CraftCoin ICO & Token Sale

The CraftCoin (CRA) is a digital cryptocurrency that makes it possible with the aid of a digital token to give the customers a voucher and therewith increase the demand for the special product, Beer. Using this, the team canalize the Craft Beer movement and aim for the growing attention for the Craft Beer Crypto. The joint food branch, especially the beer market, is international and thrives on import and export. A cryptocurrency makes handling more profitable, more secure and faster. CraftCoin thus simplifies worldwide trade, whereas a digital currency is already international by its nature.


To enormously facilitate the payment transactions for the beer trade and introduce blockchain technology to consumers when buying beer.

About the Project

Crypto is an extremely tasty Craft Beer. What makes the beer even more unique is its connection with the blockchain technology. In the crown cap of the beer a unique, encrypted code is located which can only be read by a CraftCoin app. By means of the app, this code can be transferred into 1/50th CraftCoin. In other words: with every purchase of a bottle of Crypto one obtains “money in the crypto form”. The crown caps can be ordered in any given number (without a surcharge for lower amounts) at a fair price of 25 cents apiece. In return, the company purchases two pallets of beer from the brewery for the online shop. The future idea is to introduce innovative franchise system, Cryptobars, which will become the first contact for the Crypto and Craft Beer scene.

CraftCoin Overview

CraftCoin ICO
Ended 146 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Aug 01, 2018
End Date
Dec 31, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 CRA = 0.00166666666 ETH
Total Supply
34,759,830 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Jul 31, 2018

CraftCoin Team

Oliver Preikschat
CEO , certified engineer in economics (FH) and architect.

Oliver conceived the CraftCoin and leads the transformation of the business idea. Since 12 years successful in the internet business with 8 years experience in franchise.

Ralf Röttig
CPO, beer geek.

Apart from the beer production he is responsible for the quality control and the food/beverage section in the CryptoBar franchise.

Marco Hanczuch
CTO, master of science programmer.

Responsible for the technical trans-formation of the internet presence, the online trade and the CraftCoin app.

Matthias Deutsch
CFO, certified salesperson.

Matthias is responsible for finance & controlling.

Sven Oesker
Cook and butcher.

He supports the franchise with regards to food and central kitchen. From the conception to the introduction of franchisees on location.

CraftCoin Rates & Bonuses

  • 20%

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CraftCoin Social

    CraftCoin Milestones

    January 2017
    Participant of Grune Woche fair Berlin
    July 2017
    Market introduction event Berlin Classic Days. Start of concenpting CraftCoin. First craft beer exports
    August 2017
    Start of online craft beer shop. Start Conception franchise
    January 2018
    Token Sale
    September 2018
    Start of Brewing Crypto
    November 2018
    Distributing Crypto
    December 2018
    Wallet. End of Token Sale
    June 2019
    First Fanchise with CrytpoBars

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