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A symbolisation from the prophet who composed overtures for the upcoming generations and their daily lives. This particularly aims at sports and how it can be made better with the modern technologies working in the background. Their products are sports oriented like smart wearables which determine the calories burnt by the users, their health records etc. Here they are using the recorded information to make use of the data for better and personalised products for all. They also aim at building smart gyms throughout the world for the users with the use of the recorded data. This would be like using AI to improve the experience for the users. The AI analysis would also be integrated into the sports equipment developed by them.


To set up a platform that makes intelligent use of data from the work out habits of an individual to benefit an entire community.

About the Project

There is a four core business model at play in this project that includes all spheres of data usage with regard to sport. The first one being wearables that collect the necessary data for the application. This grabs feedbacks, incentives and also developing plans for the user. The smart gymnasiums make customised training plans and AI-based coach to improve the fitness experience. The data analytics core helps in gathering and processing of the data into valuable data to carry forward. Lastly, social media applications help build a network with the data collected and processed in the process.

AMOS Overview

Ended 165 Days Ago
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For 1 ETH you can get 5000 AMOS more than ICO stage.
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Start Date
Nov 13, 2018
End Date
Dec 12, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
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1 AMOS = 0.00005 ETH
For 1 ETH you can get 5000 AMOS more than ICO stage.
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Oct 31, 2018
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Nov 13, 2018


Michelle Wang

Founder and Executive Director at Strength Master Group. Aims to help people follow through their workout routines by integrating both hardware and software to provide an all inclusive solution to health and wellness

Phil Scotti

25 years experience in the health and fitness business
Phil has managed numerous marketing programs, sponsorships and partnerships with notable companies including Time Warner, Comcast, the NFL, Reebok, American Airlines, Disney, 24 Hour Fitness and Random House

Simone Sansavini

Retired rowing athelete. Italian national team from 1983 to 1987. Italian champion (boat 4 coxless) in 1985. Bronze medal in 1985 world championship. Many other results and medals in international competitions

Wadi Rahim

Previously, Wadi served several senior engineering positions in major aerospace corporations, including Lockheed. He received the Robert E. Gross Award from the Lockheed Corporation for Technical Excellence and Significant Contributions to several major projects. He was also in multiple engineering positions in Fitness equipment manufacturing industry.

Tzyy-Yuang Shiang

Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering (major in Biomechanics), Pennsylvania State University.Research specialist in Sports Equipment Design, Sports Biomechanics, Exercise & Sports Science, Bio Medical Engineering. Doctor T.Y. Shiang.

Matteo Stefanini

3 Times Italian Olympic Rowing Athlete. LUISS Business School MBA

Sophia Chang
Speaker/Community Manager

Having great interest in exercise and maintenance. Studied finance in amateur and held a post in the world's top 30 foreign future exchange company for three years. Started to know the field of cyptocurrency in 2006 and have found a thousand people’s ICO club through social media. Sophia committed herself to popularizing the blockchain industry and has the title of “cyptocurrencies sweetheart.

Jackie Wu

Jackie has a strong passion in fitness and digital marketing. She used to work for Europe's No.1 company for Home Fitness in Germany. As a global-minded marketer, she continues her pursuit of international marketing in the fitness industry while making fitness a lifestyle.

Aeron Chang

+13 years of fitness system integration experience. Focusing mainly in commercial grade equipment, building the infrastructure to support B2B and B2C environment.

AMOS Rates & Bonuses

  • For 1 ETH you can get 5000 AMOS more than ICO stage.

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    AMOS Milestones

    April 2018
    ICO core members recruitment. ICO Planning and Preparation
    July 2018
    ICO Startup Fund Note. ICO launch of official website.
    August 2018
    Launch of AMOS project fundraising, and cooperation with Strong Master Group to develop kindetic energy space promotion plan and smart sport watch development.
    October 2018
    Successively launched on various exchanges and product release.
    January 2019
    Active Spaces Conference. The first demonastration of smart sport watch prototype.
    February 2019
    Launch of Sport Blockchain
    April 2019
    Launch of Sport area crowd funding application platform.
    May 2019
    Release of a variety of sport rewards of fitness equipment.
    July 2019
    Demostration of Smart Gym.

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