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The global sports industry, despite its rapid growth, reveals issues related to accessibility and cost of both equipment and training options. Everyone should have the opportunity to try out or get better at different sports without the need of purchasing expensive equipment and struggle to find a suitable trainer. Currently, you need approximately half an hour to find different providers, compare their offers, pick the right one and arrange the transaction. With AllSporter you can do it ten times quicker and much easier. All you have to do is put in information about your desired sport, date, location and the platform will do the rest.


The aim is to align needs and overcome challenges of sports professionals.

About AllSporter

AllSporter is a marketplace for the sports enthusiast, letting its member’s book training or rent equipment in a peer-to-peer model. AllSporter idea derives from the passion for sports of its founder Michal Polanowski who decided to address different issues encountered during his professional sports career. By using blockchain, users can pay for services, earn points and get rewarded for providing specific products, services or activities and health data. The trusted nature of the blockchain is one of its magic points. AllSporter eliminates the middleman and therefore enables users to directly interact with each other and only pay a 15% service fee, compared to the current average of 50% – 70% fee charged in conventional models. This creates a win-win situation for service providers, sports enthusiasts, and AllSporter.

Allsportercoin Overview

Allsportercoin ICO
Ended 170 Days Ago
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Pre ICO 30% - 27.5%
Token Type
Start Date
Oct 09, 2018
End Date
Dec 07, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 ALL = 0.23 USD
Pre ICO 30% - 27.5%
Total Supply
19,000,000 USD
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Presale Start Date
Sep 19, 2018
Presale End Date
Oct 08, 2018

Allsportercoin Team

Michal Polanowski
CEO & Founder - Entrepreneur and Windsurfing World Champion

Michal Polanowski is also a former World Champion FWC class and actual formula windsurfing European champion. Thanks to his incredible career he was able to build strong sports leaders network around the World.

Adrian Holota
CTO - Owner of software house & multi dev awards winner

Adrian is an CEO of software company called Panowie Programiści and managing director of Sparing Interactive. Over 100 projects completed, including large brands such as Spotify, Samsung, Phillips, Microsoft and Procter & Gamble. During career he wins more than a few industry awards, including - Innovation, CSS Reel, CSS Light.

Piotr Lodzinski
CMO - Former Head of Marketing at Quiksilver Poland

8 years of experience as head of marketing at Quiksilver / Roxy / DC Poland. 2 years as head of social dep. in Ph.D. Media Direction Warsaw. In AllSporter Piotr supervises the development department to ensure constant product improvement and reaching company business goals.

Mateusz Pniewski
Blockchain Expert - Former Rocket Internet SE and fintech N26

Formerly worked for Rocket Internet AH and fintech N26. Double degree Cambridge alumni. Mateusz excellence in all applicable fields of tech in blockchain is huge advantage for AllSporter.

Mat Lagowski
Digital performance and user acquisition Manager

"Welcome to the internet, I'll be your guide". Marketing Manager with 5 years of experience in the field. Specialises in harnessing the power of digital marketing to boost customer engagement in innovative ways. Startup life is part of his DNA that was built in Berlin at Rocket Internet SE. Mat is responsible for global performance marketing and positive ROI among marketing campaigns.

James Lee
Asia Representative

Przemyslaw Rzad
Blockchain Developer

I've been creating Smart Contracts for over half a year now. I've created the Smart Contract for ThinkCoin ICO and am working on two others at this moment. Gained experience in telecommunication company in Poland and a finance one in the United Kingdom makes for a brilliant base to writing safe Smart Contracts and exhaustive tests for them. Interesting fact: I know how to and love dancing the Bachata.

Michal Majewski
UX/ UI Designer - Former Copywriter at leading marketing agency in Poland

PM & copywriter in top Polish digital agency, working for Heineken, Philips, VW or Costa Coffee. Sailing passionate. In AllSporter Michal is responsible for visual communication and content

Jan Radzikowski
Data Scientist - Former Valuation Analyst KPMG

Jan's entrepreneurial soul has shaped his passion towards business development, financial analysis, efficient investing and searching for improvements that make sustainable, positive differences in business environment. In AllSporter Jan is responsible for financial brilliance and future cost optimization.

Katarzyna Marczyk
Brand & Community Manager - Social Media Expert

Katarzyna has gained international education and experience in marketing. For last 3 years, she has been designing and implementing brand & communication strategies, managing international social media profiles and conducting marketing campaigns that resulted in up to 50 000 events participants. At AllSporter she is responsible for communication management and brand awareness building.

Iwona Smieszna
Office Operations

In AllSporter Iwona is mainly responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the office and support in the financial and accounting process. She creates procedures and implements new processes on daily basis. During ICO help to coordinate work schedule and organize team trips and meeting around the World.

Pawel Urbaniak
Product Manager

Pawel works closely with our sports trainers. His responsibilities are: acquiring the best talents to cooperate with us, predicting the flaws of the product, working out the solutions to problems, contact with business partners, creating the plans of product's progression, introduction of new products and modification of existing ones, as well as implementation of new product strategies. His everyday work is a huge improvement to our offer.

Wiktor Wiszorowski
Project Manager

Former player of the best football club in Poland, during career, achieved double Polish Championship. Current University of Warsaw student, member of the board of Finance Student Research Group primarily focused on cryptocurrency topic, he co-managed blockchain events for more than a thousand people. In AllSporter he is responsible for market research and successful communication with ICO community via different channels.

