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ICO is the initial Coin Offerings are the new concept in the world of digital cryptocurrency. These are used in Blockchain mode of payments. This is actually a new aspect of investment where one could buy limitless crypto coins that will increase the credibility of that coin based on the Initial coin offerings for that coin.


Problems faced in ICOs:

When something becomes successful, then surplus profit over the investments that will obviously bring some problems impacting the business.

ICO scams:

The continuous growth of ICOs leads to the rise in fraudulent investments that will impact heavily on the true investors who invested the huge sum of money over the ICO. They will create fake Ids and result in disturbing the original investments.

Pool ICO scams:

These pooled ICO scams are a group of evil-minded people who will initially attract investments over their fake currency product and they will create the fake surge in the demand for their coins and fake investment plans. This will influence the aspiring investors to invest their hard earned money in the fraudulent group and ultimately they’ll shut down and run away with your money.


Eliminate Risks: The risks in the initial Coin Offerings are mostly eliminated with the introduction of smart contracts. These contracts will allow transactions in the form of blockchain cryptocurrencies and ultimately resolves the risk in the conventional payment methods.

Safe and Secure: Regarding safety and secured investments, your ICO investments a completely secured and safe mode and parallel ensuring no sort of fake attempts to disturb your investments.

Opportunities: Regarding the opportunities, investors will have a magnificent opportunity to have a surprising surge in their financial condition via as this provides you guaranteed the return on investments.

Useful: Block broker will help you in bringing out the best aspects of ICOs into the world of investments. It can be guaranteed that investments are no more at risk and we’ll get fruitful outputs.


Block Broker brings you an extraordinary solution which will try it’s maximum best to get rid of fake investments and fake investors. Actually, Block broker team is very keen in bringing down the culprits who are threatening the investor’s investments and eventually increasing the belief over the ICOs over the block broker site and thus ensuring that every investment is purely safe here without any illegal attempts to make your investments vanish just like that unwontedly. The team always works for your development and that will gradually raise the profit of every investor along with the credibility of the ICOs. It becomes possible with to enjoy true returns on our investments in a legalised way.

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BlockBroker Overview

BlockBroker ICO
Ended 246 Days Ago
Vote For BlockBroker
Smart Contracts
Token Type
Start Date
May 11, 2018
End Date
Jul 20, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 BKBK = 0.06 USD
+ 5% to + 30%
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
May 03, 2018
Presale End Date
May 03, 2018

BlockBroker Team

John jacobs

John has worked as a freelance blockchain developer for a number of years and has worked as a blockchain consultant in successful ico's

Hardik Mandanka

Hardik is an experienced Blockchain developer. Hardik has been a Blockchain professional for many years and is dedicated to Block Broker.

Jacob fox
Head of marketing

Jacob is an experienced cryptocurrency marketing professional. Jacob has worked on many successful ico campaigns.

Abu siddik
Campaign manager

Abu is an experienced ico campaign manager. Abu has worked with many successful and is dedicated to the future of block broker.

Ivan duchanier
International relations

Ivan is an experienced international consultant for initial coin offerings. Ivan has provided multilingual support for many ico's

Cess laguardia

Cess is an experienced campaign manager & community manager, working on many successful ico's including vendicoins & liveedu.

Jatinder kumar

Jatinder is a blockchain marketing professional with years of experience in the field. Jatinder is dedicated to eliminating ico fraud.

Kimberly genaro

Kimberly is an experienced crypto trader & marketing guru. Kim has worked with many successful ico's including trade.Io & superpay.Vip

A zaker
Community manager

A zaker is an experienced ico community manager. A zaker has worked on many successful ico's and is dedicated to the future of bkbk.

Salahuddin ahmed
Community manager

Salahuddin is a blockchain marketing professional and is an experienced ico community manager. Salahuddin is dedicated to the future of bkbk.

Richard trummer

Experienced ico advisor. Cryptocurrency enthusiast, ico advisor and investor. Part of a private investors group.

Nikita dotsenko

Advisor. Marketing specialist - "Addivine" ad agency. Sales and marketing manager - "The coin shark" ceo - federal block patrol

Giovanni casagrande

Advisor & cryptocurrency investor. Growth hacker icoguide. Blockchain & ico maestro.

Shohel alam

Ico advisor. Data analyst at kepler technologies and advisor at hi:health | ai medical platform | ico advisor at icbcoin

Valéri natanelov (phd)

Experienced ico advisor. Localcoinswap - entrepreneur, lifelong blockchain enthusiast. Founder and ceo of growabric

Michael smith

Michael is an experienced ico advisor and blockchain marketing specialist. Michel has helped many crypto start ups and ico's.

Carl jones

Carl is an experienced ico advisor | crypto marketing guru | digital marketing strategist | experienced social media strategist.

Thierry de gorter

Experienced ico advisor. Project manager @ core tech chain, partner @ blockchain advisory boards.

BlockBroker Rates & Bonuses

  • + 5% to + 30%

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BlockBroker Milestones

March 2018
White paper released.
April 2018
Block Brocker platfom release.
May 2018
Block Brocker ICO Pre-sale.
June 2018
Block Brocker ICO main sale.
July 2018
Block Broker ICO complete.
July 2018
BBK tokens traded on exchanges.
August 2018
Block Broker official launch.
September 2018
Move into Block Broker HQ.
October 2018
Further expansion.

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