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Citowise has made a prominent mark among all the blockchain based platforms by becoming the first and the only platform to promote businesses. Citowise’s platform makes way for new entries in the market, existing market benefits or opportunities, deals that provide breakthrough impacts and many more. This platform opens up to new possibilities of making business which is being highly appreciated lately. Creating an environment where the everyday deals would also include transactions via cryptocurrencies. They have formulated a way by means of which, a trader or general person can use cryptocurrencies for day to day transactions just like they are using their debit cards. They also let owners and start-up specialists to manage and run their companies with foreign nationals on a global scale. This helps in a better handling of business, which in turn provides opportunities for everyone associated in the process.


Their major goal is to bring about a revolution in how the businesses are incorporated and run on a daily basis. They also want people to get acquainted with day to day usage of cryptocurrency for trades or transactions.

About the Project

Their idea of using cryptocurrencies for transaction lies behind the process of conversion of those assets into actual currencies. In this way, anyone can make use of the Citowise debit cards on a regular basis. They have also devised advertisement, accounting service and remote management of corporates, all in the same circle. All this is offered in parallel to their transparent and secure manner of handling everything.

Citowise Overview

Citowise ICO
Ended 161 Days Ago
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Public ICO: 0% -25%
Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Nov 15, 2018
End Date
Jan 15, 2019
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
Start Price
1 CTW = 0.0002572 ETH
Public ICO: 0% -25%
Total Supply
90,000 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Sep 15, 2018
Presale End Date
Oct 15, 2018

Citowise Team

Max Zab

Max has been involved in many startups throughout Europe and has experience in all startup stages. As a professional web engineer, he holds extensive experience in dealing with all possible payment methods. He has a degree in Astrophysics and knows a lot about cryptography in quantum computers.

Aleksandr Kents

Alexander is blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is engineer in mind and entrepreneur in soul. He is proud to be founder of \"Melior Clinics\". Writer, journalist and public figure. Alexander believes that blockchain will revolutionize the world for the better and will open a new era of technologies.

Jaroslav Gorjachev
Head of Engineering

Jaroslav holds deep knowledge of various software architectures and infrastructures. List of his previous employers includes companies such as Skype and Microsoft. His expertise in IT can not be overestimated. He works hard to make sure his work is appreciated by others.

Michael Burich
Business Development

Michael has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 15 years. In that time he has successfully founded, managed, sold and acquired different kinds of businesses some of which he is still involved with today. He is currently pursuing his passion in the fintech industry, helping startups change the world.

Enelin Paas
Head of communications

Enelin has done marketing & PR for various companies helping them to get clients and gain brand recognition using the latest best practices. Last 5 years she has worked for companies in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Sydney, Latin America and Europe. She has lead teams from 5 to 150 people and been a successful small business founder.

Denis Orlov
Project manager

Denis is an inside-out blockchain enthusiast with a passion for highly performing solutions. With a strong background in philosophy, he seeks for challenging problems to find an elegant answer and to deliver the results under time pressure. He is a strong believer with a willing to provide a knowledge about new technologies and opportunities to people.

Anton Bolotin
Investment manager assistant

Anton is finance and blockchain enthusiast - have a strong knowledge and background of investments, finance analysis and entrepreneurship activity. He is highly motivated and always eager to learn and to bring new ideas into the financial world.

Jay Bharadhwaj
Project manager

Engineer by qualification and entrepreneur by profession. Highly motivated to make technology accessible to masses. More than 5 years of experience in sales and marketing of IT services and education. ICO assessment expert. Chat him up if you want to partner up with Citowise.

Artur Lubin
Graphic design

You give him a problem - he brings you the solution. Artur can take any user interface on the next level. He has an eye for details and has designing talent that so many are searching for. He takes every interface improvements as a challenge.

Andrei Mironovic

Andrei is a visual guru. He carries out UX/UI tasks for Citowise products. Having experience in videography, photography and design, he brings the most in terms of visual guidelines and Citowise's presentation.

Nikita Shatunov

Nikita is highly experienced mobile and web developer. He knows best practices of modern frameworks and has been leading projects and teams. His role is bring Citowise to iOS and make it available on Desktop. Nikita believes that blockchain will change future for better.

Pavel Scherbakov

Pavel knows everything about mobile. He is extremely experience Android and Java developer. Since 4 years Pavel was leading teams in multiple companies and has implemented numerous projects. Pavel is motivated to introduce game changing experience into blockchain infrastructure.

Pavel Dubov
Web developer

Pavel is professional web developer and has been around the block since almost 10 year. He has a huge range of technologies and has extremely impressive portfolio. Blockchain is his next passion that inspires him and makes him believe in bright future.

