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Patients lack the ability to choose the right medical centre and a doctor, because they cannot analyze data and compare medical centres and doctors, they cannot make the right decision. Moreover, the insurance companies limit their choice of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and interfere with patients’ freedom of choice and health workers’ ability to provide the best service. By using the ATLANTICO Network, medical centres can attract highly skilled personnel to provide high-quality services, thus attracting more customers. The platform analyzes the work of medical staff in order to undertake timely measures to resolve any errors.


ATLANTICO aims to create a remote and safe way for medical and pharmaceutical market participants to interact, ensuring transparent relations without risks as well as increase the quality of medical and pharmaceutical services.

About ATLANTICO Network

The ATLANTICO Network is based on blockchain technology which creates a transparent and easy to check system for every platform user. The platform is designed for patients, medical centres, insurance companies, pharmacy networks and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The platform is using hi-tech to bring interactions between clients and providers of goods and services in the pharmaceutical industry to a new level. All changes and important events will be registered in a distributed ledger for future analysis. By interacting with the ATLANTICO Network, patients will gain an ability to analyze and make the right decisions when having to address a medical centre, a doctor, and when there is a need to buy medicine or purchase an insurance. An unlimited number of members can interact with the ATLANTICO Network.

Atlantico-Network Overview

Atlantico-Network ICO
Ended 231 Days Ago
Vote For Atlantico-Network
Round 0 to Round 25: +35% to +1%
Start Date
Aug 11, 2018
End Date
Oct 31, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • USD
Start Price
1 ATL = 0.0001 ETH
Round 0 to Round 25: +35% to +1%
Total Supply
15,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Aug 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Aug 10, 2018

Atlantico-Network Team

Stephane Deceulener

Businessman with many years of experience in the successful creation and development of businesses from scratch. Since 1982, he has established and developed businesses in the direction of real estate construction and sales in Spain, restaurant business in California and Spain, at the moment is the founder of the energy trading company in Spain SOLELEC IBERICA S. L.

Bernard Patrick Dobson
Financial director

British born Certified Accountant has a long career working mainly for Middle Eastern and US multinational companies in over a dozen different countries across 4 continents. Most recently he was engaged by one of the world's foremost sovereign wealth funds but now operates as an independent consultant on all matters financial and has been the chief third party advisor to Atlantic for the last two years.

Alain Marc Duriaux

Institute of Diffusion-Bruxel communications 1970 - 1972. The military service , License of Gentleman Rider Royal Jockey club of Belgium, 1974. Cooperation with Amerf Salud Africa 2015. Legal support from 2000 to the company Mayors 2000SL. Legal support since 2013 of the energy trading company in Spain SOLELEC IBERICA S. L.

Jose Pernia Calderon
Representative in Spain for development and scaling of the platform

1985-1989 - Vice Mayor of Marbella, Spain, Founding partner of the company M95TV MARBELLA

Toni Karakutev
PR and marketing

Bulgarian-Danish College Veliko Tarnovo University Regisseur Work on projects: - under cover - series amnesia - the road to costa de maresme

Murat Ibragimov
Representative in Russia for development and scaling of the platform

Cardiologist , doctor medicine. Working place: A.N. Bakulev National Medical Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery

Maxim Zakharkiv
Representative in Bulgaria for development and scaling of the platform

Вowner of Kolmax company which works in the field of real estate. Kolmax company, together with partners, has implemented more than 80 projects in the Republic of Bulgaria. Also since 2006 he is a practicing lawyer whose clients were such companies as Martinex, MB grupp, ALMA Holidays (one of the largest tour operators in Bulgaria)

Andrei Eremin
Representative in Ukraine for development and scaling of the platform

In 1998 he graduated from the Poltava branch of the Kiev military Institute of management and communication and received an academic bachelor's degree in educational and professional program-"telecommunications". Until 2008 he served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine as an officer. After leaving he worked in commercial organizations, going from Manager to Director of the company.

Al-Ziyadekh Ali
Representative in Jordanians for development and scaling of the platform

The entrepreneur,the representative of the company Digital Systems and Networks in Jordan

Atlantico-Network Rates & Bonuses

  • Round 0 to Round 25: +35% to +1%

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    Atlantico-Network Milestones

    January 2018
    Creating a team to realise the project
    June 2018
    Creating a demo version of the platform and the mobile app, filing a patent application in the British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, EU and USA
    July 2018
    Signing a preliminary agreement with Ministries of Health of Ukraine and South Africa on testing the platform in state medical centers. Token Pre-Sale
    August 2018
    November 2018
    Listing of tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges
    December 2018
    Launch of the mobile application and platform
    January 2019
    Buyback of tokens from members who received them as a bonus for using the platform (patients, medical centers, doctors)
    February 2019
    Signing contracts describing the form of work with Ministries of Health in countries where the platform is operating, further promotion of the platform around the world.
    March 2019
    The choice of an exchange for the IPO
    April 2019
    Negotiations with underwriters on the terms of listing on the exchange

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