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Blockchains and crypto economics are still in the early adoption phase. More mature blockchain with a bulk of blockchain user base is operating at maximum capacity. This results in large delays in transaction execution. In order for a blockchain to provide viable alternatives to existing centralized systems, they have to solve the problem of long transaction execution time. There are problems of the prohibitive and highly volatile cost of trivial transactions, unsatisfactory user experience, and very low general throughput. Wasteful and un-scalable proof of work mining is another major block in the adoption of the blockchain. It offers a whole new universe for a wide variety of applications not only in the financial sphere but also in practically every aspect of life.


Aerum aims to solve the issues of the crypto world with its technological breakthroughs like very high throughput with fully 100% Ethereum/ Solidity/ dApp compatible platform with free transactions.

About Aerum

Aerum is a fully decentralized token exchange. The ecosystem is powered by EIP (ERC) 20 token XRM. Aerum has the ability to carry out a real-time transaction execution in under 5 seconds with a very low 2 seconds block time. The powerful cross chain atomic swaps, allowing easy and intuitive token transfer; between Aerum and Ethereum right in the wallet is made possible by Aerum. Aerum will steer a positive momentum in the blockchain world by providing technology, tools and practically available solutions today. Aerum introduces a two-tiered hierarchy model for governance and consensus formation based on principles of liquid delegated democracy.

Aerum Overview

Aerum ICO
Vote For Aerum
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 18, 2018
End Date
Dec 18, 2018
Payment Method
Start Price
1 XRM = 0.6 USD
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Sep 18, 2018
Presale End Date
Oct 18, 2018

Aerum Team

Alex "Rand" Randarevič
Chief Executive Officer

Ross Kishenkov
Chief Operating Officer

Nik Page
Chief Strategy Officer

Daria Paraskevopoulou
Investor Relations Manager

Paddy O'sullivan
Blockchain Developer

Bran Ballay
Chief Product Manager

Daniel Baznamin
Senior Designer

Anfisa Bogomolova
Creative Consultant

Dave Rooney
Chief Infrastructure Officer

Petro Sidlovsky
Blockchain Developer

Volodymyr Matskiv
Blockchain Developer

Yuriy Kashnikov
Solidity Developer

Fionn Stakelum
Fintech Advisor

18 years in the Fintech Payments industry. Worked with large industry players such as Wirecard. Business Development Focus. Ex-Director of NASDAQ listed company in payments processing. Experience with Payment Schemes and Issuing/Acquiring. A decade of experience in Software Localisation industry. Industry wide contacts network. Recent Certified Blockchain Expert.

Maxim Anchipolovsky
Legal Advisor

June 2008 – till present - Legal Points LLC ( ) - Senior Partner Head of the legal practice, advising on banking and financial law issues, corporate law and litigation Legal support and representation in courts of Russian, Baltic and Kazakh banks Implementation of the corporate and legal structure with total amount exceeding USD 200 mio

Eleftherios Jerry Floros
Strategic Advisor

Entrepreneur, author and speaker with a 33 year diversified background in finance, engineering and maritime. CEO and founder of MoneyDrome Edge Ltd which is a multi-chain investment platform powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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    Aerum Milestones

    November 2017
    Project Inception
    July 2018
    Version 0.4.0. Web and Mobile. Wallets. Atomic Swaps. AerBIT. TestNet 0.4.
    August 2018
    Version 0.5.0 -ATOMOS -Staking -TestNet 0.5
    September 2018
    Token Sale. Private round for qualified buyers
    October 2018
    Token sale. Whitelisted round
    November 2018
    Token sale: Public Round
    December 2018
    -Mainnet self-launch -Exchange listings
    July 2019
    Version 1.0. Decentralized governance . Voting mechanism. Distribution mechanisms. Collateral gateway.

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