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CONDA created an innovative crowdinvesting platform that connects companies with investors who help the firms’ ideas evolve into profitable businesses without intermediaries and who actively participate in the success of these businesses already in 2013. Since then we have financed around 100 projects with total invested capital of approximately €22 million. In addition to raising funds, we white-label our infrastructure for customers who want to establish their own crowdfinancing platforms. We have already built 8 customized white-label solutions since 2014. To further empower the crowd, we are constantly working on enlarging our CONDA CRWD Network – a network of platforms where investors create investment portfolios, allowing startups and SMEs the chance to realize their business ideas. Implementing blockchain infrastructure is the logical step to bringing crowdfinancing to the next level by utilizing the most efficient technology, created by our experienced team and partners. This technology allows anyone to securely and transparently invest in companies all around the world, in accordance with regulatory requirements. The CRWD Token is the core of all transactions made within the CRWD network. Without the CRWD Token, no investments can be made via the crowdfinancing platform. Because the CRWD Token is needed to participate in the CONDA blockchain-supported ecosystem, it is also mandatory for the successful buying and selling of investments, and for maintaining all the positive aspects that blockchain brings to the table: transparency, security, and decentralization.

CRWD Token Overview

Ended 393 Days Ago
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30% during PRIVATE-Sale
Token Type
Start Date
Jun 04, 2018
End Date
Jun 20, 2018
30% during PRIVATE-Sale
Total Supply
Presale Start Date
Apr 08, 2018
Presale End Date
Apr 08, 2018

CRWD Token Team

Daniel Horak
Co-Founder and Managing Partner Sales & Marketing

Paul Pöltner
Co-Founder and Managing Partner Finance & Business

Karin Turki
Chief Marketing Officer

Sascha Manhart
Online Marketing Manager

Andreas Heissenberger
Chief Information Officer

Igor Veličković
Head of Development

Blaž Jamšek
Legal Counsil

CRWD Token Rates & Bonuses

  • 30% during PRIVATE-Sale
  • up to 30% during PRE-SALE (depending on amount invested)

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