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The platform of COVEX is said to be one of the best-formed blockchain tech-based application to promote the financial services ecosystem. They essentially use the services of Fin Tech to make it available for the users. This platform not only makes the users acquainted with financial services but also help them in the exchange of cryptocurrencies, credit option assessments, update with social media tools and other useful mediums that are needed for a trader. They also promote the idea of using card services and acceptance of payments all under one roof. The ecosystem is based upon the idea of forwarding peer to peer loans, exchanges and also trading with the use of social media.


To revamp the financial service industry by integrating it with blockchain technology. This would also lead up to their aim of building the platform for financial services with cryptocurrencies.

About the Project

The project works around building a self-sustainable ecosystem that does not just offer a replacement of the financial service sector but also provide tools to improvise it. Their exchange service known as the COVEX exchange would be able to handle all the transactions made through cryptocurrencies. The social trading offers the users to be investors and also make trades with social media. The peer to peer loan service enables the traders to communicate and grow together. The transactions are monitored with COVEX tokens which are highly secure for trading and also carry substantive amount for future exchange and profits.

Covex Overview

Covex ICO
Ended 147 Days Ago
Vote For Covex
ICO, 1st week to 4th week: 30% to 5%
Token Type
Start Date
Nov 15, 2018
End Date
Dec 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 COVEX = 0.85
ICO, 1st week to 4th week: 30% to 5%
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 07, 2018
Presale End Date
Sep 30, 2018

Covex Team

Founder & CEO

Labu K. Ghimire
Co-Founder & COO

Junaid Nawaz
CTO & Lead Blockchain Developer

Nathan Horn

Zohaib Qadir

Gull Chaudhary
Project Manager

Naveed Shahid
Blockchain & Business Analyst

Jyoti Adhikari
Full Stack Developer

Daniel Spyralatos
Marketing Manager

Muhammad Amer
SEO Manager

Luiz Gabriel Bongiolo
Business & Product Development Officer

Adhanom Kiflom
Business & Product Development Officer

Denis Rogovski
Legal Counsel

Robert Stone

Shane Rushent
Technical Advisor

Giovanni Casagrande
Board Advisor

Sanem Avcil
Board Advisor

Robbert Walstra
Board Advisor

Covex Rates & Bonuses

  • ICO, 1st week to 4th week: 30% to 5%

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Covex Milestones

July 2017
Initial concept and First Board Meeting conduct
October 2017
Technical team formed for the Project, Domain registered and website live
January 2018
Marketing team and legal team formed, White paper published
April 2018
Alpha version of Exchange and P2P Loan paper published
July 2018
BETA Version of Exchange & Technical White paper published
October 2018
ICO launch, CoVEX Exchange and Social Trading Live
January 2019
P2P Loan Platform Live, Payment Gateway and Marginal Trading technical papers published
April 2019
BETA Version Payment Gateway Launch & Prepaid card Technical paper published
July 2019
Payment Gateway Platform launch
October 2019
Prepaid Card Services

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