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Cruising through the cryptocurrency world is not a distant dream anymore. Literally, the seasoned and the newbie crypto-enthusiasts can board a cruise that boasts of a rich and pleasant environment to learn more about cryptocurrency. BlueGold has brought onboard an amazing experience for those who wish to present their ideas to the possible partners. They will be able to get direct feedback on the crafting of their ICOs, similar to forums such as Bitcoin talk, and engage potential token buying interest. Conferences organized onboard will gather keynote speakers putting the blockchain future development in the spotlight. The program of experts selected for a specific cruise will include testimonials from ICO organizers.


BlueGold wishes to be a springboard for blockchain community, from keynote speakers, media, ICO teams, to potential investors hoping for a content-driven place to meet.

About BlueGold

BlueGold is designed for the organization of qualitative cruise events for the Blockchain community or simply newcomers to crypto. Exchange platforms, specialized media, ICO partners, listing and rating sites, Blockchain specialists and crypto-enthusiasts are true actors of the BlueGold ICO. The journey planner will be handled by the marketing team where the list of ports will be clearly mentioned and potential mainland events will also be organized once the ship stays at berth. Participants can board the ship with their near and dear ones. A wide array of entertainment and relaxation services like kid nursery, nautical park, shops, sports arenas, casinos and other entertainment activities are available on the vessel.

BlueGold Overview

BlueGold ICO
Ended 199 Days Ago
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Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Aug 01, 2018
End Date
Dec 31, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
  • USD
Start Price
1 BG = 1 USD
Total Supply
64,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
May 21, 2018
Presale End Date
Jul 31, 2018

BlueGold Team

Régis Revilliod
Head of Blockchain & Bluegold Ecosystem Development

Captain Regis REVILLIOD is the founder of the unique BlueGold Blockchain Cruises and Events ICO. After sailing the seven seas, he became a ship manager, an international speaker, advisor and business developer in marine events.

Jacques Le Moigne
Head of Business Development

Jacques Le Moigne has 27 years in international business development in large multinationals, SMEs and Start-ups where he contributed to large international events.

Patrick De Courrèges
Partnership Development

Partnership Manager and Advisor, Patrick de Courrèges is a specialist in economic intelligence and entrepreneurial project development with 30 years experience.

Philippe Vinçon
Neque Porro Quisquam Est Qui Dolorem

Philippe Vinçon is an international entrepreneur in the Wine and Champagne and gourmet Industries.Over the past 30 years, he has in particular been the Sommelier to French Presidents at the Elysée Palace. Philippe will be in charge of selecting the best chefs and making certain that French Gastronomy will be at its best during our cruises.

François Laffoucrière
Avocat (Lawyer) in Malta Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates - Senior Associate

Dr. & Captain, François Laffoucrière holds a PHD in Maritime Law and is a former Master Mariner. He is registered at the Bars of Paris and Malta. Convinced by the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders of the BlueGold ICO, Dr. Laffoucrière is a Blockchain Enthusiast and will assist in all legal affairs.

Jean-pierre Guicheney
Technical Counselor

As an international globe trotter for the sea industries, Dr. Guicheney is a great connoisseur of the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, India and Africa, among others.

Roman Watorek
Industrial & Product Graphic Designer

Graphic designer within multiple fields, Roman has been involved in several maritime and ICO projects. With a creative eye, he brings his expertise on the creation of graphics and communication media. Roman is an ICO Token and Logo Designer.

Paul Walther
Strategic Marketing for the Deployment of the Bluegold Ecosystem

Specialized in intercultural and international business development, Paul is above all a marketer with experience in custom audiences, brand deployment and strategic management.. Paul is an ICO Marketeer and Crypto Enthusiast.

Carl Revilliod
Maritime Intendant

Carl has an experience of 10 years as a Merchant Navy Officer in several maritime companies. He will be in charge of Cruise planning and chartering.

Yamine Bennouar
It Developer & Customer Management

Yamine is a seasoned developer with an extensive experience in IT customer support. He is in charge of the entire back-end of the app and deals with the technical support of the BlueGold Ecosystem.

Daouda Ba
Corporate & Finance Legal Expert

Daouda is a specialist in European tax law with an in-depth knowledge of regulations with regards to European Financial centres. He is experienced in legal monitoring techniques on fintech and financial innovations, such as Initial Coin and Token Offerings. He has worked on three previous ICOs. He is a graduate from Paris law school.

Boucif Chabani
Mobile & Smart Contract Developer

With 18 year in Software development and technical support, Boucif is a versatile developer with an extensive track record in traceability. He is in charge of the development of smart contracts based on the Ethereum norms as well as the server and security structure. Boucif has been involved with designing of smart contracts for several ICOs.

Julien Claret
Maritime Engineer

Julien is a Naval Architect with experience in ship engineering, design and maintenance. Julien and Hugo will assist BlueGold VIP cruises in selecting the appropriate cruise vessels, making certain that the best international standards are applied on board

Hugo Meucci
Maritime Engineer

Hugo is a Naval Architect with experience in ship engineering, design and maintenance. Julien and Hugo will assist BlueGold VIP cruises in selecting the appropriate cruise vessels, making certain that the best international standards are applied on board.

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    BlueGold Milestones

    December 2016
    Marie Time Engineering Ltd. Company is founded with headquarters in Valletta, Malta.
    June 2017
    First engineering studies and works on behalf of European clients.
    February 2018
    First sketches of the BlueGold model design by combining the IT development expertise of an industrial software publisher and MTE’s maritime know-how.
    May 2018
    BlueGold – Blockchain Cruises & Events Private Pre-Sale launch
    June 2018
    Start of Public Pre-Sale accompanied by the referral campaign for BlueGold and other bounty programs.
    July 2018
    BlueGold Main Sale is on
    September 2018
    Poll with BlueGold holders to designate the port of departure for our first cruise
    December 2018
    End of Main Sale
    February 2019
    Fist BlueGold Blockchain Cruise to be organised from port chosen during the poll.
    May 2019
    Second BlueGold cruise of the year with a new starting port

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