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Loyalty programs are becoming more and more crucial as the perfect tool to promote customer’s commitment and to change their behaviour beyond the usual consumer shopping patterns. Loyalty programs remain a very efficient way to stay ahead of the game and to attract customers to return. In our age of channel surfing, the challenge is to keep control of the customer, controlling the customer’s volatility. On average, loyal customers will generally spend more than irregular ones and cost 5 times less than acquiring a new customer. Half of the customers are more sensitive to customized offers received on their mobile phones during or after their purchases. To remain attractive, loyalty programs must be able to modify customer behaviour offering program customizations.


The Atisios program aims to substitute all existing loyalty programs in order to be the only program available for the affiliates and the members.

About Atisios

The Atisios application is fully compatible with cash register payment systems and cyber commerce modules. The project offers a complete package of computer equipment to all traders wishing to invest in equipment. Atisios provides a number of services through your personal space. This unique, protected, and shared loyalty program provides the same services as those in today’s loyalty programs and much more. The loyalty program will be with fewer constraints but more benefits for both affiliates and members. The strategic point in development will be making the Atisios loyalty software free of charge. The transactions on this platform are decentralized through blockchain which secures the subscribers’ data.

Atisios Overview

Atisios ICO
Ended 108 Days Ago
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Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Dec 01, 2018
End Date
Mar 01, 2019
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 ATIS = 0.00008 ETH
Total Supply
2,500,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Nov 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Nov 30, 2018

Atisios Team

Sébastien Ultaro
Co-founder & CEO

Jean-Philippe GOT
Co-founder & COO

Francois Laneshoa
Co-founder & CTO

Gilles Hernandez

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      Atisios Milestones

      January 2018
      Meeting between François LANESHOA and Jean-Philippe GOT and exchanges on the pooling concept of customers' loyalty thanks to the crypto currency on the block chain.
      March 2018
      Strenghtening of the team with the arrival of Sébastien ULTARO, Responsible for the Marketing Plan Development.
      April 2018
      ATISIOS creation
      June 2018
      Edition of the White Book
      August 2018
      ATIS » token creation
      September 2018
      ATISIOS launching corporate site ICO
      November 2018
      December 2018
      Sale POST-ICO
      March 2019
      Elaboration of the Initial specifications of the Atisios multi platform sofware, creation of the institutional website ATISIOS.COM, definition of the marketing strategies and opening of the exchange platform.
      April 2019
      Elaboration of the functional specifications of the Atisios multi platform software and creation of the business model of the ATISIOS application for smartphones.

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