CoinStruction ICO & Token Sale

The liquidity in the cryptocurrency market has always been fluctuating and has no certainty in it. Coinstruction has come up with a framework of multiple solutions to tackle this issue as well as make the industry better. The framework includes multiple ways to cross-platform asset exchange and transferability to ensure market liquidity. There is an aggregation in the liquidity with trading networks and different exchanges. It also devises processing and matching features to make hassle-free trades through secured APIs. This is supposed to be the most efficient way of a cross-platform trade that would meet the overall goal of this platform. The platform supports an efficient way of trade execution and transparent order book clearance without any third party outsourcing.


To ensure market liquidity in the cryptocurrency industry for the betterment of transactions and traders.

About the Project

The project allows users to trade cryptocurrencies as well as digital currencies which also includes fiat currencies to boost liquidity. It also generates opportunities for investors to be a part of the network directly. This would include all the major transaction or exchanges in the market. The coin supply for trading and monitoring crypto assets is their devised model of business to consumer solutions. It would be operated worldwide and would allow the users to be a part of the exchanges. The privacy policy and the restriction of third parties to be a part of the ecosystem makes it extremely secure and ensures high price volatility.

CoinStruction Overview

CoinStruction ICO
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1st public round: 15-20%, 2nd public round : up to 10%
Token Type
Start Date
Dec 01, 2018
End Date
Dec 31, 2018
Payment Method
Start Price
1 CNS = 0.06 USD
1st public round: 15-20%, 2nd public round : up to 10%
Total Supply
8,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Nov 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Nov 30, 2018

CoinStruction Team

Tadas Kasputis

Laurynas Antanavičius
Chief Technology Officer

Artūras Svirskis
Head of Strategic Partnerships

Laurent Bourquin
Head of Operations

Christof Waton
Business Development Officer

Maryna Petrychenko
Chief Marketing Officer

Dominykas van Otterlo
Investor Relations

Marijus Genys
Business Analyst

Igor Velichkevich
Platform Lead Developer

Vadym Kryshyna
Trading Algorithm Developer

Pavel Maroz
Backend Developer

Haroldas Baltrūnas
Frontend Developer

Muhammad Furqan
Backend Senior Developer

Tomas Jurkus
Full-stack / DevOps

Olga Plakhotnik
Software Test Engineer

Olya Ostapenko
Quality Assurance Specialist

Stephen Drew
Investor Relation Advisor

Valdas Barakauskas
Technical advisor

Česlovas Steigvila
Business Strategy Consultant

CoinStruction Rates & Bonuses

  • 1st public round: 15-20%, 2nd public round : up to 10%

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    CoinStruction Milestones

    October 2016
    Idea generation, go- to-market analysis
    April 2017
    Business planning, products budgeting
    July 2017
    Legal registration in Tallinn, Estonia, team expansion
    January 2018
    CNS token usage & distribution
    April 2018
    WP writing, smart contract encoding
    July 2018
    WP release, legal opinion from local regulators
    October 2018
    CNS token generation event
    January 2019
    CoinStruction ecosystem Marketing campaign
    April 2019
    CNS token listing onto ExMarkets
    July 2019
    CNS token listing onto CoinSupply

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