Airstayz ICO & Token Sale

Company’s idea:

AIRSTAYZ is an existing platform, pioneering the blockchain travel sector with the release of STAY, an ERC233 token. The tokens of AIRSTAYZ and STAY are brought to the market by business and industry leaders, who were also the creators of OpenTable. AIRSTAYZ is a solution where the customers are rewarded with Incentives and where hotels and businesses can connect to a single platform. STAYZ allows their travellers to be rewarded automatically with a currency that is actual and can be redeemed for goods or services. AIRSTAYZ and STAY attract customers and proposes them with great offers. Online shopping is the current and predominant trend that makes AIRSTAYZ and STAY perform on a successful platform.


  • To support check-in from their remote devices.
  • To enhance keyless facilities to their rooms with increased security.
  • To provide instant technical solutions and to redefine convenience of the hotel stay.

About the project:

Smartphones and online shopping have become a mass way to communicate and a major mode for consumers to navigate through their everyday lives. With the implementation of Blockchain Technology and Ethereum 223 protocol, AIRSTAYZ has brought new and advanced technical solutions that you can find nowhere else. While already online booking facilities are available across the globe, AITSTAYZ provides an improvement in online check-in facility that would benefit the customer in many ways. They have also facilitated a keyless entry to their rooms and ensured higher security and loyalty programs alongside. As their travellers and hotels join AIRSTAYZ, the value of each STAY grows.

Airstayz Overview

Airstayz ICO
Ended 181 Days Ago
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0-10 Million Tokens Sold- 40% Bonus, 10-20 Million Tokens Sold- 30% Bonus, 20-40 Million Tokens Sold- 20% Bonus, 40-60 Million Tokens Sold- 10% Bonus
Token Type
Start Date
Aug 11, 2018
End Date
Aug 25, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • USD
Start Price
1 STAY = 0.3 USD
0-10 Million Tokens Sold- 40% Bonus, 10-20 Million Tokens Sold- 30% Bonus, 20-40 Million Tokens Sold- 20% Bonus, 40-60 Million Tokens Sold- 10% Bonus
Total Supply
24,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jun 09, 2018
Presale End Date
Jun 16, 2018

Airstayz Team

Marc Italia
Founder / CEO

Marc has 25 years of extensive hospitality experience assisting hotels, casinos, resorts, full-service apartment developers, operators and owners to generate greater value from their assets.

Marco Antonio Soriano
Co-Founder / President of Global Corp. Development

By the turn of the millennium, Marco had made a number of multi-billion USD deals while working at Goldman Sachs. His expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions gives him the edge needed to seek out the opportunities with high returns and low risks.

Ajit Mann
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer(CTO)

Developed, built, and currently owns, a hotel booking site for guests to make their bookings online. Ajit was also the original architect of the site, responsible for its design, coding, server setup, content writing, and marketing. He founded, a channel manager linked with the top 60 travel websites around the world, including, Expedia, Agoda, Ctrip, and GDS systems.

Eric Moe
Co-Founder / Platform and Growth Implementation Advisor

Founder/CTO of OpenTable from 1998 to 2014. The company went from garage startup, to IPO, to being purchased by Priceline for $2.6 billion. Eric is currently the CTO of WideOrbit.

Simon Italia
Special IT Counsel

Based in New York City for the past ten years, Simon is a highly experienced Project Manager, Product Manager and Business Analyst in Web Software/Applications Development.

Garry Keep
VP, Hotel Business Development

Garry has over 25 years experience at senior management level in Local Government specializing in planning, building, development, and environment. On moving into private enterprise he has operated several businesses throughout Asia, combining food and technology. Garry has also spent extensive time in the hospitality industry in hotels.

Hubert C. Delany
Software Services Advisor

Delany Group, LLC. Provides software maintenance and support services to utilities, most notably Con Edison of New York Inc., New York City's power company, and one of the largest utilities in the world. Delany Group provides exclusive software maintenance and support services for the Replevin Transaction Server (RTS) legal process management system written by Mr. Delany, and in production use by Con Edison's Law Replevin department.

