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The regulatory framework around token offering is undergoing major transformations especially in the year 2018. Regulators around the world though may have adopted a different attitude towards ICOs, have all generally moved towards increasing clarity of the necessary regulatory framework governing the requirements of token issuers with the view to provide greater protection to market participants and better disclosures. In order to build a long-term and sustainable financial solution platform, Aenco and its group are dedicated to building a global infrastructure that will synergize and support the regulatory framework requirements around major jurisdictions of interest in order to fully deliver the services. To address the regulatory aspects, Aenco is expanding into new markets, while building upon long-standing traditional business infrastructure, to set up a regulated presence across several major jurisdictions.


Aenco aims to capitalize on the strengths of blockchain and decentralized applications to fuel emerging growth companies and entrepreneurs in tapping a sustainable and growing ecosystem for its business activities during their ramp-up phase.

About Aenco

Aenco is a blockchain based global financial solutions platform, combining decades of experience in traditional financial services and prime brokerage, with network of Healthcare technology (HealthTech) innovation partners and new-age applications, collectively developed under the umbrella Aenco Global Health Tech Financial Solutions platform. Aenco is one stop shop for the delivery of cutting-edge institutional financing, prime brokerage and core smart capital solutions for the Health Tech industry, as well as research and collaboration hub for healthcare companies and projects involved in the field of blockchain development.

AenCoin Overview

AenCoin ICO
Ended 295 Days Ago
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PRE-ICO SALE - +5% to +50%. ICO CROWD SALE: +5% to +15%
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 01, 2018
End Date
Sep 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 AEN = 0.1 USD
PRE-ICO SALE - +5% to +50%. ICO CROWD SALE: +5% to +15%
Total Supply
60,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 27, 2018
Presale End Date
Aug 31, 2018

AenCoin Team

Ian Huen

Darren Lui

Kenrick H. Fok
Chief Financial Officer

Geoffrey Tipton
Chief Technology Officer

Charles Lau
Managing Director

Erica Chan
Head of Wealth Management

Nick Wan
Co-investment Director

Calvin Poon
Co-investment Director

Ally Cheung
Head of Community Management

David Carey
Senior Cloud Engineer

Michelle Au
Creative Specialist

Issac Cheung
Full Stack Developer

Isabella Lai
Senior Director

Teddy Ip
Senior Director

Andy Chan
Head of Insurance

Aaron Regala
Business Analyst

Professor Douglas W. Arner
Senior Regulatory and Strategic Advisor

Dr S.m. Yiu

Jeff Marquass

Julian Ting

AenCoin Rates & Bonuses

  • PRE-ICO SALE - +5% to +50%. ICO CROWD SALE: +5% to +15%

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AenCoin Milestones

April 2016
Aeneas Group builds HealthTech partnership with Aptorum Group, a multi-disciplinary medical innovations platform based in HK
July 2017
Aeneas Capital initiates to expand its licenses with the SFC in HK to include dealing and advising in securities Aeneas expands partnerships with HealthTech companies specializing in neuro, infectious diseases, and robotic surgeary devices
January 2018
Aeneas Capital, LLC. established in New Jersey, U.S.A. to set up a FINRA regulated broker dealer (in progress) Aneas Group establishing a full-service banking license in Europe (in progress)
April 2018
T-2M June/July Initiate Private Sale Aeneas Capital granted expanded licenses by the SFC in HK to deal and advise in securities Community investors outreach T-1M July/August Initiate Pre-ICO Sale: Bonus scheme based on participation size
October 2018
T+2M Expand team: Developers T+3M 1st pipeline HealthTech ICO launch T+3M Launch first generation smart wallet for testing in test net (AEN Connect) First generation Aenco Blockchain released for testing in test net
November 2018
T+6M Second generation custodial wallet & escow services 2nd pipeline HealthTech ICO launch T+6M First generation Aenco Blockchain goes live New AEN smart contract generated; to replace ERC223 token Blockchain to support 2-3 specific business shards
December 2018
T+15M Second generation: AENX trading exchange T+15M Improvement to “Data Decay Principle”, kick off work on second generation blockchain Support 2-3 additional business shards API prototype for third party integration
April 2020
T+21M Third generation: AENCO prime brokerage platform Ongoing service & expansion of pipeline HealthTech partners

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