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Crypto is a natural evolution of the equity asset class, preserving the integral components of ownership while solving its shortcomings. The components of ownership include voting rights, capital growth, and dividends. Historically, equity ownership has been recorded in a central share register, along with document names, the number of shares held and contact details. The share register is in many ways analogous to a private blockchain. It is controlled centrally by the issuer and is the golden source of transactions in a given equity. The frictional problems vary for stakeholders, but in almost all circumstances favour the middle-men or brokers. Crypto remains a developing concept to most regulators, disparate jurisdictions classify them differently.


The crypto exchange is launched to offer full support for all crypto-instruments along with the notification, documentation, and market announcement services.

About CDRX

The approach of CDRX is designed to enable both existing and new issuance to be converted into securitized tokens. This will bring the benefits of lower costs, faster transaction times and a global trading platform, to the entire global financial market. The exchange will start with a non-securitized token-to-token trading platform – a proven model. This does not require regulatory approval and will be expanded to include securitized tokens and token-to-fiat currencies for regulated participants. But this will be subjected to regulatory approval as required. On this platform, the broker costs are virtually eliminated. The central share register is public and immutable thus maintaining transparency. Dividends are distributed through the issuance of dividend tokens through the embedded smart contracts in the CDRs.

Cdrx Overview

Cdrx ICO
Ended 154 Days Ago
Vote For Cdrx
Token Type
Start Date
Nov 19, 2018
End Date
Dec 23, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 CDRX = 0.5 USD
Total Supply
100,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Nov 05, 2018
Presale End Date
Nov 19, 2018

Cdrx Team

David Ward

Former Asia Pacific Head of Trading at one of the world’s top two commodity firms. Two decades experience as a quantitative programmer and then derivatives trader (equities and credit) at investment banks including Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan in NYC, London and Asia.

Matthew Spittle

Former Global Head of Markets Development and Global Head of eCommerce Technology. Two decades technology experience at banks including American Express Bank, JP Morgan and Standard Chartered in London and Asia.

Zung Le
Head of Market Microstructure

More than a decade of development experience with networks and ultra-high frequency messaging, handling billions of instructions per second. Former network and firmware developer for Broadcom and Ericsson, architect and developer of ultra-high frequency messaging protocols for ARM chips and data networks.

Thanh Nguyen
Head of Software Engineering

Former Head of Software Engineering for a fintech company, and experienced crypto-developer. 6 years working on high volume messaging platforms across web and mobile, with memberships of more than 40 million members and peak messaging rates exceeding 1 billion messages per day.

Mo Hakeem
Head of eCommerce

Former Global Head of eCommerce Support at Standard Chartered. Two decades experience at banks including JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch and HSBC in London and Asia. Responsible for infrastructure and architecture design, development and support of high speed trading and market data systems, including multi-billion dollar real-time FX trading platforms. Studied at Glasgow University

Ethan Low
General Counsel

A decade of experience in in-house retail, corporate and investment banking at Citibank and Standard Chartered, and in top-tier law firms including White & Case and Freshfields.

Thomas Sandberg
Head of Sales & Structuring

More than 15 years financial markets experience designing, structuring and distributing derivatives and cash solutions at international investment banks including JP Morgan, Citigroup and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Wei Bing Lee
Head of Regulatory

Two decades experience in Regulation and financial markets. Formerly held senior capital markets regulatory roles at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (awarded MAS Scholarship twice) and in Private Equity / Advisory.

Dr Phavie Leang, PhD.
Primary Markets

More than two decades experience in financial markets, including a decade at Goldman Sachs in New York, excelling in roles spanning Debt Capital Markets (securities issuance), Risk and Business Management.

Jean-Laurent Wotton
Startup & Blockchain Marketing

More than two decades experience spanning technology and marketing - including 5 years in marketing at Google and 8 years in senior marketing roles at startups. Jean-Laurent brings a proven performance driven methodology, has driven considerable growth (300% user growth, top 25 highest grossing etc) and been instrumental in raising capital across industries including social networking, gaming and blockchain startups.

Nozomu Nakazato
Crypto Marketing

Nozomu is an experienced crypto marketing expert and ICO advisor, specialising in the Japanese market. He has worked with a number of crypto businesses delivering profound results, and is well known on varous forums and crypto sites.

Andreas Hauser
Crypto & Blockchain Growth Hacker

Blogger and entrepreneur since he was 16 years old. Andreas has a deep passion for the mass adoption of blockchain and crypto in all aspects of society. Active in 25+ ICO communities in the past year alone, he is a highly popular Medium author and Community Engagement specialist.

Toni Hilti
Tech Entrepreneur

Co-founder of madeforgoods, a B2B tech company managing more than a billion transactions involving brands and their indirect customers. 6 years’ management consulting experience at Bain & Company. Worked in NYC, Europe and Asia.

Lex Sokolin
Fintech and Crypto Futurist

Lex is a New York entrepreneur, focused on the next generation of financial services. He is Global Director of Fintech Strategy at Autonomous Research and a member of the Board of Directors at AdvisorEngine. He was founder and CEO of NestEgg Wealth, and has held a variety of roles in investment management and banking including Barclays, Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank. Lex has contributed to the WSJ, CNBC and Reuters, among others. He was one of LinkedIn's Top Voices in 2017, and is a frequent guest speaker at industry events. He holds a JD/MBA from Columbia and a B.A. in Economics and Law from Amherst College.

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    Cdrx Milestones

    February 2018
    CDR testing began with a closed set of clients
    March 2018
    Roadmap for regulator engagement laid out
    May 2018
    Development of Exchange started
    June 2018
    Agreement to use (and right to buy) for Exchange
    July 2018
    White paper released to the public
    August 2018
    pre-ICO subscription begins
    September 2018
    Start of ICO (200,000,000 transaction tokens). Completion of ICO (or whenever transaction tokens are fully allocated)
    October 2018
    Audit and penetration testing of Exchange begins (weekly). Launch of Exchange (ver 0.9) - closed beta. Indices defined. Non-securitised market makers onboarded. Listing service provider agreements signed. Algo toolkit (ver 0.9 beta) launches.
    January 2019
    Release of Exchange (ver 1.0). Rating agency agreement for new issuance signed. Launch of industry think tank – tier 1 banks and brokers, business and technology. Algo toolkit (ver 1.0) released. CCP agreement signed. CDR market makers onboarded. Regulator approvals received (small jurisdictions). Equity CDRs open to the market in approved jurisdictions. Exchange trading of CDRs begins among approved investors. Extension into cash bond CDRs .
    April 2019
    Indices launch and licensing (including 6 months of history). Sponsorship of collaborative R&D programme across industry and universities. Custody service (ver 0.9 beta) launches. Launch of institutional OTC desk.

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