Alexander Smart
Digital Consulting Advisor

Alexander Smart (Zander) has spent the last few years as a digital consultant helping some of Australia's largest companies enable and protect their workforce through technology such as big data, machine learning, mobile apps, and cyber defence systems. In 2013, Zander developed a strong interest in bitcoin.

Joe Hanna
Digital and Marketing

Very strategic and key to generating cashflows very early on. Joe is a veteran online entrepreneur, digital strategy, technology, and innovation specialist with over 20 years experience. He founded ModernSearch, an innovative classifieds vertical search engine. ModernSearch merged with Mitula, in 2010, to become one of the largest classifieds search engines in the world.

Jayson Hornibrook
Digital and Social Media

Jayson Hornibrook has been involved in start ups/early stage businesses for over 15 years. He co-founded; LickitMedia/OneArtist management,, and recently Bombd App. Jayson is also an Advisory Board member of All I Sea Activewear, Fixit Tech, Elanation Play, Charities YGAP, and Promise or Pay.

James Dunne
Advertising & Brand Development

James has over 35 years' experience in the cosmetic skin care business; Has worked in all areas of the business in marketing, sales, new product development, training and manufacturing;

Kate Johns
Director, Sidekick Communications

Kate is an experienced marketing communications professional and shoe fanatic whose love of grammar and the written word almost matches that of her passion for inspirational people, strategic storytelling, and great food. Probably in that order.

Stephen L. Blank
Corporate Law Advisor

Stephen has over 20 years' of corporate law and advisory experience as a private practice and in-house commercial lawyer. He has been the Managing Director of Counselcorp for the last five years; having been the General Counsel, Company Secretary and local director of an Australian listed pharmaceutical company for the six years prior.

Lori Hoberman
Legal Advisor

Lori advises the entrepreneur and venture capital investors on marketplace innovation for start-up and fast growth companies. Founder Lori Hoberman has deep ties to the NYC venture capital community and extensive experience guiding emerging companies through early, later stages, and exits.

Dean Minett
Hotels & Hospitality

Dean's graduation from the respected William Angliss Institute in 1982 was the beginning of a long journey into the global hospitality industry. At the age of 22, he was made General Manager of a new hotel in Sydney, and since then has become a guiding force in the development of hotels, restaurants, resorts, and casinos throughout Australia, as well as Asia.

Ross Lorking
Account and Finance Advisor

Ross Lorking CA, ACIS is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Secretary. Mr. Lorking has had over 40 years financial experience and after qualifying with Deloitte, has worked in commerce and various consulting engagements with large Australian corporations.

Jamie Olsen
Capital Markets & Disruption

Jamie Olsen is a seasoned technology M&A advisor and investor. He has held roles in the TMET industry group at Macquarie Capital, where he advised many of Australia's leading online companies on their IPOs in the 2000's. Jamie worked with the Enterprises Division at Nine Entertainment Co (then Publishing and Broadcasting Limited) and in investment banking with Citigroup and Ord Minnett Corporate Finance.

Airstayz Rates & Bonuses

  • 0-10 Million Tokens Sold- 40% Bonus, 10-20 Million Tokens Sold- 30% Bonus, 20-40 Million Tokens Sold- 20% Bonus, 40-60 Million Tokens Sold- 10% Bonus

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Airstayz Milestones

June 2014
R&D into hotel technology; Several Discussions with industry participants.
June 2015
Formulating the business plan; Registered Trademark and Corporation.
June 2016
Select initial trial hotel. Hotel sindications agreement. IM fully grafted and launched.
January 2017
Seed capital raised. Open key and airstayz split funding and succseed in 24 hotel trial run
April 2017
Full integration. Booking platform and corporate web go live. App developed.
January 2018
Soft launch. Onboard hotels. Deploy locks. Digital keys for USA and Aus. ICO.
April 2018
OTA API`s. Ongoing development. Onboard more hotels. Deploy NFS keys. Onboard rooms to platform.
January 2019
Major PR. Onboard hotels. Enabled skip the desk tech. Increase the unity on STAY.
April 2019
Enable STAY as a part of Airstayz rewards program. Add 1 minute click-to-book. Micro transaction review system.

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