BoonsCoin ICO & Token Sale

Best of online sales or better known by the abbreviation, BOONS, offers a platform for the buyers and sellers to find each other for deals at the best quotes. Their platform uses state of the art technologies like Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and switching systems. This is beyond a regular platform for trade as they intend to make an ecosystem that favours sellers to list their products at low prices and buyers to purchase them at rates that are lower than regular. They also put forth a unique business model that they call a B2B2C, which stands for business to business to consumer. This E-commerce ecosystem does not just provide a platform to make trades but also guides the sellers to reach their business goals and buyers get to make the most of it.


The major goal for BOONS is to build a platform that facilitates trades for sellers and buyers. Here, sellers, manufacturers and wholesalers get to list their products at low rates for buyers who can make use of them.

About the Project

BOONS is aiming to build this self-sustaining ecosystem for buyers and sellers to interact and make deals. The long-term aim is to be one of the biggest e-commerce platforms. They intend to make a full-fledged token distribution at the lowest price possible with reasonable capping with a token sale of at least 70%. All the products listed there are sales ready, which means no product will have defaults from the factory, old stock etc. thereby making it an efficient marketplace.

BoonsCoin Overview

Ended 58 Days Ago
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Pre-ICO Sales: Round 1 to Round 15 - 12% to 1%
Token Type
Start Date
Jul 25, 2018
End Date
Aug 22, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USD
Start Price
1 BSC = 0.45 USD
Pre-ICO Sales: Round 1 to Round 15 - 12% to 1%
Total Supply
27,000,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 16, 2018
Presale End Date
Jul 20, 2018

BoonsCoin Team

Sunday Osho
Team Lead / Management Team

I have Over 6 years’ experience in IT, Business Development, Sales Process and Management; plus 4 years as a trainer and educational technologist specialist. Strong knowledge of project and process management in achieving growth, and hitting organizational goal. Experienced in designing and implementing strategic processes that expands company's customer base and ensure its strong presence.

Dr. Mohamed Karim
Management Team

Igor Pobirajko
Management Team

Igor Pobirajko is an IT Project Manager for ICO projects who helps a client and functional team to build effective communication & successfully get the project done within estimated time frameworks and budget. Before starting as Project Manager, Igor spent several years working as Sales & Business Development Manager for such companies as CIENCE, Xendiz, and Telenorma AG, contributing to their growth and development.

Eliud Soye

Business Developer specialist in Business-to-Business (B2B) processes. Soye is also a Business Analyst, Social Media Marketer & Media Relations with extensive knowledge in blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO Marketing. You can explore my social channels; Linkedin: eliud soye, Twitter: cyptosnipper, Medium: eliudsoye, Reddit: eliudsoye

Hezekiah Omotsuebe

An ambitious problem solver with a passion for online businesses. Has many years of experience of creating logical and innovative solutions to complex problems. Thorough and precise in everything he does, and has a keen interest in Blockchain Technology, Mobile, Web Applications and User Experience.

Jenya Glushchenko

Graduated from the National Aviation University. Social Media Manager and Customer Care specialist with 4 years of experience and a knack for product quality and customer satisfaction. Hobbies: running marathons, books, Blockchain technology

Radchuk Mykhailo

I have skills in: creating landings on site designers, SMM marketing, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, FB Ads. Basic knowledge: HTML/CSS/JS, chatbot for FB etc. The basic principle of life: there is no what I do not know, there is something I have not done yet, but it's only a matter of time

Kateryna Pozdniakova

I’m 20-year-old student in my final year of a four-year course of studies. Currently getting my Bachelor’s degree in education, specializing in English. I prefer trying myself in different spheres, because every time it opens many doors and gives more opportunities. In my spare time I like reading, doing sport and finding out more about Blockchain. Now working with MiRAK and Loyakk. Assisted the marketing team with developing and implementing social media strategies.

Sergey Iaremenko

Graduated from National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", have master`s degree in “Automation and computer-integrated technologies”. Worked in trade union of National Technical University of Ukraine as head of department, freelance content manager. My personal skills: sociable, friendly, leadership, motivated, flexible. In addition, I am disciplined, punctual, reliable, responsible and friendly. Also huge fan of sport.

Aliona Balatsanova
Content Manager

My name is Aliona and all my life I worked with communication, information, content and pr. I have an experience in project management and communication coordinating projects. I speak several languages and I have great organizational skills. Among my hobbies are traveling, books, interesting people, dancing and sport.

Rudenko Svitlana

KPI, Computer Engineering IT; Network administration (300 workstations), technical support for Windows users; installation and support of broadcasting stations Synadyn, RadioBoss, SoundEmpire; preventive works of PC and administration of broadcast servers.

Antony Kozlov

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv - Master of Laws. I am a lawyer in such spheres of Law as IP, corporate law, commercial law, contract law etc. I have an experience in working with the ICO projects in general as the community manager. Also worked as the translator and the lawyer. I'm organized, serius, responsible, always ready to learn and to develop. My hobbies are football, tennis, volleyball. Moreover I like to read books, to visit the cultural events (cinema, theatre, exhibition etc.)

BoonsCoin Rates & Bonuses

  • Pre-ICO Sales: Round 1 to Round 15 - 12% to 1%

BoonsCoinUser Reviews

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BoonsCoin Social

    BoonsCoin Milestones

    July 2017
    Concept Planning. Global Market Research
    October 2017
    October – Feasibility Study November – Project Design & Documentation
    January 2018
    January – BOONSCoin ICO Planning March – Investment Portfolio Structural Design
    April 2018
    April – MVP of Investment Portal and BOONSCoin Token Smart Contract Development June- BOONSCoin Investment Portal Launch
    July 2018
    July – BOONSCoin ICO presales starts at $0.45 per BSC, public sales starts at $0.60 per BSC August – BOONSCoin ICO ends at $1.65 per BSC Token September – Launch on External Exchange at a price of $3 per BSC Token (CoinExchange&YoBit)
    October 2018
    October – Development of the BOONS Marketplace platform; strategic meeting with all stakeholders and partners October – List on External Exchange (Cryptopia or Polonix), Projected Price = $10per BSC November – Release of BOONS Marketplace Alpha Version November – List on External Exchange (Binnance or Bittex), Projected Price = $25 per BSC December – Opening BOONS Marketplace offices Worldwide
    January 2019
    Opening BOONS Marketplace offices Worldwide(7 Countries to start with), projected Price = $50 Per BSC

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