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A betting house that does not want you to bet to earn money? That sounds interesting as it is. Bet match has developed a space for betting that uses cryptocurrencies for the bets and transactions. This is governed by a reliable authority who organise, execute and run the entire process of healthy betting. They also aim at promoting social interaction with a common objective of betting. The users get all the privilege to deposit their owned cryptocurrencies to receive a balance to get into the platform. Then they get versed with the schedule for betting and the minimum requirements for the contract. After that, they earn a simple payout upon completion of the desired event.


To create a betting platform that has close to zero risks while betting and the users can earn while socially interacting with fellow users.

About the Project

The project not just revolves around betting but also promotes an important aspect of it too. The players/users get to interact with each other and socialise as well. They ensure there is no complexity in the transactions made on the platform. This is reflected in their ‘no commission’ rule which is overwhelming for the users. For safety measures, they have initiated a peer to peer betting and protocols to keep the users safe. A smart means of wiring the earnings back to the account of the user is executed which ensures no threat to privacy, property or data involved. The best part is that they offer an instant payout of the rewards.

Betmatch Overview

Betmatch ICO
Ended 239 Days Ago
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Public Sale Bonus: 5%
Token Type
Start Date
Oct 01, 2018
End Date
Oct 20, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 XBM = 0.00017901897 ETH
Public Sale Bonus: 5%
Total Supply
80,000 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Sep 06, 2018
Presale End Date
Sep 06, 2018

Betmatch Rates & Bonuses

  • Public Sale Bonus: 5%
  • Private Sale Bonus: 10%

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Betmatch Social

    Betmatch Milestones

    October 2017
    Concept Development Start: Includes a detailed information about the main idea of Betmatch project and highlights the best features of the proposed solutions concerning its quality, usability, functionality and convenience.
    February 2018
    Hypothesis Testing and Working with the Market: We started our work with the big players of the betting market to test our hypothesis and new concepts on future users. At this stage that we found an important strategic partner from the real betting business, which will give us significant advantage.
    April 2018
    Start of MVP Development: The work on the MVP has started. Our team has started to work on the architecture, design and cooperation with technical partners. In September our first users will be able to play and bet using our test tokens.
    May 2018
    Token Economy And Other Documentation: We have started to work on unique token model and concept. We have invited best experts on the market to this work. And we're happy to see them in our team. You can read about our unique token model in our white paper and in our official blog.
    May 2018
    Strategic Betting Partnership: We have found and started cooperation with a strong partner from the betting business. We will announce it in December 2018. This cooperation will allow us to save about $ 150,000 dollars per month in the future.
    June 2018
    Official Lawyer Partner: We have full legal support within the team. This is not just one person, but a whole team of professional lawyers with 10 years of experience and international practice.
    July 2018
    Copyright and Trademark Registration: We start to patent all our design materials, product and other know-how elements. This step will protect our company from scammers.
    August 2018
    Closed Presale Start: BetMatch closed pre-sale stage for accredited investors started in the middle of August.
    September 2018
    MVP public testing: You can test our MVP. We will send test-tokens to your profile. Use them for MVP testing and take part in special program to win XBM.
    October 2018
    Private Sale Start: We will start our private sale with individual MVP demonstration. Our first investors will get first 15% bonuses.

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