Crowdholding ICO & Token Sale is building a platform that connects startups with the crowd by leveraging the Blockchain technology. On, startups have ways to co-create their products with early adopters, get help from experts, or even get crowdfunded. In exchange, startups will redistribute part of their future revenue to the crowd through YUPIE tokens and our fair revenue-distribution system. Our ultimate vision is to create a decentralized open-innovation platform to help early-stage products, from both small and bigger organizations, being co-created with their users

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Crowdholding ICO
Ended 422 Days Ago
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Oct 31, 2017
End Date
Mar 30, 2018
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Crowdholding Team

Ethan Clime

Alternative crowd financing expert, having raised over $500K with Angee & Aquajar on Kickstarter. Former Project Manager at Peace Corps with years spent immersing himself in the concept of crowdsourcing.

Aleks Bozhinov

Former Business Development Manager at Google. Founder of 2 successful startups (For Sale!, Aquajar).

Rosario Colletti

Former Principal Engineer at Netsuite/Oracle.An application developer, solution architect and with experience in reports and statistics systems: log analysis, database modeling, web user interface.

Chris Fronda
Blockchain architect

Absolute coding genius with 2 years of crypto developing experience and 10 years in software development. Founder of Reely and VI Design Group which was sold to a large corporation.

Paolo Lacche

A former Product Manager at Skype & HP, Paolo has experience with both a business and engineering background, ranging from startup to research, from enterprise to consumer. He’s a veteran of mobile, social, and web applications.

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      Crowdholding Interview

      Interview with Ethan Clime – Crowdholding’s CEO

      Q: In your own words, describe Crowdholding in a nutshell?

      Ethan Clime: The YUP token is the currency on our application. It is used as salary, investing, and purchasing products within our eco-system. Businesses purchase the YUP as credit to reward users. Users can use the token to invest in future revenue of the businesses or buy products. It is a utility token at it’s finest in a decentralized market place.

      Q: Tell me a little about yourself and your team

      Ethan Clime: I spent 4 years in the United States Peace Corps in Business development working with communities in the Republic of Moldova to improve local economic hardship by building sustainable business projects and even getting recognition from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. After my apprenticeship in the Peace Corps, I participated and ran two Kickstarter Campaigns within a 2 years period. During this time I spent my focus on studying crowdsourcing before establishing Crowdholding with two co-founders. Our team consist of 20 people with 15 nationalities based in Prague all under one roof. We are made up of ex-corporate and entrepreneural mindset individuals

      Q: How is Crowdholding different than other cryptocurrencies\ICOs?

      Ethan Clime: Instead of rewarding as loyalties, the YUP in fact is used like a fiat currency. Thus, the more business and users we add to the application, the YUP grows in value. The YUP is the glue that holds our business together.

      Q: Tell me about the milestones you reached so far, and your plans for the future

      Ethan Clime: We have a working beta with over 1,900 signed up users. Our multiple currency system was completed in mid-December where we added our first two erc-20 token businesses. Our goal is to have 15 businesses by the end of January and to double each month. API connections will be completed in mid-January where users who earn tokens from tasks will get transferred directly into their wallet from our application. Improvement and adding of functionality is continuously on going. This is our first stage in our roadmap followed by the investing system (stage 2) and market place (stage 3). Our exit strategy is to be fully decentralized where we give our market place to the community to own and run.

      Q: Do you think cryptocurrencies will change the face of finance in the future?

      Ethan Clime: Right now, when you move or purchase fiat currency, your money is held by a 3rd party for a period of time and they take a cut, including when purchasing products using your card (2% charge to the businesses). Crypto is just fractions of this cost, nearly free. When you have currencies moving peer-to-peer (no central authority) it improves security and cuts this middlemen out. We have learned in the past when technology cuts out middlemen it always disrupts and becomes the new norm. In fact, I see business model changing in the future as well. I see the decentralized world eventually having business models not needing to generate revenue, thus not charging anyone. How? In a way, businesses are generating their own token like they are the Federal Reserve. They own a portion of their asset. If they have customers using their token, their tokens have value that they own. This is their money. This will be a period the industry disrupts itself.

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