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ClearCoin is a company which intends to capture the potential of the emerging cryptocurrency industry which can easily add trillions of dollars of market capitalization in the next ten years. It’s a technology company which powers the real-time purchase and selling of media which takes place on decentralized applications.

ClearCoin is intended to work with the overall supply chain of $563 billion media as well as advertising industry. ClearCoin Tokens (CLR) will power the distributed ledger blockchain technology which could potentially improve the overall supply chain of this rapidly growing industry.

What Problems Does it Solve?

The last few years have managed to bring quite a few new digital advertising formats. There are new social formats, video formats, display formats and even currently emerging ones such as virtual reality formats. However, with this huge growth, we can also observe a substantial increase in fraud and inaccuracies. Blockchain might be able to solve this problem the way it solved the problem for double spending of digital currencies.

ClearCoin intends to solve this issue through comprehensive blockchain technology which connects advertisers and publishers and tracks all of their transactions in a ledger with a proof-of-history. This is built on the blockchain and it would help prevent inaccuracies and ad fraud.

The CLR Token will be used to transact on the aforementioned platform and it could be used to support different members of the entire ecosystem such as publishers and advertisers. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain but the inventory tracking blockchain will be built on Hyperledger. CLR is the only token which is going to be issued by ClearCoin. The target market is the $563 billion advertising industry.

What’s the Technology Made of?

The entire stack is essentially made of 5 different elements, which include:

  • Blockchain Ad Protocol
  • Proof-of-History Ledger
  • Blockchain Media Buys
  • Supply API for the Decentralized Applications and the Partners
  • Demand API for the partners

The CLR Token Sale

The total supply of CLR will be set to 1 billion. 800 million of them or 80% will be availed for sale to the public. The other 20% will be reserved for the company as a form of compensation. The token sale is taking place since the 18th of November, 2017 and is going to last until the 31st of March, 2018. The initial asking price was $0.01 and it increases gradually every 3 days.

The distribution of the funds raised shall be carried out as it follows:

  • 70% of the money will go towards engineering & product development
  • 20% of the money will go towards marketing & sales
  • 10% of the money will go towards operating & administrative costs

Obviously, the main emphasis is placed on engineering and product development as the company realizes that the best technology will overhaul the market.

The CLR token is built on the standard ERC20 smart contract. The platform is integrated with CoinPayments, which allows users to buy CLR with 60 different cryptocurrencies. You can also pay with PayPal.

ClearCoin Overview

ClearCoin ICO
Ended 388 Days Ago
Vote For ClearCoin
Token Type
Start Date
Nov 17, 2017
End Date
Mar 30, 2018
Total Supply
Presale Start Date
Mar 28, 2018
Presale End Date
Mar 28, 2018

ClearCoin Team

Jay Singh
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jay has spent 14 years in technology. His ad tech companies have produced millions of dollars of revenue. Jay has closed millions of dollars of venture capital with well-known Silicon Valley investors. He has worked with brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola on their digital advertising. Jay founded the company ViralGains in 2012, which has closed $30 million of venture capital with dozens of Fortune 500 customers. He founded the company Viral Media Solutions in 2008, which advertised for brands like Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble. Jay’s history of starting valuable advertising technology companies has exposed him to all aspects of the business: engineering, product, operations, finance, sales, and marketing. Jay has managed teams as large as 25 people. Jay is an alumni of the major global technology accelerators MassChallenge and 500 Startups. Jay studied Business & Marketing at Suffolk University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Jay is based in Burbank, California.

Elliot Soren
Chief Technology Officer

Elliot has been an engineer and user experience designer for six years. He’s built products that incorporate modern artificial intelligence, 3D data mining, and remote digital employees. Elliot works with back-end technologies like Tensorflow, Jupyter, Flask, Nodejs, NPM, and Matlibplot. He works with front-end technologies like Sketch, Reactjs, Typecript, Sass, Nuclide, Relay, and D3. In 2013, Elliot started Soulbot Automation Agency, a technology business that creates Remote Digital Employees (RDEs) for companies seeking to create automation in their business. In recent years, Elliot has written code for blockchain and smart contract technologies. Elliot is one of the top UX writers on the publishing platform Medium. He has published articles on topics like “A Beginners Guide to Making Yourself Artificially Intelligent” and “The Evolution Process From A Junior Level Designer to Becoming a Design Lead.”

Yura Monchak
Chief Architect

Yura is a software development and IT integration specialist for 13 years. He’s an early developer of blockchain technology including Solidity and web3.js. Yura has experience as a solution architect, backend developer, and network engineer. He’s been an engineer for Android and iOS projects including a mobile ad tech project. Yura has programming experience with SQL, MySQL, NoSQL (Mongo & Redis), C, PHP, Perl, Shell, Python, Ruby and others. He has a depth of experience in billing systems, VoIP, Networking, VPNs, and security. Yura has expertise in building scaled systems and administration of servers and databases. He studied Applied Physics at the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

Simon Lim
Community Manager

Simon is a long time crypto economy enthusiast having participated in many token sales and initial coin offerings (ICOs). He is aiding ClearCoin with market strategy and community management. The launch of ClearCoin has seen an enthusiastic response from the crypto community with thousands of user registrations, social media engagements, and new token holders that have joined our sale. Simon has been managing the growing community on our Telegram group and Slack channel. He is aiding with social media strategy and other marketing activities.

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      ClearCoin Interview

      Interview with Jay Singh – ClearCoin’s Founder & Chief Executive Officer

      Q: In your own words, describe ClearCoin in a nutshell?
      Jay Singh:  ClearCoin (CLR) is a token that unlocks new value in the $563 billion advertising market. While blockchain solved the double spending problem for digital currency, blockchain will solve the ad fraud problem for the digital ad market. It is estimated that billions of dollars every year are lost to non-human activity. Blockchain helps advertisers know which part of the supply chain is performing well and which part is not.

      Q: Tell me a little about yourself and your team
      Jay Singh: Our team consists of technology veterans who have built technologies in industries like advertising, financial markets, marketing, artificial intelligence, and VoIP. I have started and run a multi-million dollar advertising technology company in recent years. I have attracted many Fortune 500 clients to work with our technology solutions.

      Q: How is ClearCoin different than other cryptocurrencies\ICOs?
      Jay Singh: Our token is already being used by advertisers to run their campaigns. We have an already functional utility token that is proving very popular within the market. We’re bringing blockchain to the advertising industry in a way that has created national headlines.

      Q: Tell me about the milestones you reached so far, and your plans for the future
      Jay Singh: We have over 2,000 registrations and over 1,000 token holders so far. Our token sale is projecting $20 million of sales by the time it ends in March. Our plan for the future is to build one of the most valuable businesses in our industry.

      Q: Do you think cryptocurrencies will change the face of finance in the future?
      Jay Singh:The cryptocurrency market is accelerating toward a trillion dollar market capitalization and we believe it will get there and beyond. Cryptocurrency has changed the financial industry and will continue to change it.

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