Bartosz Ciacka

Aleksander Partyga

Karol Sadaj
Marketing & Marketplace Advisor - Revolut Business Develompent Manager Europe - Formerly worked for Google, Uber

Karol experience in the fast-growing pace is a huge advantage for us. Background in Google and Uber gave him a great understanding of digital and marketplace business but what is even more important cooperation with Revolut for AllSporter can bring amazing impact.

Ahmad Piraiee
Blockchain Advisor - Serial Entrepreneur and ICO Cosultant

CEO of ITKeyMedia (Nasdaq's partner), COO of UnifiedAPI, CMO of NEO Trade, Marketing & communication expert, Blockchain advisor, Fintech/Insurtech influencer, Public speaker. mentor and consultant to fortune 500 companies. Ahmad is a big believer in cryptographic solutions and blockchain technology, in which he has been involved since 2013.

Marek Kirejczyk
Lead Blockchain Developer & Cybersecurity expert - Owner of ETHWORKS, ex VP of engineering at Daftcode - Smart contract developer

Marek and his team are making our smart contract outstanding. He has huge experience in development of smart contracts for successful ICO's that raised their hardcap such as Verify, PolkaDot, Aragon or Ambrosus.

Arkadiusz Szczudlo
Legal Advisor - Lawyer at Snażyk Korol Mordaka

Experienced Lawyer practicing in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Arkadiusz had multiple speeches about ICO's and advised few of them with local law, company crucial documents and disclaimers.

Agata Mroczkowska
Customer Acquisition Advisor - Head of Global Customer Operations at Booksy inc

Experienced Sales and Global Operation Manager with a high understanding of customer needs and expectations in different markets.

Natalia Kirejczyk
UI and UX Designer - Owner of ETHWORKS

UI and UX Designer form Poland. For over 11 years I've designed advanced websites and applications for many clients from around the world. I design systems which help people interact with the web.

Simon Cocking
ICO Advisor - Ranked as No.1 Advisor on ICOBench

Worked with +30 successful ICO's who have achieved their ICO targets. Professional writer, journalist, a content creator and digital marketing advisor. Winner of Irish Web Awards 2014, best Science & Technology category Winner 2016 Littlewoods Best Ireland Blog for Digital & Tech

Jason Hung
ICO & Blockchain Advisor - Ranked as No. 5 Advisor on ICOBench

Worked with +20 successful ICO's. Jason is a serial entrepreneur and inventor. He has more than 20 years proven track record of managing, IT, sales and consulting services. He is blockchain expert and member of International Blockchain Consulting Announcement Group.

Connor Baxter
SUP World Multi-Champion

Stand Up Paddle Board multi-champion. Ranked as the best paddler in the world. In AllSporter Connor will help us spread wings on various markets and soon will give SUP classes via AllSporter App

Steve Allen
Windsurfing World-Multi Champion

Owner of SUP board company and Windsurfing World-Multi Champion, In AllSporter Steve will be part of a team in charge of equipment renting promotion and country expansion with AllenSUP support

Svein Rasmussen
Sport & Business Advisor - Founder & Chief Innovator at Leading Windurfing Company Starboard

Owner of Global leading windsurfing and SUP company Starboard. Svein was the first sailor to win in all disciplines of the IFCA Production Class Worlds. In AllSporter Svein will navigate toward market reach strategy with his long-term, crucial and valuable knowledge from the sports industry. Starboard will also be the very first brand to offer special deals for our community.

Sergiej Pavlenko
Yacht enthusiast and windsurfing champion

True-born athlete, Multiple Russian windsurfing champion, Sergiej is our partner supporting global expansion

Pawel Hlavaty
Coach of the Norway National team in sailing

Member of International Sailing Federation, author of "Windsurfing" book, current coach of the Norway natonal team in boating sailing In AllSporter we believe that Pawel's vital deep knowledge of sports market will boost our speed and expansion in global market

Darek Krol
Multi marathon runner, savvy coach, athlete

Darek is one of our first platform users his valuable feedback helps us to move forward firmly and faster. In AllSporter Darek is one of the hero athletes that constantly provide us with new improvements for growing community of customers.

Casper Bouman
Professional Surfer

Former World Champion in Formula Windsurfing. Competing at Olympic games at Beijing. Casper is a former Olympic couch for Dutch sailing team.In AllSporter Casper is one of the key people who will trigger our excellence in Benelux market

Tomasz Bomba
Professional Runner

His biggest achievement is definitely a record run- 10 km in just 34:57 min in Oshee run during the Orlen Warsaw Marathon, breaking the barrier of 3h during a marathon (twice) and coming in 2nd during the 10 km run in OPEN category in Serock, Poland in 2017 Since 5 years he has run 12600km across 1041 runs, over 1014 hours and burnt 950 thousand calories and these are just the registered runs - there were many more besides those and a lot of biking.

Allsportercoin Rates & Bonuses

  • Pre ICO 30% - 27.5%
  • ICO 20% - 5%

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    Allsportercoin Milestones

    October 2018
    Development/Scaling/Growth of AllSporter Platform in Central Eastern Europe
    November 2018
    Launch of in-stream Training Platform
    January 2019
    Coin Wallet development and implementation in AllSporter app & launch of side chain
    March 2019
    Research of expansion markets
    April 2019
    Introduction of AllSporter software for event organizers - Integration with AllSporter App - Cryptocurrency payment option - AllSporter Coin prizes for winners
    June 2019
    Expansion to the Asian Market & implementation of Big Data tools
    October 2019
    Expansion to the USA
    January 2020
    Expansion to Western European Market & Pacific
    October 2020
    Market Expansion Worldwide

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