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Agrolot is a global trading platform for all types and sizes of business in the field of agriculture and food production. It eradicates the problems faced by small and medium businessmen like international law, fluctuations in food prices, intermediaries, international trade and high costing. Agrolot removes the dependability of the sellers and consumers on the buying price of the food and helps them trade without any boundaries, restrictions and frauds. Investors will have the benefit of getting a dividend proportional to the number of tokens they hold, increase in token price and profits from a vertically integrated algorithm.



Agrolot aims to connect the sellers and consumers globally to conclude contracts, share information and exchange transactions easily.


About the Project

Agrolot uses the internal cryptocurrency called OFIR (Operative Food International Registration) where every product is evaluated in OFIR and placed under a certain category. Smart contract technology is used for performing a successful transaction in a B2B model. Agrolot also offers logistics services for the ease of consumers and sellers, quality control check, security and a variety of choices to the businesses. Agrolot also provides the complete B2B solutions through their insurance, storage, logistics, finance, quantity and product monitoring. Electronic digital signatures will be used in every transaction to make the smart contract secure and ensuring the privacy of the users. The data will be stored in Amazon EC2 and S3 servers protecting it against diverse risks and DDOs attacks. OFIR works on the Ethereum ERC20, one of the strongest blockchain technologies.

Agrolot Overview

Agrolot ICO
Ended 264 Days Ago
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First stage: 2 million AGLT will be sold +bonus 100%
Business Services
Smart Contracts
Token Type
Start Date
Jul 01, 2018
End Date
Sep 28, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 AGLT = 1 USD
First stage: 2 million AGLT will be sold +bonus 100%
Total Supply
20,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jun 15, 2018
Presale End Date
Jun 29, 2018

Agrolot Team

Alex Filin
Chief Executive Officer

Vitaliy Melnyk
Chief Technical Officer

Alex Makarov
Business Development Manager

Nikolay Baranov
Legal Advisor

Andrew Styupan
Senior Developer

Roman Korol
Developer and cyber Security Specialist

Roman Kents
Legal Advisor

Ivan Chudnovets
Legal consultant

Olga Bolekhan
Trading Analyst

Dmitriy Soltanov
Senior Trading Advisor

Alina Fedyaeva
Advisory on Digital Strategy, Campaigns and Ecosystem Development

Dennis Batsa
Junior advisory on strategy

Agrolot Rates & Bonuses

  • First stage: 2 million AGLT will be sold +bonus 100%
  • Second stage: 3 million AGLT will be sold + bonus 50%

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Agrolot Milestones

July 2017
1. Launching the trading platform; 2. Opening offices in Odessa and Kiev; 3. Opening a representative office in Hong Kong for the development of the Asian market; 4. Creating the advertising budget for the promotion of AGROLOT.IO and the project as a whole; 5. Forming the project team.
April 2018
1. Creating the website; 2. Writing ICO Agrolot Whitepaper; 3. Launching the ICO site, creating the social profiles; 4. Issuing the AGLT token, posting source code on, registering the project at; 5. ICO launch; 6. Introducing airdrop and ranking referral program.
July 2018
1. Finishing ICO; 2. Starting the program of a vertical integrated agroholding; 3. Start of developing the OFIR coin based on the own algorithm with EDS, development of the EDS issuance tool; 4. Launch of the internal exchange for AGLT token exchange; 5. Introducing new features at
October 2018
1. Launching the blockchain of the OFIR network; 2. Start of developing OFIR Wallet for Windows, Mac, Linux, web wallet; 3. Adding the OFIR coin at; 4. The full-fledged launch of the exchange platform together with the OFIR coin; 5. Crediting OFIR coins to the AGLT token holders; 6. Listing AGLT token on external exchanges; 7. Adding the token on
April 2019
1. Creating the online office for exchanging OFIR for many other currencies; 2. Developing an internal exchange for holders of online exchange offices; 3. Connecting third-party online exchangers for OFIR coin; 4. Distributing the dividends from the vertically integrated agroholding program to holders of AGLT tokens; 5. Issuing electronic certificates of ownership of a part of a vertically integrated agroholding, as a percentage of the AGLT on deposit.
September 2019
1. Continuing the vertically integrated agroholding program; 2. Dividing the dividends from the profit of the trading platform and the land bank; 3. Forming the platform and the company development strategy for 2020-2021.
June 2020
New boundaries

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