject to errors, requires tedious reconciliations leading to ever-increasing auditing costs, and remains liable to fraud. This is where The Accounting Blockchain is trying to help by providing affordable, easy, and up-to-date platform solutions which do not break the bank.


The Accounting Blockchain aims to empower the global accounting community with the advantages and trustworthiness of blockchain technology through products that fully integrate advancements in the blockchain field in the most efficient and practical way.

About The Accounting Blockchain

The Accounting Blockchain designed from the ground level is the ultimate solution and the platform is connecting together businesses from all over the globe. It is designed to maximize accounting efficiency and to safeguard the data stored forever thanks to the advancement in the blockchain technology. The Accounting Blockchain (TAB) is a tailor-made blockchain that can help the companies save billions just by its excellent processing capabilities. Moreover, there is no minimum premium required to start enjoying the services of TAB. TAB’s cryptographic encryption and storage on the blockchain will reduce the risk of data loss and theft drastically. The cryptography will make sure that the data stored on the blockchain is available only to the designated users thus ensuring a full privacy of the data stored.

Accountingblockchain Overview

Accountingblockchain ICO
Ended 262 Days Ago
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+100% Pre-ICO, +50% Wave 2, +30% Wave 3, +20% Wave 4, +15% Wave 5, +10% Wave 6
Business Services
Start Date
Jul 15, 2018
End Date
Sep 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • Fiat
Start Price
1 TAB = 1 USD
+100% Pre-ICO, +50% Wave 2, +30% Wave 3, +20% Wave 4, +15% Wave 5, +10% Wave 6
Total Supply
64,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jun 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Jun 30, 2018

Accountingblockchain Team

Nathaniel Borg
Founder & CEO

Nathaniel is the founder and CEO of Accounting Blockchain, a certified and qualified accountant, registered auditor, and entrepreneur, holding the ACCA qualification as well as other qualifications from the University of Malta. Nathaniel owns a boutique accounting and auditing firm, specialising in the provision of accounting, taxation and auditing services. Prior to that, Nathaniel worked for a number of years as a business development manager with one of Malta’s largest automotive firms before moving on to work as an auditor with Deloitte.

Daniel Cutajar
Founder & COO

Daniel is a graduate from the University of Malta as a Bachelor of Commerce, Honours in management. Daniel’s interest in the sector of how technology can change the way we do business was born from his work on his dissertation on online purchasing habits way back in 2003. One of Daniel’s main interests is economics and the evolution of accounting practice as affected by technology. Daniel has grown his own business which has built after graduating from University and has gained experience in all sectors of business being marketing, consumer behaviour, and has hands on experience on all aspects of running and growing a group of companies.

Christian Deguara

Christian is a University of London Graduate in Computer Science who has been working in the software engineering field for over 10 years. He has worked in a diversity of fields, such as telematics, finance and disaster recovery and does various research on artificial intelligence, digital signal processing, computer graphics and on blockchain technology. Lately however, Christian’s greatest passion lies in the latter due to the way it is reshaping technology, especially when it comes to solving problems which have troubled the Accounting industry for a long time.

Steve Tendon
Blockchain Strategy Advisor

Steve Tendon is a senior executive management consultant, adviser, speaker and author. Steve's research and consulting work focuses on the use of emerging technologies, in particular Blockchain technologies, to improve business performance.

Karl Schranz
Tokenomics Leader

Karl Schranz co-founded E&S Group in 2010, offering a wide range of financial and legal consultancy services particularly to ICOs. He has over 10 years of experience in the financial and audit sector and holds a Masters degree in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management from Università Commerciale 'Luigi Bocconi'.

Christian Ellul
Legal Consultant

Dr Christian Ellul is a Maltese lawyer with 13 years of experience and now focused primarily on crypto and blockchain advisory especially in relation to ICOs and tokenomics. As one of the directors and founders of E&S Group he has been involved in structuring, advising and assisting more than 40+ ICOs projects to date

Franco Falzon
Tax & AML

Franco Falzon graduated as an accountant in 2004 from the University of Malta and obtained his Masters Degree in International Tax Law from the Vienna of University of Economics and Business Administration in 2006. He has been advising clients on the setting up and structuring of entities and has been actively involved in corporate services since 2006. Between 2006 and 2007, Franco Falzon acted as an international tax advisor for Ernst & Young reporting directly to the tax partner and the tax director.

