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Bettium is a decentralized blockchain analytical platform for peer-to-peer (P2P) betting offering Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data analytical tools and algorithmic capabilities. Bettium provides users with simple and efficient tools to analyze Big Data. An Artificial Intelligence assistant (nicknamed “Merlin”) will allow players to execute tailor-made betting strategies autonomously. In the platform, odds are determined by the players betting against each other, not by a third-party bookmaker, totalizer, or other centralized authority. The functionality offers various levels on the playing field between amateurs and professionals, opening a world of possibilities for everyday users in all corners of the globe.



 To provide a transparent and safe betting system, completely protected from manipulation by players, third parties, and the bookmaker himself using blockchain.


About the Project

Built-in AI and Big Data capabilities of bettium will allow players to develop their own forecasting strategies and combine them with algorithmic capabilities available on the platform. Bettium will also provide access to the statistics and forecasts of successful players, experts and analysts leaders. Betting and settlement operations take place exclusively through BETT Tokens, which can be bought and sold on an internal exchange. Tokens thus will continue to have intrinsic value long aer speculators have le the market. All users will have access to professional analytical tools and a comprehensive database of players, teams, matches, and events. Assistance from AI and expert forecasts will be available to players who want to improve their strategies. Bettium’s fees are minuscule compared to traditional bookmakers (0.15% vs. 7-10%) – which will incentivize mass migration to the platform.

Bettium Overview

Bettium ICO
Ended 262 Days Ago
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Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 01, 2018
End Date
Sep 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 BETT = 0.05 USD
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 03, 2018
Presale End Date
Jul 03, 2018

Bettium Team

Ben Marrel

Ben is Founding Partner of Breega, a venture capital firm financing European innovative tech start-ups at Seed/Series A stage. Breega, built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, manages $200M and is backed by 100 bluechip executives and entrepreneurs, from the former CEO of Vodafone Europe to one of the cofounders of LinkedIn.

Nathan Hunt

Nathan Hunt has served on the Board of Directors of the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association since 1996. He was Chairman of CERBA’s National Board of Directors from 2009 through 2013 and Chairman of the Moscow Chapter of CERBA from September 2001 to the present.

Brian Bellerose
Chief Legal Officer

Brian Bellerose specializes in international commercial and securities law with a focus on corporate structures, investment management and investment banking transactions.

Ron Lewin
Business and Technology Strategy Executive Manager

As the Founder and CEO of TerraLink, a global technology integrator with 500+ people working in the USA, Canada, Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, Ron’s background is in complex IT solutions and architectures, including blockchain, IT security, and designing and implementing business-critical solutions with 99.999% uptime and 24x7 availability.

Sheldon Bennett
Blockchain Analyst

Sheldon Bennett has over 20 years of management experience leading international companies including PwC, Ernst & Young, Baker & McKenzie, Cisco Systems and Fonterra CIS.

Alex Kamilov

Alex has been engaged in data analysis and big data manipulation for over 10 years, specializing in the optimization of distributed ledgers.Throughout his career he has worked in software design and development, including development of algorithmic platforms for financial market operations. Most recently he has worked on blockchain architecture design and development of a protocol for efficient scaling of blockchain solutions and optimization of smart contracts.

Dan Hunt
Software Engineer

Dan Hunt earned a degree in Computer Science from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. Since graduating in 1985 Dan has been heavily involved in the technology aspects of his family’s business, HunTel Communications. Immediately after graduation Dan worked on the IBM 4361 mainframe system programming JCL and RPG code.

Alice Douglas
Investor Relations & Community Manager

Alice Douglas boasts 10+ years of experience working with large scale firms on SaaS (SAP, SalesForce) implementation. She is conversant in CSM, PMP, Salesforce Sales & Marketing Cloud, SAP, Jira, MS Project, Visio, SEO, and Google AdWords & Analytics. She has worked as Team Leader for SAP, Pacific Gas and Electric, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and others.

Edgard Luque
Full Stack Developer

Edgard Luque is a full stack data scientist that connects people, processes, and data to accelerate growth in organizations. He specializes in the creation of predictive and prescriptive algorithms that take advantage of patterns in structured and unstructured data to drive sustainable advantages in business.

Peiwei Ni
Chairman and CEO of Super Block

Alexandru Radulescu
Crypto Market Advisor

Gary Fowler
Co-Founder and CEO of Findo

Maury G
Strategic Advisor -APAC

Kirsten Roy-Reid
Next Level Consulting Partner, Compliance Executive Director

Ken Cheung
Vice President at Asia-Pacific E-Sports Association & Lollab Ltd

Gi Nam Lee
Legal Advisor, Korea e-Sports Association

Bettium Rates & Bonuses

  • 30%

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Bettium Milestones

July 2018
Alpha 1.0 MVP - UI design and basic user functionality; Suppirt for cross-chain transactions based on ERC20 Ethereum standartd; Pre-production of wallet interface.
August 2018
Alpha 1.1 Version; Testing of the API and auto-betting algorithms; Token Listing on cryptocurrency exchanges; Initial development of smart contracts; Initial development of private blockchain.
September 2018
Development of API and trust account managment interface together and associated smart-contracts; First version of AI advisor and integration into auto-betting algorithm; Integration of Big Data functionality and API for user-managed machine learning.
October 2018
Expansion of analytical function (smart forecasting) and auto-betting algorithm (complex wagers based on conditionak customers); Launch of internal axchange; Testing of AI-managed auto-betting function; Development of Decentralized Oracles Network.
November 2018
Receipt of betting license (Curacao); Launch of first mobile clients (iOS, Android); Development of Merlin protocol for off-chain transactions using lightning network protocol (network scaling); Alpha version of private blockchain; Development of "HyBer" test network for developers.
December 2018
Comprehensive security testing; Beta release of platform for developers - external testing of AI/machine learning algorithms; Launch of desktop clients (Mac/Win).
April 2018
Rollout of "HyBer" test network for developers; Initial testing of consensus POS in the "HyBer" test network; Development of Merlin protocol for off-chain transactions using lightning network protocol (network scaling); Launch of full-scale marketing campaign.
June 2019
Announcement of additional features driving future growth; Final release of private blockchain and BETT wallets.

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