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Click Gem is intended to serve as a brand new and convenient way of accepting payments with a range of different currencies. Cross Exchange which is internal between a few different cryptocurrencies is going to be carried out on multiple available platforms. You can exchange crypto for crypto, traditional with traditional or crypto for traditional and vice versa. This is quite convenient.

About the Project

The project is to create a brand new payment network which is self-regulated and completely decentralized. It is created for the user who wants to be particularly independent and to break the shackles of third-party overheads such as government or private banks. The P2P network doesn’t have a server and it doesn’t stratify the actual priority of computers which are connected.

Every single computer would have the same rights to work on the network which is jointly addressed as a “peer”. Every computer shall operate as per the servers and the clients’ needs depending on the usage of the users.

The transfers are to be carried out in a convenient and very easy manner. The transfers of money can be occurred throughout the entire world within a few seconds. These are also transfers which have fees which are lower than the ones of the banks. There is no middlemen and no institutions which are to be used for the processing.

Furthermore, the entire transaction is completely safe and anonymous. Every single person is going to be able to select a name or to remain anonymous. However, the transaction could be checked within the blockchain. You would be able to transfer Click Gem or to store it within secure wallets after downloading the designated application. It shall work on both Android and iOS operating systems as it intends to be as user-friendly as it is possible. The number of the coins shall be limited to 30 million for the entire world. This is also something that’s going to increase the value of the token.

About the ICO and the Token

The country of origin of the Click Gem project is Belize. There is currently no information available regarding whether or not there are restricted countries.

At the same time, the tokens are ticked as CGM and there is already a price which is disclosed. It is going to cost you in the range between $0.30 to $3.78 USD for 1 CGM token, depending on the time when you purchase it. In other words, there are going to be generous bonuses which are going to incentivize early contributors. This is something that you should be following very closely in order to get the best value for your money.

The blokcchain upon which the entire thing is built is called Scrypt. There is a reliable team of professionals behind the project and it does seem like one which might have a very bright future if everything from the roadmap is completely achieved.

ClickGem Overview

ClickGem ICO
Ended 469 Days Ago
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1 CGM = 0.3 USD at first round
Token Type
Start Date
Feb 10, 2018
End Date
Mar 12, 2018
1 CGM = 0.3 USD at first round
Total Supply
Presale Start Date
Mar 28, 2018
Presale End Date
Mar 28, 2018

ClickGem Team

Carlos Alberto

15 years experiences in IT field

ClickGem Rates & Bonuses

  • 1 CGM = 0.3 USD at first round

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