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CD Currency is a revolutionary new currency in digital format introduced by UC international Inc. which is based on the secure ethereum platform. It is one of the most advanced digital currencies out there that boast the most secured blockchain technologies. Considering the alliance Universal Coin international has with the fortune 500 companies and other prominent start-ups, it is needless to say that they are already bagging credibility for their project. They are up to making an ecosystem that is based completely on the blockchain technology to develop applications and digital currencies favourable for use by traders and general citizens. They also plan to step up the game with their crypto banks that are to be established by the end of 2018.


The major goal is to build the technological forte that would not only accommodate digital currency use and distribution but also build cryptocurrencies and banks based on the same. CD Currency wants to bridge the world of finance into one small box for faster and smoother transactions.

About the Project

The project is built on the blockchain tech with ethereum platform to make the transactions free of fraudulent activities and cheatings. This is possible by keeping third parties off the ecosystem for a quicker and more transparent trade. The transactions are safe with high tech biometric system that revolutionises the entire industry of cryptocurrencies. Along with trades, they also promote exchanges from various registered digital currencies. All of this is managed with the utmost professionalism by a team of reliable experts.

CDCurrency Overview

CDCurrency ICO
Ended 176 Days Ago
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Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Aug 01, 2018
End Date
Aug 31, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USD
Start Price
1 UCD = 1 USD
Total Supply
500,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Apr 23, 2018
Presale End Date
Jul 31, 2018

CDCurrency Team

Stewart A. Stockdale
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Stewart A. Stockdale is Chief Executive Officer of Universal Coin International, Inc. He is responsible for the company’s vision, strategic planning, and business growth. He is also responsible for overall fiscal management. Stockdale brings broad experience with world-class companies in the payments, financial services and consumer products sectors. Most recently, he served as Chief Executive Officer of The J.G. Wentworth Company.

Pedro Viera
Operations Management

Mr. Viera has over 30 years of experience as a business executive in both the private and the non-profit sectors. His experience includes executives’ positions as a Partner, CEO, President and COO positions in the manufacturing, banking, Housing, construction and development, education, start-ups, among others. He has participated and been appointed to multiple U.S. federal government executive and advisory boards and managed federal programs with a national scope

Sergio Cordero
Investors & Strategic Alliance Development

CEO of CD Music Entertainment and TV Producer, entrepreneur, economist, communicator, an expert in marketing, video promotions and production, and corporate public relations development. He has extensive executive experience both nationally and internationally. He is dedicated to the development of enterprises and startups, particularly in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Jorge Muñoz
Finance and Banking

Mr. Muñoz has over 30 years of Private Commercial and Public Development banking experience. He currently serves as the CEO of Banco Amazonas, in Ecuador. Prior to joining Banco Amazonas, he worked for Citibank and Bank of America, among others. He also acted as Economic and Foreign Affairs Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture of Ecuador. Mr. Muñoz is a graduate of the University of Florida, where he earned a master’s degree in Applied Economics. Mr. Muñoz is also bilingual in Spanish and English.

Charles Seminario
Strategic Business Development

Mr. Seminario has been interested in the world of cryptocurrencies since 2014. He has explored developing or participating in mining and other related crypto projects. Mr. Seminario has vast experience in real estate and finance. He has held his real estate license for over a decade being a top producer and leading many successful real estate investment companies and ventures. He has worked for Merrill Lynch as an International Financial Advisor.

Washington Touriz
Information Technology

Since 2016, Mr. Touriz has been working on developing cryptocurrency business projects to create digital mines and cryptocurrencies focused on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin, including blockchain, cloud mining, ICO, tokens, wallets, smart contracts, exchanges, vaults, facilities, physical and virtual securities and mining hardware.

Carolina Maingón

Ms. Maingón is an expert on Merrill Lynch, Bloomberg and Blackrock financial systems and business platforms. She has worked for corporations such as Merrill Lynch, BlackRock, Bloomberg, Citibank and Kleinsad as a financial, operating and fiduciary advisor, managing private equity and hedge fund portfolios, product analysis and other financial and banking topics.

Katherine Escandón
Customer Service

Ms. Escandón is a business administration engineer specialized in business management, with minors in finances and international finances, graduated in the University of Specialties Espiritu Santo. She also has an image consultant and personal branding international diploma in C&E Institute Image, Argentina.

Mónica León
Operations and Compliance

Mrs. León has 20 years of banking experience. She has a strong professional background in Finance with an impeccable career in several banking institutions, holding positions like Chief of Continuous Improvement and Processes in Banco Amazonas, Manager of Organizational Development and Manager of Financial Products in Banco del Pacífico. She is a Process Management expert, with a Green Belt Six Sigma International Certification.

Alberto William Dahik Garzozi
- Advisor

Mr. Dahik is a graduate of Princeton University in the fields of economic development, international trade and finance, monetary and exchange policy. He has an extensive career in the field of economics, finance, and monetary policy. The former congressman, vice president, and minister of finance of Ecuador. He was part of the Central Bank of Ecuador. In addition, he was the economic advisor of the Monetary Board of Ecuador.

Julio Marquez
- Advisor

Julio has 30+ years of experience in cross-border principal investments and M&A. He is the Managing Partner of New York Bay Capital, one of the leading cross-border boutiques in New York. He is also Managing Director at Young America Capital, a FINRA-licensed broker-dealer, where he heads the Latin American department.

Juan Lorenzo Martinez Colon
Adviser - Auditing, Taxes, and Accountability

Mr. Colon is president of JLM & Associates a CPA firm and Information Systems Consultants. He has extensive experience as in the fields of accounting, taxes, auditing, university professor, and information systems. He has worked for KMPG, the University of Puerto Rico as chairman of the UPR accounting Department and Dean of Academic Affairs.

Peter Formanek
- Advisor

Peter has 30+ years experience advising fund managers, family offices and companies. He has been involved in over 300 transactions over the course of his career and is also involved in the private equity field providing deal origination, fundraising, operations and COO/CFO level expertise and guidance.

Evgeni Mitkov
- Advisor

Evgeni has successfully mitigated the throughput and performance challenges of blockchain technology. Evgeni has developed blockchain solutions for derivatives trading, airports, electricity trading and his latest endeavor as COO of Everex, a successful ICO funded company, is building an ambitious real-time global cross border payments solution based on Ethereum blockchain.

German Pugliese
Digital Banking Platform Advisor

Mr. German Pugliese Bassi is a Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Technisys S.A. Mr. Pugliese served as Executive Vice President of Technisys S.A. Mr. Pugliese is focusing on marketing and alliances. He is also leading Technisys's international expansion. Before assuming this role, he headed the Technisys's commercial area.

CDCurrency Rates & Bonuses

  • 40%

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    October 2018
    Wallet. The Foundation. Crypto Bank
    November 2018
    Debit & Credit Cards Launch

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