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Blockchain technology has a huge potential to create new business models, bring measurable benefits and value to the public and private sectors. Modern society’s commercial infrastructure has evolved to favour the largest markets where the most valuable asset is information. The future of blockchain will not be one network to rule them all, but rather an interconnected network of multiple blockchains, much like the internet. Cryptocurrency has been the latest buzz everywhere nowadays. Bitcoin has been a huge success as the first cryptocurrency that has proved every financial expert wrong. Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the growing technologies in recent times.


Athero protocol aims to tackle the main challenges, which limit the fluent exchange and integrity of data in product smart chains.

About Athero

Athero is a new blockchain protocol being developed and specifically designed and optimized for business and marketplace applications. Using Athero, all stakeholders can securely share their data and keep sensitive data fully encrypted at all times. Athero is not a company, it is an ecosystem. The Athero technology makes blockchain networks work more like the internet. Athero will connect smaller, diverse networks together to create a truly global, scalable, and evolving blockchain layer of the internet. Athero is a blockchain-based, decentralized, distributed and economically sustainable public compute platform. By integrating two innovative technologies namely blockchain and Internet of Things, Athero offers a highly scalable and secure global cryptocurrency eco-system. It runs on a distributed operating system using consensus algorithm for end-to-end crypto solutions.

Athero Overview

Athero ICO
Ended 150 Days Ago
Vote For Athero
1st month 30% ( 1 THO = 0.028 USD), 2nd month 20% (1 THO = 0.032 USD), 3rd month 10% (1 THO = 0.036 USD).
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 20, 2018
End Date
Jan 20, 2019
Start Price
1 THO = 0.04 USD
1st month 30% ( 1 THO = 0.028 USD), 2nd month 20% (1 THO = 0.032 USD), 3rd month 10% (1 THO = 0.036 USD).
Total Supply
26,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Sep 27, 2018
Presale End Date
Sep 27, 2018

Athero Team

Thomas Plattsmier
CEO + Co-founder

Jay Friscia
Software developer, Co-founder

Lukas Zadorozny
Sofware developer, Marketing

Dalton Janovsek
Front-end developer, smart contracts

Niou Someya

Madhu Sahota
Software engineer

Alex Dehlinger
Marketing, Public relations

Yagi Taisho
Software Developer Technical Lead

Athero Rates & Bonuses

  • 1st month 30% ( 1 THO = 0.028 USD), 2nd month 20% (1 THO = 0.032 USD), 3rd month 10% (1 THO = 0.036 USD).

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Athero Social

    Athero Milestones

    January 2017
    Creating the idea of Athero and its prime functionality. Establishing how we can add value through this idea.
    April 2017
    Building the research and development team to test our hypothesis and seeking real life outcomes
    August 2017
    Expansion of development team and strategic consultants to augment execution plan based on milestones.
    November 2017
    Connecting with advisors and legal team for structure and set up in preparation for ICO.
    January 2018
    Working on the development of system and tokenisation to make sure this structure is fully equipped. Aiming to get significant permissions and licenses.
    May 2018
    Launching of ICO private sale and expanding of team to streamline activities. Consulting with industry relevant groups for discussion and potential partnership.
    September 2018
    Initial partnerships created. Focus on smart city concept, first prototypes. Launch of ICO public sale and futher team expand.

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