CoalCoin ICO & Token Sale

Coil coin is an innovative platform based on the blockchain technology which has an investment component and the industrial production of hard coal. Coal coin investment will be used for contributing to the coal production and its sale in the worldwide market. Coal coin will be used to introduce new and ground-breaking technologies in the hard coal production process. Coal coin owns 42 hectares of Kemerovo region which is cost valued at $2.8 million dollars without including the extraction of coal. Coal coin is the first company which has launched a coal token in the form of a cryptocurrency and which is dealing with a highly liquid asset.


Coal coin aims to revolutionize the hard coal production process and introduce new investment components in the field. Coal coin’s goal is to connect modern technologies with the existing industries and implement these techniques in the production process.

About the Project

Coal coin offers a cryptocurrency using the blockchain technology which is used for progressive development of the hard coal mining and production process. The production lies in a strip mine in Kemerovo, Russia which will give the investors high-yielding asset which will give real income to the investors. Coal coin wants to create a platform which will allow individuals and entrepreneurs to participate in the creation of a new economy based on technology to earn a profit in the coal production field. The company will issue coal tokens and each token will be linked to a ton of coal and US dollars. Coal Coin is a real investment and will create a tangible product in real coal and earn a huge profit for the investors.

CoalCoin Overview

CoalCoin ICO
Ended 262 Days Ago
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ICO: 20% 1 week, 10% 2 weeks, 5% 3 weeks
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 03, 2018
End Date
Sep 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
Start Price
1 CLC = 32 USD
ICO: 20% 1 week, 10% 2 weeks, 5% 3 weeks
Total Supply
34,800,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 02, 2018
Presale End Date
Aug 12, 2018

CoalCoin Team

Karkov Andrey
CEO (генеральный директор)

Stolbovoy Alexander
технический директор (CTO)

Stolbovaya Olga
финансовый директор (CFO)

Nelly Veretennikova
директор по развитию (COO)

Karkov Artem
директор по транспорту (Head of transport Department)

Pravdin Kirill
директор по маркетингу (CMO)

Khramtsov Stepan
дизайнер (Designer)

Egorov Pavel
адвокат (Lawyer)

CoalCoin Rates & Bonuses

  • ICO: 20% 1 week, 10% 2 weeks, 5% 3 weeks
  • Pre-ICO: 50% 1-3 weeks, 45% 4 weeks, 37% 5 weeks, 30% 6 weeks

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    CoalCoin Milestones

    February 2017
    Coal Coin Project Start
    June 2018
    Conducting the Pre-ICO
    September 2018
    Conducting the ICO
    October 2018
    Construction of infrastructure
    February 2019
    Stripping work
    June 2019
    Start the program for redemption of tokens
    June 2019
    Start of the development of other strip mine
    July 2020
    Start of the development of the second strip mine in the framework of COAL COIN 2020

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