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Agate is a decentralized system based on the blockchain technology created to do instant payments in the cryptocurrency market without any volatility risk. Agate resolves the main problems existing in the crypto economy of instant payments with the help of multi-coin mechanism. It facilitates everyday banking and connects millions of people- developers, merchants to the economy of cryptocurrency. Agate blockchain is aimed to be a scalable, smart, token generator system, minable, secure, decentralized, high speed, smart contract and block explorer.

Agate aims to create a decentralized platform for instant payment solutions in crypto-economy. It connects millions of developers, merchants and users together.

About the project

Agate is based on the blockchain technology and is comprised of two mobile applications, API suite, agate chain- add-ons, plug-ins- a fiat pegged ecosystem and POS terminal to do instant payments in crypto-economy. Agate issues AGT tokens that are sustainably utilizable and forms a part of the revenue stream. Agate modules are already built and beta versions are to be completed shortly. Agate solves the problems of high transaction fee, high volatility- slow speed and management of several different cryptocurrency wallets. Agate also solves the problems of the merchants like slow transaction settlement, which currencies to accept and suppliers non-acceptance of cryptocurrency. Agate accepts all the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin and plans to include 17 more cryptocurrencies. Agate gives the facility of converting the cryptocurrency back to cash instantly which gives the confidence that fiat money can be quickly converted to everyday use.

Agatechain Overview

Agatechain ICO
Ended 130 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Aug 21, 2018
End Date
Nov 15, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • USD
Start Price
1 AGT = 0.076 USD
Total Supply
24,206,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)

Agatechain Team

Brenton Smith
Advisor Board member

Brenton is a proven, energetic IT application and system software company leader, having worked with a diverse range of large multinational firms in senior leadership roles, including VP and GM Symantec, CA, SAP, Siebel, Dell/Quest and Business Objects and SoftwareAG.

Samaneh Movassaghi, PhD
Advisor Board member

Samaneh is an award-winning technical expert who is working on great projects; include data science and machine learning for companies like Google, Philips and CSIRO.

Nikzad B. Rizvandi, PhD
Advisor Board member

Dr Nikzad is a data scientist and has a Phd in Distributed computing and data mining from University of Sydney. He has an extensive experience in Ai, deep learning, Machine learning and Neural Network and practically involved in several sophisticated Ai and ML projects.

Gita Gitli
Advisor Board member

Gita is highly proficient in banking industry and financial markets and with over 20 years extensive experience in major financial Institution including the Australia’s biggest bank Commonwealth Bank Australia (known as CBA). She has a significant role to mentoring Agate team to makes sure is fully aligned with the latest financial system standards.

Ehsan Fallahi
Advisor Board member

Ehsan is a principal at MistryFallahi Lawyers. Ehsan has a wealth of experience in advising businesses, start-ups and high-net-worth individuals across a range of industries, including technology, e-commerce and professional services.

Hamed Taghvaei
Co-Founder & CEO

Hamed is an award-winning serial entrepreneur with a tech and business background. He currently owns and runs several successful businesses. He is the founder of DroneOnline Australia, Co-Founder of King ICO, Co-Founder of BID Group, Co-Founder of BID Café, Co-Founder of BID Investment, founder of MyServo.

Hamid Ostad

Hamid is highly experienced in bank-grade payments and authentication solutions for online financial transactions. Hamid has extensive experience in regional and international authentication and payment protocols that have been developed by major international card schemes. Hamid also currently works as the solution architect for BPAY Group.

Ali Dorri, PhD

Dr Ali Dorri is among the first PhD candidates from UNSW University (Australia) who specifically focuses on blockchain technology and has been involved in many different successful blockchain projects for government and private sectors in smart home, e-health, smart grids and so on.

Ehsan Jadandarpour

Ehsan is one of the world’s most famous tech influencers and has been listed in Forbes magazine

Steve Nouri
Ai Lead

Steve is an award-winning technical leader specializing in machine learning, natural language processing, and advanced analytics. Steve has developed extensive computational and analytical expertise in a diverse range of application domains. He is responsible for the design, development and evaluation of text mining systems, both in commercial enterprise and research contexts.

Ashkan Tashvir

Ashkan has a sound passion for bringing technology and business principles together. A technology leader, experienced analyst, architect and a design-minded developer in multiple technology platforms, Ashkan is passionate about communicating complex ideas, acting as a bridge between the business and the technical teams.

Ariya Chittasy

With four start-ups in the last 8 years, including one being awarded Fastest Growing Company Asia-Pacific (Business Excellence Awards 2014) and another growing into a 55+ employee company in under 2 years, Ariya thrives on materializing ideas into real businesses.

Meysam Naseri
Software Architect

With over 12 years’ experience as senior software developer, Sam helps us to seamlessly develop

Anand Chellanadar
Director of Software Development Team in India

Anand has 13+ years of experience in Software design & development, web applications development, system security, mobile apps development and ERP solutions.

Jaemie Dela Pena
Product Design Lead

Jaimie is an experienced product designer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She is skilled in product design, UX, sales and e-commerce.

Kalith Ahamed
Technical Lead

Kalith has over 12 years of experience across various stages of the Software Development Life Cycle and also web development using ASP.Net, RESTful API Design and Development, Distributed SAAS Solutions design and development, Native/Cross Platform Mobile app design and development and expertise in building solutions.

Naz Shams
Project Manager

Naz has 7+ years of experience in technical Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working

Odette Abrenica
UI/UX Designer

Odette is a dedicated and skilled designer with a strong background in design and a sound proficiency in IT. From e-commerce services to youth leadership programs, she demonstrates her passion by involving herself in creating design solutions within different areas. Odette currently strives to further unpack her creativity through IT and business explorations.

Navkiran Kaur
Business Analyst

Nav is Business Analyst experience in analysing business requirement and translating them into the functional and non-functional specification, user stories and detailed test plans in agile and waterfall projects. As a business analyst, she has architected several business systems and provided consultation to small to medium-sized business owners in identifying business opportunities and risks.

Ali Asgher
Business Analyst

Ali is a problem solver who takes pride in understanding a person's, or businesses, needs. Working with clients to map their ideas, and transform them into valuable products and solutions, is where I thrive. As a technical business analyst, Ali is able to communicate effectively with clients and provide them with a space to develop their concepts and ideas comfortably.

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    Agatechain Milestones

    February 2017
    Idea realization and market research
    March 2017
    $480,000 first round investment by BID Group
    April 2017
    Architecture design and Whitepaper
    November 2017
    Starting MVP development
    December 2017
    Mobile App alpha version
    December 2017
    $1,000,000 private investor
    January 2018
    Agate Blockchain Test-net live
    March 2018
    App Beta version released
    May 2018
    White listing & Private invest EOI
    August 2018
    ICO (Pre-Sale & Public Sale)

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