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Blockchain has been regarded as an emerging technology with the capability of disrupting every industry. Blockchain technology improves transparency and speed as compared to other technology as the impact has been experienced in the financial sector already. This is the major reason why the world’s top financial institutions are hiring computer scientists as compared to traditional analysts and investment analysts. Blockchain remains the technology behind cryptocurrencies and it is disrupting the industry with researchers forecasting that it will take charge of the entire financial system.


The aim is to develop custom infrastructure in-house or settle for off-the-shelf solutions that don’t scale. The fee structures that break business models and a degree of liability that a real-world business cannot accept are what Zeus is aiming for.

About Zeus

Zeus is a decentralized platform that performs data sharing through AI and blockchain integration. The platform wants to solve the inefficiency by providing a system that will aid the sharing of data. It prevents the possibility of a dispute through smart contract technology. It creates a transparent and healthy investment environment based on artificial intelligence smart contracts. To execute major operations on the blockchain network, trust is also required and this is what Zeus P2P platform offers. Another important benefit of Zeus technology is data control. With a huge amount of data stored in a decentralized system, various benefits are enjoyed as compared to the centralized system. Zeus platform will not be affected by natural disasters as data will not be stored at a single location.

Aizeus Overview

Aizeus ICO
Ended 52 Days Ago
Vote For Aizeus
PRE 1 : 17.09.2018 - 27.09.2018 presale 1 - 30% bonus
Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Nov 05, 2018
End Date
Nov 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 AZS = 0.0002 ETH
PRE 1 : 17.09.2018 - 27.09.2018 presale 1 - 30% bonus
Total Supply
30,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Sep 17, 2018
Presale End Date
Oct 18, 2018

Aizeus Team

Mohit Mali
Co-Founder / chief developer

Blockchain Pool Stack Development CEO of Ftechiz solutions / him have 6+ years industry experience, currently I am working as a chief technical officer (CEO) of ftechiz solutions, he is also co founder of ico called authoreon. he is am blockchain expert developed several blockchain projects including hardfork coin to erc20,erc115 token.

KaranVeer Rawat
Blockchain Pool Stack Developer

Manoj Thapliyal
Back-end App Developer

Neeraj Thapliyal
Senior Java Developer

Vinay Bisht
front-end App Developer

Deepak raturi
Nodejs Developer

Neha Kashyap
Web Developer & Community Management

Priyanka Sharma
Wep Designer & Community Management

Harishankar Joshi
Software Developer

Priyanka Saini
Web Designer & Community Management

Naincy Jain
Software Developer

Aizeus Rates & Bonuses

  • PRE 1 : 17.09.2018 - 27.09.2018 presale 1 - 30% bonus
  • PRE 2 : 08.10.2018 - 18.10.2018 presale 2 - 25% bonus

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Aizeus Milestones

May 2017
Team composition. Platform planning
October 2017
Draft white paper
December 2017
Release white paper (version 1.0).
July 2018
erc20 Token issue. ico sale of tokens.
January 2019
Smart Wallet Test Version 0.1. Testnet version 0.1.
April 2019
Mainnet Release Core 1.0. Smart Wallet Release Core 1.0. Token 1: 1 swap. Exchange listed.
July 2019
MainNet Release Core 2.0. Smart Wallet Release Core 2.0. P2P Cryptocurrency Marketplace platform Release. P2P Lending platform Release. P2P cloud storage platform Release.
October 2019
P2P DAPP Develop API (Framework)

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