Peter Borg
Accounting Compliance Specialist

Peter joined Franco Falzon & Associates in October 2015 as a partner, responsible for the accounting and compliance section of the firm. He carries more than 17 years of professional experience in the accounting and finance industry. Peter has worked with a number of firms established in the same industry and before joining the firm he was the compliance manager with a medium sized corporate firm for over four years.

David Seisun
Team Blockchain Leader

David enrolled in a Bachelors Degree in Computing and Information Systems and graduated from Goldsmith University of London. Following his graduation, David joined an upcoming Vehicle Tracking and Telematics company and was appointed Chief Commercial Officer of the company. During his tenure, David was a key contributor to the success of the company and also was involved in a number of innovative products like Motormax (Malta’s first Telematics Based Insurance System) and others.

Matthew Croker
Scrum Master

Matthew holds a Bsc ICT (hons) degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Malta. With over 5 years of experience in the technological industry, Matthew is an important addition to the Accounting Blockchain team as he brings along a mixture of unique expertise ranging from JS technologies, Java, SQL and noSQL languages. Matthew is also an experienced team leader, developer and problem solver.

Kris Cardona
Blockchain Strategic Expert

Kris is a consultant for The Accounting Blockchain, a certified and qualified blockchain expert, cyber security and network engineer by profession. Holding various industry leading qualification such as Cisco, Microsoft & Linux as well as other qualifications from the Ashworth College & Maryland University in USA. Kris has designed multiple Network Operation Centers and is now in the progress of building one of the first ever Blockchain monitoring systems.

Dr. David Wain
Legal Consultant

Dr. David Wain is a Maltese lawyer who has been in practice for the past fifteen years, with particular interest in business development and the provision of strategic and operational legal advice to commercial entities. Throughout his career thus far, Dr. Wain has been involved as an adviser on varied commercial initiatives, from IPOs and bond issues to international acquisitions.

Christopher Zerafa
Blockchain Researcher

Christopher is a physicist by education, graduating summa cum laude from the University of Leeds. He has worked in the oil industry for a couple of years using advanced mathematics to identify oil from data signals and is also involved in the University of Malta as a visiting assistant lecturer. Christopher is now keen on getting involved in DLT, and to the wealth of possibilities this will provide.

Keith Seisun
Senior Business Systems Analyst

Keith graduated from Goldsmith University of London in Computing and Information Systems. After graduating in 2016, Keith started working as a Business Systems Analyst with RS2 Software plc, a leading company in the payment solutions industry which handles 62 million transactions per hour through a Global Payments Software. Furthermore, Keith supported various well-known banks both in Malta and also travelled on site in the UK such as Barclays.

Keith Hili
Business Development Manager

Keith Hili is the Operations Manager of the Supplier Relations department within FTIAS Ltd (one of the leading local organisations specialising in back office and accounting services), part of the FTI GmbH worldwide group. Amongst other responsibilities, he is responsible for the management & administration, monitoring, training improvement and development of a team of circa forty officers, co-ordinators and team leaders.

Philipp Sauerborn
Financial Advisor

After successfully completing his training in office administration, Philipp Sauerborn absolved the private program in Internet Marketing and Management at the Academy of the Young Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Bern, Switzerland. Following his tenure at a family-owned company in Switzerland, he worked for internationally renowned companies such as Price Waterhouse Coopers ad Ernst & Young in Zurich. Thereafter he received his university qualifications and a diploma in Technical Communication.

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  • +100% Pre-ICO, +50% Wave 2, +30% Wave 3, +20% Wave 4, +15% Wave 5, +10% Wave 6

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Accountingblockchain Milestones

August 2016
– Accounting Blockchain Concept development and focus groups
July 2017
– In depth market and blockchain research
December 2017
– Feasibility studies
January 2018
– Team Recruitment commencement
February 2018
– Consultant engagement for tokenomics
March 2018
– Won ESTS Seed Competition
May 2018
– Commencement of private placement
July 2018
– ICO Start
September 2018
– End of ICO
December 2018
– AB Fingertips Suite Alpha version

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