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The blockchain is a distributed ledger technology, which became popular after the launch of bitcoin. It has been used for both thousands of crypto-currencies and increasingly in non-crypto applications. The increasing demand from financial services, health care, consumer products, and technology is expected to drive this rapid growth.  The blockchain industry is reaching a global tipping point of adoption, with much of its growth expected to come up with Start-Ups. The cryptocurrencies are digital assets that use cryptography, an encryption technique, for security. One of the biggest benefits of cryptocurrencies is that they do not involve financial institution intermediaries.


The aim is to create a crypto asset with a regular financial return to investors linked to the crypto fund appreciation, reducing its volatility.

About Bether

Bether crypto community is a community created by professionals in finance, design, marketing, and investors in cryptocurrencies who together are building the BETHER cryptocurrency project. Bether will be a cryptocurrency of reference that can be traded on public exchanges that are listed and sent between ethereum blockchain users. The dividend payment is in ETH and is to be sent out by the Fund management to the BETHER coin holders address. The quarterly appreciation of the fund is the key to maximize your profitability as much as possible. The investors need to hold the Bether coins until the last day of the previous quarter. Bether is a crypto asset linked to a crypto fund that will offer a dividend on quarterly appreciation, hence a low vitality is expected.

Bether Overview

Bether ICO
Running Now196 Days left
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Token Type
Start Date
Jul 01, 2019
End Date
Dec 31, 2019
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 BHR = 0.00001 ETH
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jun 01, 2019
Presale End Date
Jun 30, 2019

Bether Team

Pedro Calixto
Co - Founder & Fund Manager

Management Degree, Tax Post Graduation and MBA. Ex Partner at PWC (PricewatherhouseCoopers). Financial Auditor,Tax and financial consultant, tax accounting. Equity investor at Euronext and NYSE. Crypto market investor and Ethereum Blockchain fan.

Miguel Dionisio
Co - Founder & Fund Manager

Financial Markets since 1996, trader, leveraged & inverse ETFs ETNs, volatility ETFs, Life Insurance investment funds and retirement plans at MAPFRE, technical analysis of financial markets, NYSE, Nasdaq, Euronext, CBOE futures.Crypto Trader and investor. Ethereum Blockchain fan.

José Ferreira
Co - Founder

CEO & Founder at Zitron Creative Agency. Graphic & Web Designer, Racing Designer, marketing communication, specialist in project management & social networks. Blockchain enthusiastic. Investor and Crypto trader.

Carlos Mota
Co - Founder & Trader

Private Tutor for Chemistry and Physics for over 16 yrs. Financial operations. Horse racing & sport trader, 3D modeler - Arch 3D. Specialist in robot programming for trading. Ethereum Blockchain fan. Crypto trader.

Cristina Lamarez
Co-founder & Partner

Digital artist & illustrator, specialist in development & management projects. Master´s degree, infoarquitecture 3D at (Animum Creative Advanced Scholl). Multimédia Designer. Ethereum Blockchain fan.

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      Bether Milestones

      April 2018
      Project Development
      July 2018
      Promotion Disclosure. Social NEtworks. Partners.
      October 2018
      Public Announcement. Site Opening.
      January 2019
      Building Bether Community.
      April 2019
      Pre-ICO Launch.
      October 2019
      ICO End: 31, December
      January 2020
      Bether Fund Creation.
      April 2020
      First Dividend Payment
      July 2020
      Second Dividend Payment.
      September 2020
      BETHER Wallet.

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