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    The great BCIO
    blockchain.iothey have mission to grow a value of internet, with some gateway named blockchain.ioAnd they have decentralized exchanger which link invidual trader and investor with fully secured technology.Token and ico Listing very interisting program, a big value in future Join BCIO whitelist to secure your space in the limited spots left
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    Revolutionary Platform!
    The project looks promising. They are solving the major issues of cryptocurrency exchange which are the security issue, compliant for mass adoption & reliability. With the experienced team from Paymium as the first bitcoin exchange in Europe, I believe they can deliver what they promise. Looking forward for the platform launch!
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    Best Exchange coming soon
    Blockchain.io ico have a great team and a great partner Paymium. They will revolutionise the crypto world.
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    Worth your money and time
    Taking a deep look at the project, the team behind it, the features it entails; talking about margin trading, peer to peer lending and high scalability trade matching, just to mention a few. Blockchain.io is a project to be reckoned with and it is worth investing in.
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    Combines the finest features of a centralised and decentralised exchange
    Combines the finest features of a centralized and decentralized exchange
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    Game changer
    This is definitely huge, this will be value to the crypto sphere
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    BCIO is a secured and profitable investment
    This is a very great and promising project. In terms of security and reliability the team has proven itself through paymium, the Blockchain.io exchange platform also offers the holders of BCIO token with discounts on exchange fees. Paymium will act as a fiat gateway with very less transaction fees. Blockchain.io is actually safer and reliable as it provides high security to the users and the options to trade and also users can borrow funds from other platforms. It looks forward to become number one cryptocurrency exchange in Europe by gaining the trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.
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    Great Exchange! Best ICO!
    Awesome project to invest into. Excellent team. Have met some of them in a conference. They are doing a great job! Blockchain.io will be one of the most reliable crypto exchange in Europe and globally.
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    The best ICO
    Blockchain.io has in many ways proven over and over that the project is one that is going to be success from team members to products offered and I strongly believe in this ICO and blockchain.io in its entirety
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    Most Advanced Secure Exchange
    Blockchain.io is building a world class exchange, Its a project of Paymium that have been hack-free since 2013 . I strongly believe in the team and this is the kind of project team we need in the cryptocurrency space.
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    Exceptionally Great Exchange!
    The blend of centralization and decentralized settlements to be adopted by Blockchain.io is what I actually look forward to. Dont miss out on the upcoming ICO scheduled for September 27 through October 25. I am all in!
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    My BCIO review
    So excited about this project. This team is great. I believe they have the skills to make Blockchain the best crypto-exchange in the world. I like the fact that they are combining both centralized and decentralized exchanges. With paymium that has never been hacked before since its launch in 2013, I'm confident that this project will be successful. So I'm giving this great project and the team 5 star. Good stuff! #BCIO
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    The Best ICO of this year
    I am excited about BCIO Exchange, since it will be the new generation of cryptocurrency exchange that combines centralized order book to obtain user-friendly exchange with decentralized settlement services using new advanced cryptographic technology. I recommend you to contribute in this project through ICO of BCIO token as utility to benefit users for discounted trading fee and voting participation.
    Julius Arie
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    Legitimacy over 9000
    Incredible team with a very ambitious project. Will invest!
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    Very good project
    blockchain.io is a good project with a real ambition. Low trading fees and ICO services make it a real platform with big possibilities: direct purchase of BTC via paymium.com and possibility to trade with blockchain.io