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We need energy as current. Energy is a base for high standards of living, all economic activities and the mobility of our society. The traditional energy supply today is heavily based on fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, natural gas as well as uranium. Water power is a dependable and always available energy source. In contrast, gas power stations are able to use coal-fired power stations to quickly adapt to achievement variations and can be pursued on account of the lower capital costs and perceived economically with lower company hours. The BEATRiX family is trying to provide a power trade system that will promote a sustainable energy transaction ecosystem between the DTDs, consumers, investors and traders. A blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy transaction platform will be implemented to enable efficient electrical energy transaction.


BEATRiX aims to generate energy for sustainable, equitable development and accelerating telecommunications and the digital economy growth and access to green power for all.

About Beatrix

BEATRiXwill provides green, low cost, sustainable energy and telecommunication to people who need it, mostly in Africa. Despite impressive economic development in recent years, Africa still lags far behind on energy, with almost two-thirds of the continent’s citizens lacking access to electricity. BEATRiX will open up a production factory on site supported by an EPC Company (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) will develop, deploy, build up and extend the Energy Towers in the planned and needed areas. Unlike the centralized grid systems in Africa, BEATRiX’s Decentralized Energy and Telecommunications Distribution (DETD) via micro-grids plan have many advantages.

Beatrix Overview

Beatrix ICO
Ended 189 Days Ago
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Pre-Sale: Get a 30% bonus
Token Type
Start Date
Oct 18, 2018
End Date
Nov 18, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • Fiat
Start Price
Pre-Sale: Get a 30% bonus
Total Supply
237,500,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 18, 2018
Presale End Date
Aug 28, 2018

Beatrix Team

Haitham Sabra
Founding Partner / CEO '0 RĪX, 0 FUN'

Andreas Buxbaum
Founding Partner / COO

Baskurt Okaygun
Founding Partner / Advisor

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marcus Geimer
Development ET

Jason Hung

Volker Stauch
Business Development

Amarpreet Singh

Rob Sukar
Head of S&O 'With RĪX, 0 RĪSK!'

Mario Zelic

Peter A. Iten
BM Chairman

Sigmund Rheindt

Barbera Bertino
Costumer Relations

Zaki Akbayir
Energy Expert/Inventor

Leandra Bertino

Jessay Balla
Telecommunications Prof.

Ilker Gök

Gurcharan Gill
Smart Meter Specialist

Scharon Dammel
Media Strategist

Hamid Tahvildari
Marketing Africa

Dany Azakir
Head of Development

Beatrix Rates & Bonuses

  • Pre-Sale: Get a 30% bonus

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Beatrix Social

    Beatrix Milestones

    February 2017
    Energy Towers Patent registration and approval
    July 2017
    • company establishment • legal issues setting • concept development • Crowdsourcing/cooperation
    October 2017
    • Prototype development • building the Team • negotiations on partnerships • The Gambia / first destination
    July 2018
    • website launch • White Paper published • marketing campaign
    July 2018
    • Pre-sale start • Contracts with cooperation • Partner in Africa • Initiate major exchanges • Listing Process
    September 2018
    Construction site in The Gambia • Contracts with the Gambian • Government regarding IPP • Tests of the Platform
    October 2018
    BEATRīX Crowdsale • Testnet launch / Mobile App • New partnerships • Marketplace support
    November 2018
    • The BEATRīX Platform goes online • Platform integration into the electronic marketplace
    January 2019
    • First 1 MW DETD Activ • First payments for • electricity with the RīX
    October 2021
    • Mission accomplished in The Gambia • 200 MW DETD’s built

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