Dmitri Nassenik
Head of Online advertisement

Marketing is a big passion for Dmitri. He operates in digital marketing since 2010 and posses a fundamental knowledge in marketing industry. Dmitri takes advertisement in blockchain world as his next challenge.

Denis Sokolov,
Ph.D. Scientific Consultant

Denis received his Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. He is a scientist, an entrepreneur and the founder of “Falcon Scientific Editing”. Denis is passionate about state-of-the-art technologies both in science and in IT.

Roman Vasjoho
Global Investment Adviser

Being a part of startup ecosystem Roman participated in multiple projects for public and private sector. Since 2017 he became an IT & Technology Mentor in European Innovation Academy - World's Largest Extreme Entrepreneurship program.

Oleg Koshkin
Analytics specialist

Since more than 15 years Oleg is dealing with business automation processes. He is a highly experienced data architect and provides Citowise with his knowledge of various business intelligence middlewares. Oleg is a hobbyist trader and prefers cryptotrading to stock.

Dauren Toleukhanov
Investments Adviser

Dauren Toleukhanov is an active member of the blockchain community since 2013. He was the CEO of the Centre of Trade Policy Development of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Deputy Head at the Prime Minister’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Vladimir Nikitin
IT Legal specialist

World-class professional in consulting with over ten years experience in the legal, finance, retail, and IT industries. Renown cryptocurrency expert and ICO advisor (Top-5 worldwide ICObench Expert). As an active supporter and advocate of blockchain technology, he provide consultancy and advice to selected ICOs in the CIS region. His network in the crypto community counts over 30 000 members.

Alex Burg
Security Adviser

Alex is a leading security expert with experience both building software and protecting infrastructure in corporate, financial, governmental and military organization. He was among early birds who had their hands on blockchain technology. Alex sees blockchain as a future of financial sector and platform for systems with social equivalence in mind.

Nikolay Shkilev
IT Entreprenuer

Nikolay is a entrepreneur, owner and co-owner of dozens of successful business projects, ICO advisor and blockchain expert. Mr. Shkilev has 20 years of experience in large-scale transaction projects. Has many awards and titles in the IT business, among which are: Self-Made Russia award, Tech guru, Super TOP award. Founder and CEO of Private Business Club. His Holding received "Enterprise of the Year" award in the Kremlin. Has a business in various directions. Crypto enthusiast and mentor.

Phillip Nunn
Blockchain online influencer

With more than 15 years’ experience in financial services, Phillip specialises in wealth management, angel investment, commercial property investment and financial technology. He founded The Blackmore Group on the core belief of giving clients real and tangible alternatives to poor investment performance and providing “future proof” investment strategies. Phillip has become a well-known, online influencer in the blockchain and crypto space and has travelled the world evangelising and talking on these subjects.

Phil Dardier
Blockchain online influencer

Investment banker, active business Angel, Blockchain and crypto-currencies specialist. He worked in Investment Banking for over 25 years in London, Singapore and Paris. He ran Global Equity and Derivatives Flow sales for BNP Paribas and he was Managing Director of Equity markets at Merrill Lynch. More recently, he was CEO of Alternativa a Fintech SME Exchange (MTF) and he was a founding member of the European Crowdfunding Network.

Citowise Rates & Bonuses

  • Public ICO: 0% -25%
  • Public presale: 30% - 50%
  • Private presale 60% - 80%.

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Citowise Social

    Citowise Milestones

    September 2017
    First prototype of the Android application
    November 2017
    • Wallet went live on Google Play • 1,000 Downloads on Google Play
    December 2017
    • After ~100 days, made first monetization • Moontec 2017 (Tallinn, Estonia) • 10,000 Downloads on Google Play
    January 2018
    10 ICO campaigns went through Full Ethereum blockchain monitoring
    February 2018
    • 40,000 Downloads on Google Play 10 000+ active users • Support all ERC20 (More than 25000+ ) tokens.
    March 2018
    • Trezor and Ledger full integration • Participation in Blockchain conference in Tallinn • POA blockchain integration and Ethereum Classic
    April 2018
    • Cooperation agreement with Blockchain Center Vilnius • Strategic partnership with a company out of South Korea - TAITOSS • Added two new languages, Korean and Japanese. • iOS version in the AppStore • Bitcoin Integration
    May 2018
    • Citowise becomes the #1 cryptowallet on • 85,000 Downloads on Google Play and Appstore and 35000 + active users • The only Estonian startup to attend and exhibit at the world famous TNW conference

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